In an age when we ought to know better, the desire to attract clicks on their websites and to sell newspapers transcended decorum, and honest reporting.
After all, the subject they were slandering were the whipping boys of the tiny Island Nation of 2.7 million.
Who cares about defamation and slander when the police are their targets? So they ran with the blaring headlines for months and months.
There was no presumption of innocence, or worse yet who cared about whether they were innocent, there is no need to use the word “ALLEGED“.

Chucky Brown

And so it went for Detective Corporal Kevin Adams and Constable Jerome Whyte , tarred and feathered, slandered and defamed as state-sanctioned mercenaries of death.
They were dragged through the merciless maze of the criminal justice system, forced to deal with the lies of their former colleague the infamous constable Collis Chucky Brown now doing life after cozying up to Terrence Williams and admitting to crimes believing he would get immunity. The officers had no ability to defend themselves.
Anyone unfamiliar with the intricacies of this case would never guess that the two were officers of the law. For the supposed investigators at the over-zealous INDECOM who coerced witnesses to lie and fabricate evidence against these two officers, the end would justify the means. Convicting these officers was all that mattered.
It did not matter that these were men who went out and placed their lives on the line to protect and defend. It did not matter that as former National Security Minister Dudley Thompson said in the 70’s, no angels died at Green Bay. INDECOM was out for blood and the complicit Media was a willing partner in the smear of the two officers.
It did not matter that both officers maintained that their actions were justified as they carried out their duties that day.

The officers were charged with Murder of Anthony (Toby) Trought, the prosecution alleged that they killed the deceased in cold blood. The officers maintained they acted in self-defense. But such is Jamaica when the nation asks officers to step between mindless killers and the society, when they act they face the prospect of a murder charge even with the absence of [malice]a key component to prove murder.
The two officers were not the only ones overzealously charged with murder. The zealot Terrence Williams and the imposter from Scotland yard Hamish Campbell who failed to investigate his colleagues properly when they were alleged to have framed a black man of murder charges had much larger designs.
Thirteen other officers were caught up in the web of deceit, lies and false testimonies which was the heart of the prosecution’s case.
Detective Corporal Adams was already exonerated in the killing of one accused last January. After being investigated and charged by the very same Terrence Williams and his cronies.

And so today, INDECOM‘s web of lies, zealotry and anti-police venom was eviscerated in the Supreme Court, as a jury of seven Jamaicans returned a verdict of not guilty after deliberating for just over half an hour.
This case is more than just INDECOM, an out of control agency paid by taxpayers. It is about the leaders of that Agency, their hatred for the police and the powers given to that agency which is used as an instrument of revenge.
In the meantime, the officers were going through their ordeal the criminals in Clarendon have filled the space, killing anyone who dares to cross them, including shooting Police Officers.
The Jury of seven conscientious Jamaicans saw through the web of deceit and lies and returned a resounding unanimous verdict for justice.
All we can hope for is that that conscientiousness will mutate throughout the law-abiding population and spark a movement, but I will not hold my breath.
Even after the two officers were found [NOT] guilty, the complicit Gleaner headlines blared the same defamatory sludge “Not Guilty…Clarendon ‘Death Squad’ Cops Freed Of Murder”.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.

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