The Police high command which includes the Inspectorate Branch seems dedicated to one purpose only, that is to assist the work of the criminal supporting law INDECOM to further create hesitancy within the rank and file of the police department driving crime even higher in the process.

I have written extensively about the lack of clarity coming from the police high command as it relates to citizens responsibility to stay away from interfering in arrests.
Despite the many articles I have written bemoaning the of lack leadership on this, the hierarchy of the incompetent politically slavish police force has not lifted a finger to give guidance to young officers left out to dry. It has done nothing to educate the public that they place themselves at risk when they interfere with arrests.
Most importantly it has done nothing to lobby for tougher penalties for those who interfere with arrests.

A recent picture of a young woman with a lethal weapon.

For all intents and purposes, the police high command is demonstrably a useless lap dog to the government and special interests to the distinct peril of the young officers who are given baskets to carry water.
I am at the point now where I would not be mad to see the entire basket of deplorable incompetents from the gazetted Ranks fired, with the exception of a few.

An officer making an arrest have every right to ensure that his person is secure. There are countless videos which show people actively interfering in arrests, in many cases causing the escape of the primary offender.
These videos depicting these events does not begin to scratch the surface of this real and present danger officers face when they make arrests.

The Inspectorate and the others within the high command are generally political hacks, others who couldn’t find employment elsewhere so they park their behinds in the force because they attained a degree.
Many never made an arrest, never wrote up a charging document, never presented a sworn affidavit to a prosecutor to remove a single criminal from society.
Yet these frauds sit in judgment of the actions real cops take as they deal with the animals who refuse to submit to arrests.

This is what officers face when they go out to make arrests they do need support.

The Inspectorate and the remainder of the high command only claim to fame is to issue press releases about disciplining hard working cops.
I call on Commissioner George Quallo to forthwith cause all gazetted officers who sit behind desks to go out on foot patrol in the urban centers.
There is no such thing as SSP or ACP, in reality, all are constables.
It is unconscionable for these dead weights to continue to sit and pontificate to the press without having to face the vile creatures who break the laws and the illiterate punks who militate on their behalf.

As I have said many times officers have a right to expect a wide arc around them for their safety whenever they are making an arrest, their very lives depend on it.
They should never surrender that safety to the throngs of animals who get involved when they make arrests, they should never surrender it for INDECOM, not for the Inspectorate Branch and damn sure not for any politician.
Officers should ensure that if they feel threatened that they use appropriate force to secure their safety, that includes lethal force if it is warranted.
When I was a serving officer if you interfered with me when I was making an arrest you would certainly regret ever doing so.
But then again we had an air of authority which made this kind of nonsense literally impossible.
You put your hands on me and shit just got really serious. Our country needs to stop with this colluding with criminal and lawless behavior and throw down the gauntlet.
This shit must stop now.

The country is gone to the dogs or more appropriately the dogs are running the streets. The Police force is incredibly inept and corrupt.
The young officers are out on the streets on their own. The leadership of the force is incapable of leading the force and are incapable of providing the security the nation needs.
It is high time I believe to start over. The force needs an infusion of police officers, not grandstanders, posers and Media whores.
Over to you Commissioner Quallo and Andrew Holness.