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Just recently and in the space of one week two police officers were attacked in the sanctity of their own homes.
I wrote about it arguing then that this is alarming and that the police at least must be doubly vigilant if that is at all possible considering what they face in Jamaica and the level of support that is given to criminals.

I argued in my last article that attacks on police in their own homes is nothing new but should be watched to see if there is a pattern developing.
I believe we need look no further to come to the reasonable conclusion that this is indeed a strategy being adopted by the well armed criminal underworld.


Yesterday female cop, Inspector  A Grant was attacked in her home and shot along with her 23 -year-old daughter .
The officer reportedly returned fire hitting one of her assailants killing him.
We understand that the officer’s husband is a police officer who was involved in a shooting and that the attack on her and her family was a reprisal attack.
We have been unable to get confirmation on that angle of the story.

Since Bruce Golding gave the the country INDECOM, the rule of law has gone to the dogs in Jamaica .
It is not that there shouldn’t be oversight of Government agencies including the ones over which INDECOM have oversight responsibility.
The problem is the collusion which occurred between the Bruce Golding Government, outside lobby groups with agendas against the police the PNP with zero input from the police.
It is important to recognize  that despite the trillions of dollars Jamaica’s politicians have stolen and the criminality in which members of parliament have been involved, the Police and the Contractor General’s department has no power to prosecute them.

The Police Military and Corrections which INDECOM  Investigates, have given more than enough reasons for government to listen to the calls for transparency coming from the people.
Nevertheless, it is the complicity with which Golding and his cronies cobbled together  INDECOM and placed his political operative Terrence Williams at the helm which is the problem.

Out of the INDECOM Act came increased and more brazen murders, attacks on law enforcement officers and a general unwillingness of police to go after criminals.
The political puppet Golding placed atop the INDECOM fecal pile never misses an opportunity to trumpet the fact that police shootings have gone down.
That’s an absolute and irrefutable fact.
Those arguments are for his foreign handlers who give money to INDECOM to hamstrung the police and turn Jamaica into a wasteland of criminality, thereby keeping her impoverished and in debt.

What Terrence Williams never talks about is the fact that police shootings have gone down because police officers have largely disengaged while the murderers which have taken over the country have been emboldened.
As a consequences murders have gone up markedly with no end in sight.
If the idea behind INDECOM was for less criminals to get shot and more innocent Jamaicans shot and murdered the INDECOM Act has been a strategic success for INDECOM’s financiers.

The arrogance of these terrorists are on full display for all to see ,now that they are emboldened by INDECOM , and the Office Of Public Defender, two tax payer funded Government agencies which supports criminals.

Brazen images many Jamaicans do not see in their local media. This is happening in your country.

The killing of law enforcement officers will  not cause an awakening of the people seemingly drunk on lasciviousness and wine, some other event will have to awaken them, if of course the country is not already too far gone and is largely populated with criminals.
Some within the Government continue to use cruise ship arrivals and visitors to all inclusive resorts as a barometer of stability in the country.
I understand the need for stability and calm but the Government is woefully misguided if it miscalculates how quickly those arrivals will evaporate if the terrorism in the country is allowed to continue.

Caches of guns the police recover almost daily

The foreign press can do a lot of damage once this continues, its only a  matter of time.
The images which many Jamaicans at home are not privy to and that which many in the diaspora pretend doesn’t exist are out there for all to see.
People come to me and ask “I want to go on vacation we would like to go to Jamaica what do you think”?
They hear and see whats going on.
What do you think?


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  1. The criminals are winning with the help of government and other stakeholders in Jamaica

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