It’s important to be on record telling the Jamaican people why the special zones law will not work.
With that said the million dollar question is really this, of the 2.8 million people living on the Island how many really want a different way of life?
Let me be clear I am not particularly worried about the people who accuse me daily of being negative regarding the way crime is being handled.
Hope is not a strategy, throwing something together and hoping that it works is not exactly the way things get done in the 21st century.

Terrence Williams

I believe facts and history are on my side.
If crime continues to trend upward it’s difficult or near impossible to continue to accuse me of not giving things time to work.
In the almost one year that I called on the Jamaican Prime Minister to take the necessary steps to fire Terrence Williams from INDECOM, more than a thousand Jamaicans have lost their lives.

In an Article I wrote then I warned the Prime Minister that he would be responsible for the dead Jamaicans if he refuses to fire Willams and make INDECOM a less confrontational agency.
In the meantime, I realized that the problem of this Government are far deeper than it’s refusal to fire Williams.

Harrison Henry

There is also the issue of the Office of Public Defender a tax-payer funded entity which has morphed into another antagonist group which militates against the police.
Additionally, the Andrew Holness led Jamaica Labor Party Administration and the Prime Minister himself seem to have an unhealthy dose of disdain and dislike for the Constabulary.


In all of the forgone nothing sticks out like a sore thumb than the fact that Delroy Chuck heads the Justice Ministry.
Delroy Chuck should never ever be allowed to be anywhere near National Security much less to head the Justice Ministry or have anything t do with crafting legislation.

It was Delroy Chuck who had a tribute read on his behalf at the funeral of Andrew Phang Stephens of North East Saint Andrew constituency .
Shot by Police no less.
Is that the reason Chuck is so viscerally opposed to police doing their jobs?
Chuck should not have clearance to enter a public library, much less being the minister of justice.

Will these mercenaries be sitting in the ZOSO’s waiting for the police and military or will they simply slither away to safe areas?


Look, Chuck is not the only member of the Ali Baba and the sixty-two thieves crew on Duke Street to have paid tribute to gangland figures and in some cases have attended gangland funerals but he is the one speaking out of his face about police and acting like he is a paragon of virtue.
It is now Delroy Chuch who is running around the country talking about the rights of citizens and the need to improve the justice system.
It’s baloney, it’s tantamount to the arsonist lecturing people about having fire insurance.

The ZOSO cannot work because the systems they are putting in place are the systems which should have been on the chopping blocks to be discarded.
Chuck and Holness are running around talking about their expansion of the( Lay Magistrate program ) a hifalutin term they use nowadays for JP’s.
Every Jamaican knows that for decades a large percentage of people who were appointed Justices of the peace were political activists and people with rather questionable characters.

One has to be really stupid to believe that appointing more JP ‘s will make a difference.
And while we are on the subject there is a little fact which is becoming more and more obvious with each passing day.
The political leadership is stripping away police functions from the people who are trained and sworn to do policing and placing untrained political hacks over the police to make decisions on who should get arrested.
Delroy Chuck is the chief loudmouth on this.

If a person is to be detained, the police will have to convince the JPs that this person is suspected (of committing a crime), and if the JPs disagree, the man must be released. If the JPs agree, within 24 hours that person must be taken before a parish judge.”

The nonsensical notion that police officers whose jobs it is to arrest criminals will be forced to cede their professional authority and judgment to untrained political hacks who are now bearing the fancy name lay magistrates is stunningly retrograde.
There is no precedent for anything like this in any western democracy.

But it gets more laughable, additionally, Chuck noted that the Mobile Justice Unit,  will be stationed in the zones to further guarantee the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms.

So, if citizens feel that their rights are being infringed they can go into the Unit and explain the issue, and if property is damaged or rights are infringed, and it can be proven, then they will get compensation. This Government believes that the rights of the citizen and their dignity must be upheld.” Said Chuck.

Ah so now we get to the truth of the matter. As a cop I believed in letting people talk, I always said stop talking and allow a person to talk and eventually they will tell you who they are and what they are about.
So this is just another scheme designed to bring in lying ghetto hoodrats to show up and lie that police broke their 8o inch flat screen televisions which of course is in the cardboard and zinc shack in which they live.
Better yet the police stole them.
Another way to bilk the few hard working law abiding people who actually do pay taxes and in a massive redistribution of wealth pay people who would rather support criminals.
Where have we seen this script before?

And while all of this activity is happening in the so called zones, all of this social intervention, where will the murderers be?
Will they be sitting around waiting for their redoubts to be searched and their weapons taken from them?
If you believe this smoke screen you are quite welcome to the massive con which is been perpetuated on you in the absence of real and meaningful law enforcement.

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