Last week there was an uproar over a rash of killings involving Jamaican officers and urban terrorists. According to reports 21 people lost their lives at the hands of the Jamaican police, the reports also stated that a couple of people got caught in the crossfire. There is already a lot of conclusion made on this matter, even though the investigations has not yet determined who fired the shots that killed the innocents. The mentality is that the bullets can only come from the guns of officers. Of note is the fact that several weapons have been removed from the streets by the police during those confrontations, including AK47 rifles.

I will now introduce to you some faces that you ought to know and remember when you hear that crime is over-running Jamaica. Do remember these faces these are the faces of criminal support in  Jamaica, I will tell you who they are and quote for your their positions on crime in our country. You decide if this situation is tenable and tell us how long our country should tolerate this kind of behavior.

Public Defender Earl Witter                                          JFJ’s Carolyn Gomes                                    INDECOM comm. Terrence Williams

Witter is paid with tax dollars to investigate instances of abuse on behalf of the public, frankly I do not understand the need for this failed criminal lawyer to be on the public payroll, but this is Jamaica, (everyone affi eat a food) everyone has to be fed, from the public purse no less. Carolyn Gomes a pediatric doctor who has been waging a campaign of misinformation and personal vendetta against the police force, her organization is funded by foreign human rights groups which has genuine interest in human rights. Gomes has used that money and influence, parlaying it into a personal campaign of lies and innuendos against defenseless Jamaican cops who do not have the soap box Gomes have to defend themselves. Gomes was awarded the order of Jamaica for her campaign against law enforcement . My personal feelings regarding a National honor in Jamaica is, it’s not worth being spat on, in light of Gomes  being awarded one. Terrence Williams was hired to head the new agency, INDECOM that would independently investigate allegations of police abuse. He has turned out to be a power grabbing narcissistic egomaniacal turd. His investigations so far has not unearthed anything that the police through its own investigations have not unearthed when it investigates its own.


Yup! one cannot make that stuff up. Williams is the commissioner of INDECOM, the agency charged with looking into allegations of police shootings in an independent  and professional manner. Despite a lot of grandstanding and pontificating mister Williams has not been able to independently conclude an investigation which shows a single case of unlawful killing. This has not stopped Williams from being on television and radio every chance he gets making statements and compromising investigations in which his agency is actively engaged.

As if that was not bad enough INDECOM Terrence Williams joined the most vitriolic anti police group in the country,(JFJ) Jamaicans for Justice, in a joint press conference berating the police for shooting criminals and removing several guns from the streets, to include AK47 rifles. The Police Federation through its chairperson has correctly hit back at Williams for being at that press conference, and demanded he resign.The Federation has sent letters of complaint to the Governor General, the Prime Minister,and the Parliament to have Williams removed. In response INDECOM has fired back that it’s commissioner has done nothing wrong and as such he should remain in his job.


“We make no apologies for sharing the concerns of organisations such as Jamaicans for Justice or the Office of the Public Defender and airing our concerns in that regard,” the statement read. The statement indicated that those concerns do not represent an attack on the security forces and should not be construed as such”.

This statement from the morons at INDECOM shows two things , (1) that they are completely and unequivocal devoid of rational thought. If the agency sees nothing wrong with having a press conference with JFJ it clearly is incapable of engaging in unbiased investigations.(2) That they are incapable of understanding their mandate.

That statement from INDECOM , what hubris? So here’s a new agency just formed recently, stating we make no apologies , shouldn’t hubris be left out of this particular debate? How could this new agency not see something wrong with its actions in sharing  stage with Carolyn Gomes. Gomes advocates the killing of police officers, she has stridently argued that even if the killings of criminals are indeed justifiable , it is unacceptable for officers to kill them. What that means is that officers should be killed in equal numbers as criminals, . That is the view of Carolyn Gomes and Earl Witter. Clearly this has got to be the tipping point. Decent Jamaican will have to take a stand and demand that the police do more to root out bad apples with even more alacrity, but they must collectively also put their foot down on the neck of JFJ and make sure that kind of nonsense is stopped once and for all.

As if all of this is not enough the recently embarrassed Jamaica labour party has decided to further destroy that party by siding with the people who are fighting tooth and nail against the police. Already Andrew Holness, Delroy Chuck, and Derick Smith have thrown their support behind Williams cementing the widely held belief that INDECOM was a tool of the JLP. The JLP would be wise to watch its words very carefully,sour grapes?The Police just voted with the Jamaican people to boot them from office, and I must say that even though I loathe the PNP I would be more inclined to support the PNP if the Labour party sides with those who sides against the police.

I stand with decent law-abiding cops , my support is with the rule of law, that commitment is unwavering and unequivocal.