Jamaican Judge Lennox Campbell has began summation in the murder case the state against Adijia Palmer o/c Vybez Kartel. He’s told the jury to consider two main questions…those questions are:Is Clive “Lizard” Williams dead and did the accused men kill him if he’s in fact dead? 
He’s also warned the jurors not to allow feelings of sympathy or prejudice to influence their judgement.http://rjrnewsonline.com/local/judge-begins-his-summation-in-kartel-trialCampbell also told the jury “If there is any doubt in their minds they must acquit. This trial has gone on for over 2 years. There has been charges and counter charges hurled both ways but mostly by the defense which still has not substantively deflected the charge of murder from their client. What Juror sitting on that jury who believes a primi-face case has been made out against the accused will not feel pressured to vote to acquit?


I’m not a betting man , but these people clamoring for the accused to be freed may soon have their wish granted. What does it say about a country however when people want accused murderers to beat the rap?