Umar Johnson goes by the name Dr. Umar Johnson, he describes himself as a Pan-Africanist in the vein of  Marcus Garvey and others.
There is much pushback against Johnson as a result of his views, much of which comes from the black community Johnson says he wants to uplift.

Johnson is alleged and has admitted to collecting upward of $700’000 toward the building of a Leadership Academy for Black Boys.
Critics have claimed that to date Johnson has not indicated where that money is, they also argue they have not seen a credible business plan which details how he intends to go about implementing his goal.

(The family of Frederick Douglass has received numerous inquiries about Umar Johnson questioning his relationship to Frederick Douglass. There have also been questions about the legitimacy of his Ph.D. and handling of the donations he’s received for a school he is promoting. We can tell you with 100% certainty that he is not a descendant of Frederick Douglass.With that being said, Mr. Johnson is very careful not to bill himself as a “descendant”, but he doesn’t correct people when they refer to him in this way).

On the question of his supposed blood relationship to the Abolitionist, Fredrick Douglas it is silly to the point I am embarrassed to write about it.
The supposed blood family of the long deceased Douglas issued a statement above, claiming Umar Johnson is not a descendant of Fredrick Douglas.
That revelation should now put to rest all of Black America’s problems, now that we know Umar Johnson is in no way related to Douglas.

Johnson has expressed views which have struck a chord on race in America, he has also spoken eloquently and forcefully about what he sees as the Chinese takeover of my own native Jamaica to the chagrin of many Jamaicans who couldn’t care less as long as they are able to eat curry goat drink red stripe beer and smoke ganja.

The black website the Root has long and scathing article aimed at Johnson as a result of the Smackdown above Johnson gave to the mild do not rock the boat  Presenter Roland Martin of the Television channel News One now program.
See the article here:

If Umar Johnson is not a Ph.D. he should not pad his resume’ in order to make his point.  We have no idea whether he is or not.
However, claiming to be something one isn’t, smack of low self-esteem and may be seen as a con game.

Name dropping is absolutely a no, no.
Each and everyone should stand on their own two feet, make their own point, instead of name dropping to gain traction.
If at all that was the intent of Umar Johnson in referencing Fredrick Douglas as an ancestor of any kind.

If Umar Johnson is a con man the authorities certainly will find out soon enough and he will be sorry he ever attempted to deceive anyone.
We do not have the answer to those questions. What we do know from listening to a little of what he has to say is that he is speaking certain facts which some do not like.
Then again the attacks on him from sections of the black community may be warranted or unwarranted but not unexpected.