I have written an average of one article per day for the last five years. For the most part, those Articles are dedicated to speaking to the issue of crime and the level of corruption endemic in the Jamaican society.
In those articles, I continue to point to the fact that administrations of both political parties are not doing nearly enough in the fight against crime.
Administrations of both parties create smoke screens to fool the population, while they continue with business as usual, stoking the embers which sustain the culture of murder on the Island.

Let’s be clear about the motives of both the Jamaica Labor Party and the People’s National Party.
Both political parties are populated with and led by people who have serious vested interest in crime.
In fact many have been named in murder for hire, distributing guns, drug dealing, assisting murderers, including cop killers to flee the country and a long list of crimes which ought to land them in prison without the possibility of parole.

Others have been known to commit egregious embezzlement of public funds and services all of which have been used to enrich themselves.
In brief,  the average Jamaican politician is as corrupt as your average Sub-Saharan crime lord, and are as addicted to power as they are.

Justice Cannot Be Achieved Through A Corrupt System Presided Over By Corrupt People……

It is with that understanding that the Island’s crime rate must be viewed.
The country which has been tagged as 84% corrupt by Transparency International is rotten to the core.
Nevertheless, Administrations of both political parties have co-opted a strategy to scapegoat the police department for failures which are their own.

As I have pointedly said time and again, shit flows downstream, the notion that the police department is the standard of corruption and inefficiency is bullshit and a baloney sandwich which only the intellectually challenged accepts.

The Police high command has been a model of failure but that incompetence and  corruption cannot be laid at the feet of the young men and women who step forward to serve.
Those maladies must be laid squarely at the feet of the political class and by extension the police high command which has traditionally been and still remains precious little more than a neutered Mutt.

Vicious Killers Walk Free. Money .A Powerful Crime Lord .And A Complicit Court System…

The PNP as does the JLP has no intention of competing on a playing field of progressive ideas to win support for their agendas.
Instead, they compete using coercion, lies, vote buying, misinformation and a strategy of generally dumbing down an already low information electorate.
The process is called garrison politics.

A former Barbados Prime Minister once said he would not want to be the leader of Jamaica in light of the level of ignorance and illiteracy there.
The then Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga was highly chagrined but his anger did not change the fundamental facts within that statement.
Let it be understood that neither of the two political parties can point to a single thing they have done while in Government or Opposition to aid the fight against crime which did not add political benefit to their party.


On the one hand, the PNP has been grossly incompetent and malicious in its handling of the rule of law.
Understandably the PNP with its majority in zones of political exclusions( garrisons) has a vested interest in not having a country in which the rule of law is the guiding principle.


This has been so throughout the PNP’s existence, it was amplified under Michael Manley and neither of the leaders who came after Manley cared much about the rule of law either.

Hugh Lawson Shearer

On the other hand, the JLP has flirted with embracing the rule of law, largely under Hugh Lawson Shearer, the Island’s most successful Prime Minister on the economy.
Shearer embraced a concept of law and order, it comes as no surprise, therefore, that the Island had its greatest period of economic success under his capable and informed stewardship.
Hugh Lawson Shearer was a man of principle and impeccable character.
The same cannot be said about those who came after him.

Edward Seaga.

Edward Seaga was hailed as a financial wizard of sorts, I beg to differ. Sure Seaga was far better on the economy that Michael Manley every could be or ever knew how to be but Seaga maintained Tivoli gardens and he gets no credit from me for that.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness promised people would be able to sleep with open doors.

This Labor Party Government of Andrew Holness has demonstrated that it will be a Government in the vein of Bruce Golding’s Government.
An administration in which gangsters are protected and police are vilified.
Through his Justice Ministry and Delroy Chuck, through the Office of Public Defender and Arlene Harrison Henry, through INDECOM and Terrence Williams, through the Attorney General’s Department and Marlene Malahoo Forte and through surrogates like Nation Wide Radio and Cliff Hughes, Holness have been waging  a visceral and poisonous campaign against the rule of law and the police.
All while washing his hands and pretending that he is trying to stem the bloodshed and corruption on the Island.

It’s hard and darn near impossible for anyone to convince me otherwise when the government has information like this and has not acted to end the practice of granting bail to dangerous felons.

Up to March of this year, some 143 persons who were on bail were also charged with murder while being on bail. We’re going to enter into some discussions with the Ministry of Justice that, for some categories of crimes, the persons on bail should wear an electronic bracelet as a condition of their bail,”.

I can just hear some of you asking what does the Government have to do with the courts granting bail to criminals?
The answer is that it is the Government’s responsibility to change the Bail Act so that the liberal judges cannot return accused murderers to the streets after they are arrested.
There are hardly any nations on earth which grant bail to accused murderers.
With the inordinately high murder rate in the country, there is no logical argument to be made for releasing accused murderers so that they can eliminate witnesses against them and kill others.

The Minister of National Security Robert Montague made those disclosures as he demonstrated an app at the UWI at the signing of an MOU between the University and the JCF to train officers on the University campus.
If  I understand the Minister correctly that is a shocking number of people to be out on bail who have been charged with capital murder.
Or who have committed serious crimes given bail only to graduate to committing more serious crimes to include murder?
How do you control the killings when killers are returned to the streets immediately they after they are arrested only to kill again?
Not only are they likely to kill again but family members and friends of those they kill are much more likely to take revenge against them.
This perpetuates the cycle of bloodshed aided and abetted by the Government and the courts.

Delroy Chuck

Just imagine for a moment 143 people which they know of, who have killed while on bail in a three month period.
The Minister of National Security’s response is that he will have a discussion with Delroy Chuck, a man who advocates for the purging of murderers from court dockets if their case has been in the system over five years.
That suggestion would increase murder and exponentially create more logjam in the court system all designed to wait out the five-year red line for the disposal of cases.
This ladies and gentlemen is what a country of men looks like as opposed to a country of laws.