Jamaica’s crime problem is getting more serious by the day, yet it seem the Authorities have no interest in solving this pressing issue.We could discuss Jamaican’s historical love affair with criminals,we may also discuss that it’s no longer cute or funny anymore. The statistics are stunning yet it seem that the Government is tone-deaf. The Prime Minister, when she happens to touch down on the Island, refuses to discuss the spate of killings in the country. She was forced to answer the Opposition’s queries about her extensive travels in the Parliament today February 11th. Miller responding to Opposition Leader Andrew Holness argued that no one questioned trips until she was elected Prime Minister. Miller’s trips have been estimated to cost a whopping J$162 million.

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“I never asked to be invited, I attend in the interest of my country and my people. I have a responsibility as Prime Minister,” she told Parliament, adding that she is proud to have been invited to Africa, the land of her ancestors.  

All of this posturing and Continent hopping while Rome burns. No one begrudge the PM her trip to the mother-land, but clearly this cannot be the best time and the best way to spend the Country’s meager resources. To visit the land of her ancestors is quite fine but she needs to do it on her own dime. The Minister under whose portfolio crime falls, Peter Bunting, is awaiting divine intervention. Now let me hasten to say I pray for divine intervention into my life daily. I just don’t sit around waiting, I get up and make things happen. God is divinely capable of intervening , we just have to do some things for ourselves .. he’ ll help then. The country’s Attorney General who pals around with Carolyn Gomes of (JFJ) bad mouths the police is asking the Clergy to help with fixing crime .What all of this shows is that the Government is either unwilling or unable to stop this bleeding. My inclination is they are unwilling. The entire PNP Party in Opposition did not lift a finger to help the JLP Government in 2010. All then Prime Minister Bruce Golding asked was that the already limited state of emergency be extended. The PNP voted “no”, there were no dissension among them . In real terms the People’s National Party was not about to authorize the security forces to root out criminals who were entrenched in their garrisons. They weren’t even willing to allow them access to remove those who  fled the wrath of the state. The PNP said then they were not about to authorize an extension to the Limited State of Emergency out of fear the Security Forces would abuse the rights of citizens. They made those statements as spouses and family members of  dead cops contemplated burying their dead. That was the position of Portia Simpson Miller and her Party as Police Stations were in flames. Eleven Garrisons to every one for the JLP is significant. They were not about to interfere with their power-base. This is the recent history of the PNP , it is no different from the earlier history of the party. Jamaicans get what they vote for. Ineptitude , Graft, Nepotism, Corruption, Criminality, Poverty. When it becomes unbearable they blame everyone but themselves. Wonder if they are going to blame the CIA this time