Hamish Campbell and Terrence Williams running a con game on Jamaica with the aid and acquiescence of the political class

The old Jamaican saying, “one fool makes many,” is important to remember, particularly in this time of social media and instant messaging and everyone seeking a hype. 
This story I read in the Gleaner probably straddles the “one fool makes many” and the “I see some fools and I’m going to exploit their ignorance” fence.

Whatever Jamaica gets, Jamaica deserves, I say that with the greatest degree of indifference to those who come into our country and tell us how to govern ourselves.
Nevertheless, when the population and it’s pathetic leadership are either too stupid or too heavily invested in self-doubt to understand that the solutions to our nation’s problems do not lie in our former colonial masters, then the results are what we have here.

GLEANER HEADLINE (dated Sunday, October 21st.2018
INDECOM Urges Cops To Stop Tampering With Crime Scenes

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has repeated its warning to members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force not to tamper with shooting scenes. This followed the fatal shooting of Renardo Powell on Marescaux Road in central Kingston last Thursday evening.
The police say Powell had been riding around on a bicycle in the Marescaux Road area, robbing persons while brandishing what was later discovered to be an imitation gun made from board.

He was fatally shot when he was accosted by members of a police party. Details on what led the cops to shoot him are yet to be released by the police. But persons who have reported that they arrived on the scene shortly after the explosions were heard told The Sunday Gleaner that Powell was seen writhing in pain on the sidewalk as two policemen, one with a pistol, and another with an assault rifle stood over him.

“The collection of casings is still a frequent complaint from citizens who observe officers, post-shooting incidents, collecting them. The agreed JCF/INDECOM protocols are for the commission to be notified forthwith, and for the scene to be preserved until INDECOM arrives,” added Campbell.

He agreed that in some instances, the police will have no choice but to preserve and protect valuables from loss or theft, but argued that such actions must be recorded and reported to INDECOM investigators. So far this year, there have been 111 fatal police shootings, with 11 of those occurring last month. INDECOM has reported that at least 92 members of the security forces are before the courts in connection with shooting incidents.
They claimed it took minutes for the cops to load the injured man and the bicycle in the back of a service pickup and drove away. According to the alleged eyewitnesses, while the cops were leaving the scene, they were stopped by a second group of cops who took the bicycle from the pickup and placed it back on the bloody spot where Powell had been lying, while their colleagues drove to the Kingston Public Hospital with the injured man.

Late last week, INDECOM’s assistant commissioner, Hamish Campbell, declined to comment on its early investigation into Powell’s death, but he underscored that tampering with crime scenes directly affects its investigations. “Tampering with crime scenes will always be a problem and will impede effective investigations and the correct interpretation of events that occurred. This includes removal of the deceased, which is a common practice in Jamaica and not elsewhere,” said Campbell.
Credit: ://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/lead-stories/20181021/indecom-urges-cops-stop-tampering-crime-scenes?fbclid=IwAR0Btv0uiZyijGMkYCCsM-zYmHDzh2Fa7X_1tvmrThGf6yPG-D9oHMsf0fo

So here’s some real perspective on this issue which is not driven by hype, hyperbole or the self-serving grandiosity we are used to seeing coming out of the crime enhancement Terrence Williams Circus.

(1) Whether the headline was defined by INDECOM or the Gleaner it makes no difference to me, ignorance is bliss and I have no obligation to suffer fools greatly when they are making more fools.
The criminal supporting, criminal breeding INDECOM does not have a mandate to investigate crime in Jamaica, that is within the remit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (or until such time the Chinese take over Jamaica and decides otherwise).
INDECOM is tasked with investigating fatal police shootings, as such when they are called to visit a scene where members of the security forces are forced to employ lethal force, INDECOM cannot designate the scene a (CRIME SCENE).
Let me be clear, INDECOM has NO right, NONE, to declare a scene to which it is called to investigate a police use of force a crime scene>
Scenes involving Police use of lethal force are not [crime scenes] until incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing emerges.
Any designation to the contrary is hyperbolic, sensational, and must be seen as direct attempts to prejudice the minds of members of the public against their law enforcement officers who risk life and limb to protect them.

(2)In the case outlined above the police were engaged in a use of force encounter with an offender who was armed with a fake gun. 
The police were called and responded to what they believed was a real weapon.
Case closed….
By eyewitness accounts, it took only minutes after the lethal encounter for the officers to load the offender and his bicycle into their vehicle and drive away.
(2a) Once officers use lethal force they must assess the casualty, they did that. Once they realized he was still alive (there are no ambulances) their next obligation is to get him to the hospital.
The reporting stated categorically that -that is exactly what they embarked on doing.
On the arrival of a second police unit, they handed over the bicycle to that unit to place it back on the scene, an attempt made with the greatest sincerity and intention of complying with the mandates of the INDECOM act and their own training, to preserve the scene in it’s most virgin state as best as is humanly possible.
(2b) As it relates to spent shells if the police are forced to leave the scene, to save lives and they collect the spent shells for the sake of accountability, where is the harm in that?

(3)  Persons have reported that when they arrived on the scene shortly after the explosions were heard told The Sunday Gleaner that Powell was seen writhing in pain on the sidewalk as two policemen, one with a pistol, and another with an assault rifle stood over him.

Is it a crime for police officers to stand over criminals whom they just shot?
Jamaica will have to make a decision whether it wants to continue as a haven for criminality or take the requisite steps to unshackles itself from the chains of colonialist dependency and deference.
It will have to pack up Hamish Campbell and send him home and cause Terrence Williams to seek employment chasing ambulances.

(4) The alleged removal of the deceased from the scene of shootings in which law enforcement is involved.
Police officers are not Doctors and neither are the bloodsucking parasites at INDECOM, as such the police have a duty, to make sure that all victims of lethal force get to a competent authority (hospital) with a view to saving lives.

INDECOM is focused on a couple of things, (a) the agency’s own survival, as evidence mounts that it is doing far more harm than good. 
(b) That the agenda of Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell is advanced, Saving lives is not a part of that agenda.

The mandate of the police is not based on anyone’s ego. Police officers go out to protect lives to preserve the peace and to protect property.
No officer goes out to take lives. 
Given Jamaica’s toxic anti-police environment it is a wonder that officers expose themselves in this cesspool of crime protection. 

Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell understand full well that as bottom-feeders, they can fully exploit the ignorance and culture of criminal support to fame and national honor.
Venomous anti-police trolling is Jamaica’s largest growth industry, Campbell and Williams are merely exploiting that to the fullest as so many before have and so many after them will. It is simply the nature of the beast, they are not there to help Jamaica. Just ask Caroline Gomez, Mark Shields, and the others.
What is sad is when those in the media collude with these lying leeches to deceive the people and march them back into servitude, which is exactly why Hamish Campbell is in Jamaica. 

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Lets not allow politicians and their lackeys to destroy this beautiful little country we call yaad