International Donors who give money to INDECOM are strategic in their intent…

I receive much feedback from social media, some indicate that I point out the problems with our security situation in Jamaica without offering solutions.
In deference to those readers, I do understand your point  
I generally search the archives of this medium with a view to providing you solutions on the subject and make them available to you my friends as best I can.
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I totally understand why many of you my friends and even my  detractors would not know about some of the solutions I have offered over the years.
It is extremely difficult and boring to spend time digging through thousands of articles to determine if we indeed offer solutions.
As such as that occur we take full responsibility with the understanding that it is up to us to make the information available and easily sourceable.

My IT specialist says ” video blogs are the way to go, people don’t want to spend time reading,”I agree so we will see where we go with that.
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Today I want to talk a little about why I am driven to talk about crime as they occur, and respond to why our constant harping on it may be seen as a negative.
Crime is a negative phenomenon which takes away from all our lives, it makes us all poorer with the exception of those who engage in it.

Over the last five decades, the two major political parties in our country have governed our country by dividing our people into two hardened campsof  PNP and JLP not Jamaicans.

A street in Arnett Gardens St Andrew a PNP Garrison

Scarce resources, jobs, housing, promotions, and even food are made available through political affiliations.
Both parties did their best to lump their supporters into areas known locally as garrisons. They also created enforcers within those communities who whip supporters into shape, keep them in line and deliver the votes for the [big man], the political representative.

Every Jamaican is familiar with life in these zones of political exclusions.
None more so than those whose jobs it is to police them, knowing that they all have their own militias with political backing.
The mother and father of the garrisons, Tivoli and Arnett Gardens, for the JLP and PNP respectively are parents to an ever burgeoning outgrowth of offsprings across the Island.


Today there are dozens of Garrisons across the country of 2.8 million people, they render the electoral process a sham in many respects.
Because of the vote packing in these garrison communities, the results are well known before a single vote is cast.
Elections are decided on the few constituencies which have not been gerrymandered into zones of exclusions as yet.

A street in Tivoli Gardens a JLP garrison, right after the 2010 incursion: adapted…

The party with the most garrisons gets to control state power.
The longer that party holds power it’s the more it gets to solidify its position and hold on power.
The PNP has more garrisons, they have had the lion’s share of state power.
The consequences for the country has been utter devastation and stagnation as a result of the see-saw battle to gain and hold state power.
In the period leading up to the 1980 general elections over a thousand Jamaicans lost their lives in the political violence which ensued.


The country has well over a thousand homicides annually, culmination in over 1600 homicides in 2005.
These numbers pale the fearsome 1000 number of people who lost their lives at the hands of their own country men, in the undeclared civil war created by the Island’s two political parties.

In order to understand how we got here, we must go back and look at the garrisons.
It is impossible to keep people loyal and subservient unless you offer them inducements and or keep them fearful of you or both.


Both the JLP and the PNP are guilty of not only handing out goodies at the expense of the taxpayers to their loyalists, they are also guilty of importing and distributing guns and ammunition to young unemployed men to do their bidding.
This process essentially resulted in the creation of myriad militias across the country for political purposes.


The creation of these political militias could not be successful despite the guns and succor provided them by their political bosses.
There needed to be another component to exert the kind of control they desired and that came in the emasculation of the police department.

Vale Royal residence of the Prime Minister.

An efficient effective police department is a threat to criminals whether they live in Arnett Gardens or Vale Royal.
In order to render the police department useless, the two political parties embarked on a process of politicizing it.
Commissioners and senior officers were hand-picked lackeys, advancement to senior ranks depended on what party you belonged to, who you knew, or whose yard boy you were.
As retired SSP Adams asserted recently it also meant who female officers were sleeping with.


In addition, they starved the department of resources, training and pay, this resulted in high attrition and low morale.
Today we have the country we have not because of the police or anything they did. We have the country created by the PNP and JLP.
Any agency or fly by night who formed a group to militate against the police is automatically granted a seat at the table and their twisted views ingrained in policy.

Denham Town Police station

In order to protect criminals from cops, politicians have to take police powers away. They have done so with precision type effectiveness.
Both political parties have waged war on the police because it suited their political goals. They needed to have a boogeyman to point to, the police is that bogeyman.
The gullible, indoctrinated and the balkanized population is all too happy to exonerate the culprits and indict those who are victims themselves.


That divide and conquer strategy is as old as racial exploitation has been to capitalism in the United States for over four hundred years through slavery, Jim crow to present day.



Let’s get something real straight here, literally, every successful western nation has a functionally working justice system which is built on effective and inspired law enforcement.
In 2016 the Commissioner of INDECOM Terrence Williams told the media that the commission depends to a great extent on overseas funding to finance significant aspects of its operations.

Terrence Williams

The Government of Jamaica pays most of the salaries and the rent, but most of everything else is done with donor support, even some salaries are paid for with donor-agency support”.

There are some areas of our operations which, because the Government’s support is so low, we are constrained to take out of the DFID support. For example, security for our premises and some of our legal fees are paid for out of that.

Any advertising that we are going to do will be paid for by EU campaign. We have hired some investigators and lawyers based upon EU funding and DFID funding, so the funding is crucial to the work of INDECOM.” Said Williams

You know what successful countries are built on?
The rule of law.
Not on Police oversight.
Police oversight is necessary for all interested parties, however, Jamaicans need to ask themselves whether these shadow donors to INDECOM  have their real interest at heart?
If you want to help a country you don’t give money to a group which seeks to indict law enforcement.

If you give money to INDECOM you are saying I am comfortable with the killing of innocent Jamaicans, what I want you to do with this money is to apply pressure on those who go after the murderers.
What greater way to keep the country impoverished and on its knees begging for IMF money than to have a country inundated with crime?

If these donors wanted to help Jamaica and the cause of Justice they would offer to build us court houses, give money to train and pay prosecutors, train detectives and other critical-area technicians to investigate murders and other serious crimes.

They would offer us help to build lasting 21 st century police stations and help us to secure our borders in effective ways which would prevent their guns coming into the Island in tidal waves.
That’s how you advance the process of building a sustainable society not by aiding and abetting dissent and demagoguery against law enforcement.

The two political parties are equal participants in this trickery being perpetrated on the unsuspecting Jamaican people most of whom have never had the benefits of the rule of law explained to them.
For those on the outside feeding the campaign against the police, it is a strategic investment in the chaos which is necessary to keep our country impoverished.

For the politicians at home it works in their favor to keep the crime statistics high and the people misinformed.
They built their two parties on dividing the people country be damned.


2 thoughts on “International Donors Who Give Money To INDECOM Are Strategic In Their Intent…

  1. As you rightly said the police is the “boogeyman” and the most hated government workers in Jamaica. A country that lacks leadership from the top and the will to make sure that its laws are obeyed and if broken the consequences are harsh for the offenders.
    Most of the Jamaican population are “illiterate, belligerent, and ignorant” of their surroundings and it is not even funny!

    The funding by the European Union and others is to destroy Jamaica further and make sure that the best, brightest, and smartest futuristic Jamaicans fled from the shore of their birth to their countries in Europe and North America.

    If your tactics are to create chaos, uncertainty, and fear, eventually your goals will be met, by creating a mass exodus of the people. And the Europeans know that the only time “boasie slaves” listen is when the rhetoric is coming out f the mouth of a white person.

    The people of Jamaica have become accustomed to the killings, and they’re desensitized to them that when it happens, it is nothing because “this is how the thing she!”

    The PNP and JLP parties are the people’s biggest enemies, but because they cannot think for themselves, they don’t even know it.

    Whether one like or dislike Edward Seaga, he had given Jamaica a sense of security when he was Prime Minister.

    Although the man Seaga has his militias in Tivoli Gardens, he would not denigrate or demoralize the police from what I had learned when I was a young cop. I am ready to be corrected if I am wrong!
    In the 1980’s during the summer at about 3:00 AM, as a young man I could walk from Edge Water, Portsmouth, Passage Fort, and Caymanas Gardens to Waterford along with my friends and step brother, and no one would molest or even ask us any question. There was no imaginary border line or no idle hands wanting and waiting to make duppy because the gunman knows that if he killed you when the police [Eradication or Flying Squad/Glass House] comes for him, he is going to morgue too. That’s the fear Seaga drives into the hearts of the gunmen.

    In 1989, when I was stationed at May Pen Police Station, Clarendon. I used to walk from Nineteen miles, and sometimes Palmers Cross back to May Pen Police at various hours of the morning 2:30 Am & 4:00 AM and no one would molest because criminals know what would have happened to them.

    In February 1989, After the general election in Jamaica and the PNP party under the leadership of the late Michael Manley, that was when the lawlessness starts to creep back into the Jamaican society.

    The Prime Minister installed one of his puppet Roy Thompson who is the worst of the worst Commissioner Of Police, and the corruption was so rife, the man had to leave the force due to pressure from the elitists. I was one of the police officer the PNP, got transferred because I was doing my job. The member of Parliament Horace Dalley said that I am a junglist and behaving like a Laborite. Roy Thompson transferred me to St. Elizabeth…

    They appoint the first civilian as the Commissioner of Police, Trevor McMillan and that’s when the destruction of the police force started in stages. Firstly, when police were involved in any shootings, your regulation numbers, rank, and firearms have to enter into the Crime Diary, and then every police could read the entry and know who was involved in the shooting. So this was bad for the police because the spies in the station would filtered information the criminals, and then they would know whose names to put on their placards.

    PJ Patterson came in with Public complaints department, and they just continue from here until we have “Indecom.”

    Finally, the only reason why the criminals had such luxury and feel emboldened it is because of “Indecom!” And the same people who forced upon the Jamaican Constabulary Force, the late Trevor McMillan…and it keeps getting worse. Now, the luxury of feeling one day you want to resign from the police force is an archaic thing and luxury, so you are stuck with Andrew Holiness police force trying your best not leave the force with a criminal record.

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