INDECOM’s demagogic tactics came straight from JFJ’s playbook…….


In a simple worded well-reasoned Article appearing in Sundays, Gleaner Dr.Garth Rattary eviscerated the arguments of Terrence Willaims regarding Police fatal shootings.

The brilliant summation of Dr.Rattary a supporter of the INDECOM act and of the Police argued : If an officer of the law feels threatened by anyone, even an unarmed individual, he or she will be within his or her rights to use deadly force because the aggressor may overpower him or her and use the acquired deadly weapon to kill, as happened on April 28, 2017, when a suspect wrested the service pistol away from a policeman and killed him with it.
We need INDECOM to help protect us and improve the police force. They can’t achieve their goal when they so often appear adversarial towards the police.

Dr. Rattary went on to reveal. Many police tell me that they have nothing against INDECOM, but they have problems with the mannerism of the head of the organization and with the way that statistics are produced and made public.
The observations and arguments of Dr. Garth Rattary support and bears out 8-years of work that I have personally produced on this subject.
In fact, I have consistently said that the security forces and maybe the Police, in Particular, have no one to  blame for the creation of INDECOM and as such they must live with it.

My contention is and has always been that a law cannot be a tool of suppression, or oppression (which INDECOM) is, laws must be clear lines of demarcation for all parties.
Regardless of the number of time that we make this argument that we are not opposed to oversight, there will be a bunch of ignoramuses who are intellectually unable to move past their hatred for the police.
Unfortunately, this mind-numbing idiocy is not confined to civilians but even some half-baked idiots who claimed they were police officers.

Terrence Williams continues to manipulate and cherry-pick data to support his point of view as it relates to police shootings.
Dr. Rattary brilliantly spoke to Williams’ lack of veracity. “For my part, I feel that INDECOM statistics regarding police killings need to concomitantly reveal the number of citizens killed by criminal elements during that relevant period. That would provide a more balanced perspective on the level of deadly crimes that require a response from the police“.

Criminal Rights Society:

Terrence Williams, in a March 12, 2018, Observer Article, talked about Police officer shooting and killing more suspects than they are wounding.
The idea that police officers use of force which results in the death of the suspects. Seated at the table with Williams was Hamish Campbell the British import seconded to Jamaica.
INDECOM claimed that there is an expectation that casualties from security force shooting incidents would result in more individuals being wounded than killed….
I am unsure where the data in support of that claim comes from, or even whether there is any evidence in support of such frivolous claim coming from someone who has no training or experience to make those claims.
On the very face of it, the cherry-picking of data is not only disingenuous it is downright dishonest.It goes to the lack of character of Williams and the senior level management of INDECOM.

Jamaica is one of the most murderous places on earth, last year alone 1616 homicides were reported to the police in a country of 2.8 million people crammed together in a land space of 4411 square miles.
The suggestion that officers are killing more than they are wounding gives the impression that police chose to get into gun battles in which they stand a 50-50 chance or worse to get killed.
It also suggests that officers get to determine whether they respond to shooters when they do engage Jamaica’s murderous gangsters.


As someone who has been shot in the line of duty, I can tell you that the difference between life and death is almost always a matter of instinctive reflex.
The fundamental difference between the factual response to life and death situations which warrant lethal force and the demagoguery proffered and promulgated by INDECOM is simple.
(1) Police officers are trained to shoot at the upper extremities of a suspect if and when the necessity arises to use lethal or deadly force.  Many officers will go through their entire career and may never have to fire a single shot at anyone. Conversely, those officers who are pressed into daily service in the most violent neighborhoods are not only duty bound to respond to threats against their lives, that of their colleagues and the citizens they are sworn to protect, they get no joy at having to defend their lives for a few dollars.

Let Examine Shootouts

(2) The notion that police officers have the option to shoot to injure someone when the officer’s life or that of another person is in peril is fantastic and downright uninformed of what occurs in a shootout.
Police officers do not get to say to a violent heavily armed suspect,”wait, stand still so that I may shoot to injure you”. Said Dr. Rattary on that matter:

INDECOM’s insinuation that police should aim to wound and not kill diminishes its vaunted objectivity and authority and makes it seem totally unaware of the basic tenets of mortal engagement.”
If an officer of the law feels threatened by anyone, even an unarmed individual, he or she will be within his or her rights to use deadly force because the aggressor may overpower him or her and use the acquired deadly weapon to kill, as happened on April 28, 2017, when a suspect wrested the service pistol away from a policeman and killed him with it“.


Terrence Williams has been using the playbook of Jamaicans for Justice the anti-police foreign-funded lobby and its initial convenor Carolyn Gomes for years. Gomes was eventually exposed as a deceptive conniving deceptive fraud who provided explicit, homosexual materials to vulnerable underage kids and was forced to step aside in disgrace. As the leader of  JFJ she maliciously and duplicitously used cherry-picked data in foreign forums to smear the police.

Unders Gomes’ leadership JFJ ‘s principals would attend conferences in Washington DC and used cherry-picked data to report on what they characterized as extra-judicial police killings.
The data was usually raw numbers of people killed in confrontations with the security forces.
The data did not include the number of Police offices killed or injured in those confrontations, did not include the number of weapons recovered from those encounters, did not include the inherent violence in the gang members who engage law enforcement, did not include the number of innocent Jamaicans killed within the periods of their reporting.

Under Carolyn Gomes’ instructions, the raw number of those killed were lifted and used to make their argument for extrajudicial killings and alleged police misconduct so they could get more money from her foreign handlers.
From the moment INDECOM became a reality Terrence Williams shared stages with Gomes and other criminal rights lobby, the police objected on the grounds that Williams was lobbying as JFJ was, which disqualifies INDECOM and Terrence Williams as an impartial investigator.
The Bruce Golding  Government did nothing to muzzle Terrence Williams. This carte blanch to do as he please gave rise to speculation that the formation and subsequent wording of the act were dictated elsewhere.

Terrence Williams has been playing from that playbook ever since and it needs to come to an end if our country is to have reliable objective oversight of agencies of the state and a society which empowers its officers to go after dangerous criminals.
Jamaica will continue to pay a very high price in blood because its leaders have mortgaged out our sovereignty in order to be able to obtain loans and grants.
The Appellate court has ruled that INDECOM has no power to effect arrests. That has been my personal contention for the 8-years that this destructive law has been in effect. Jamaica has talented Lawyers, Jamaica has 63 members of Parliament some of whom are lawyers, not one of the 63 frauds have ever stood up in support of the Police.
Now that the courts have spoken not a single one of the 63 retards have stood up in defense of the Police department.
What a reprehensible bunch of criminal supporting imbeciles? In no other country on earth would you see this except Jamaica.

Terrence Williams knows quite well that neither the JLP nor the PNP will move to change anything fundamental in the act. After all almost half of INDECOM’s budget comes from dark monies coming in from overseas.
The most important takeaway, however, is that the funders of INDECOM would not tolerate an INDECOM in their country. They pay homage to their law enforcement agencies every chance they get.
They are crucially aware that if they can keep Jamaica impoverished they can keep her dependent on their loans. That dependency is a surety in a violent crime-ridden society like Jamaica.