Any good thing in the hands of the wrong person instantly becomes a dangerous thing. Money, Power, and unfortunately a little Knowledge. Education ought to be the vehicle channeling the oppressed,impoverished masses into the middle-class. At least that’s what we were told. Unfortunately we have seen that in far too many instances, people generally use the education and power they acquire for selfish, destructive purposes. Nowhere is this more evident than in Jamaica.  Those empowered to lead take blatant and obvious advantage of the very people who empower them. Jamaica like many former European Colonies have seen the ravages of what a caste system does to its people. You Know the lighter hued people gets all the breaks, the darker shades , well…. not so much. Today things have changed in Jamaica somewhat, as long as you can afford to pay you can get an education. We now have a Prime Minister who is a daughter of the soil. Okay bad example, anyway you would think that education would necessarily improve our country since the majority of the new college graduates are people of darker color. As a firm believer in education I am distraught that newly educated Jamaicans seem to be more ungodly, more dysfunctional, more deceptive, more dishonest, more anarchistic.

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What hope do we have for our country if the people who are to be the new leaders, are far worse than the people we so vehemently criticize today?  Jamaica once prided itself in the idea it had more churches per square mile than any other nation. Many will argue that we had more Bars also. My point though is that what appears to be a systematic attempt in some quarters to remove the very idea of a deity from our national discourse has created a chasm or vacuum now occupied by demons. By every metric life is more difficult. More murders, rapes, child-abuse, shootings. Even the killings have taken on a more gruesome more barbaric,demonic complexion. Could it be when we were unintelligent[sic] you know believing in God, believing in consequence for actions, we were better off? Is it fair to say enlightenment  has induced us into becoming a more soul-less bunch of demonic lascivious , hedonistic creatures who only live for the moment, oblivious of consequence?


Or is there something to the archaic unintelligent notion that there is a God who gave us free will? Is there something to the fairy-tale idea that God not only created everything, then created man. That he gave man dominion over all things? That he set clear principles for man to live by. Principles accompanied by clear unequivocal consequences for departure. Is it true to say God does not take that free will back simply because he can but that he allows us to live our lives the way we see fit, without his interference. Is it true to imagine that there will be a day of reckoning? Is it true to imagine that God does not meddle unless we ask him to take charge of our lives and direct our paths? Is it true that the reason he does not meddle is that it would run counter to his promise of free will. If God took our free will would that not make him a liar just like man? Isn’t that what the world want to do, prove God a liar?

5 thoughts on “IS IT TRUE TO SAY?

  1. Started out wonderful then suddenly turns out”It is true to say”- you are trying to convert somebody? Keep your religious views to yourself.

    1. I’m glad you like it mister Reid . I always look forward to your insightful and informative comments. You make me better.

      1. Beck , I think Auhnel is misinterpreting your observations and I would suggest he reads the piece carefully . I certainly did not get the idea that you were pursuing a path to convert anyone. Not one of your best pieces but certainly worth the read.

        1. Lol Mac , I understand my good friend mister Reid does not believe in what I believe , yet I value his continued input. I am honored that he takes the time to read what I have to say. We won’t agree all the time ,but we agree to disagree without being disagreeable. Thank you for your interest also , you guys make me better.

    2. Wow! A nation without vision shall perish. It is not surprising to me that a lot of Jamaican don’t go to church of believe in God. But, when I was growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, people were more human in Jamaica, the main reason for this was because of the Churches and the sermons people would enjoy, on leaving a majority leave with solace and comfort. It helps to them to guide their children and differentiate between wrong and right.
      Now, in Jamaica wrong is right and right is double right, these folks are always right. We used to go to Sunday school, where we were taught the golden rules and we would enjoy it.
      However, as time goes by a lot of people don’t regard the church as a place of divine worship anymore including me. They view it as a place of business; it is all about the money. Morals are a thing of the past and the people who gave us the Bible, want to steer us into “Sodom and Gomorrah.” Remember, that most laws on earth, derives from the Bible and now one of the teaching from the Bible about “Homosexuality” are now being forced upon the world by the Colonist and imperialists” of Europe and North America. Who give these white people the right to dictate to other countries how they should managed their “healthy lifestyle?”
      With that being said, some people who doubt the existence of God and the belief system of a “supreme being” is not etched into their consciousness, hence they just live their lives the way they see fit. No deity involved!
      As for me a person don’t have to go to church to practice morality, ethics and decency. I was raised “Catholic” went to a Catholic High School, but I am no longer a Catholic because my intelligence is not on that level anymore! Religion at this time is even more Immoral than the average man on the streets. The pastor are supporting “Homosexuality” in the name of money, we have to turn to our self, inner man and conscience for guidance on this earth. There is no doubt that the devil is roaming the world!

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