Regardless of what you think about slain police officer Constable Courtney Linton, who was shot dead by gunmen in Orangefield on October 31, last year, what do you say about the killing of his girlfriend 40-year-old Zoe King who was nine months pregnant?

Terrence Williams INDECOM.

Ms. King was killed at her home in Orange field St Catherine, a once peaceful rural community of law-abiding families.
She was scheduled to have her baby next week according to published reports.

The police say she was at home when 4 armed men invaded her home, the pregnant Ms.King was chased by the men and summarily slaughtered.

Let me be clear about this, I believe that the people who sit in their offices in Kingston and pontificate about human rights better be careful.
Whether they are from INDECOM, FAST, JFJ, IACHR. Peace Management Unit, Public Defender’s office or wherever, the blood of the people is crying out.
If you are not for the people you are against the people.

Hughes: Media.








There is no more fundamental  a right indued to any person than the God-given right to life.
The over 1600 dead Jamaicans last year elicited deathly silence from every single group named and the ones not named.

Horace Levy :PMI.

For the most part literally, all of the murdered victims had their lives snuffed out illegally, yet there has been no outcry from the criminal rights fraternity named above.
We are not unmindful of the fact that the only time we have heard from these charlatan criminal supporting groups have been on the occasions that members of the security forces exterminate elements of the criminal underworld.

As a consequence let us be clear, INDECOM, FAST, JFJ, IACHR. The Peace Management Unit, The Public Defender’s office, and others are criminal supporting groups operating in Jamaica.
Let us dispense with the lies and pretense and peel off the veneer of bullshit. Each and every one of these entities by themselves and collectively is working toward the furtherance of the defense of those who kill innocent and defenseless Jamaicans.

Arlene Harrison Henry :OPD.

Who murders a pregnant woman?
What will it take for the powers that be in this country to recognize that it has a serious war on its hands?
How long will it take these people who clearly are in a drunken stupor to come to the realization that this is not just crime?


When will the blood of the innocent rise up and engender rage in the people to the extent they say “no more“?
How long will it take for the people to realize that God will not be fighting this battle for them, they will have to fight it for themselves?


When will they realize that the wolves in sheep clothing who pretend to care about them are indeed the enemy within, protecting and enhancing their demise?

I call on the Holness Administration to stop playing politics, suspend habeas corpus and send the military in to root out these killers.
To hell with the Opposition and the talking head in the media and other criminals supporting entities.

Susan Goffe :JFJ.

Failing which there will inevitably and inexorably be a righteous uprising and the results will not be pretty.
Act now and put an end to the carnage Prime Minister.

The blood of well over 1600 Jamaicans is very well on the hands of these fraudulent imposters as it is on the hands of those who pulled the trigger or uses a knife.

The country must decide, as the new year begins with record numbers which already suggest it will be a banner murder year, whether it wants to continue listening to these frauds.

If Jamaicans are okay with four armed men gunning down a pregnant woman killing her and her unborn baby, then I will write not another line about this war being waged in Jamaica.
It will be enough to say this country we all love is no more, it is now a killing field unworthy of our care.

It will mean, gone is the little rock I took a bullet for and in its place is a Godless, lascivious and hedonistic wasteland in which life has no value.

A place in which pleasure circumvent everything else and everyday life continues as the spilled blood of the innocent washes over the barren wasteland our four father slaved and died for.