Is This The Best Republicans Have To Offer ?

The Republican primaries are on in earnest, the only woman who entered the primaries exited after a dismal showing in the Iowa caucuses, Iowa of course is the state in which she was born. I always wondered about Michelle Bachman and her iron-lady approach but I’ll come back to her later .It seem that after all of the candidates have had their brief romance with republican primary voters the field is down to  Romney , Santorum, Paul, and to a lesser extent Gingrich , the latter   is now waging a kamikaze campaign against  Romney for his negative ads against Gingrich in Iowa, which literally knocked him out of contention for the Republican nomination . Gingrich pretty  much knows he cannot win the nomination but seem quite willing to go down in flames , taking Willard Mitt Romney with him.

I predicted the implosion of Herman Caine long before he actually imploded and pointed to the reasons he would implode, the truth of the matter is that republicans cannot stomach powerful black people, yes ,, yes I know , what are you talking about? the last republican administration had powerful black people , remember Powell and Rice? Yes I remember Powell and Rice very well , Powell was shut out of Bush’s inner circle and literally lost the President’s ear for the greater part of his tenure as Secretary of state. Dick Cheney won that tussle, Powell lost most of the luster and shine he had as the sole member of Bush’s administration who could garner any respect in the world when he told the United Nationsthat Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that the Iraqi’s were operating mobile labs which they moved from place to place to avoid detection . Powell’s grave briefing came replete with maps and graphs detailing how the Iraqis were deceiving the world while at the same time were in possession of weapons that could result in a mushroom cloud. Wooooo I shudder just thinking about it , well we all  know those were figments of the imagination of the hawks in the Bush administration who wanted war at all cost and would not be stopped in their drumbeat and march to war with the people of Iraq.  later as that lie unravelled the narrative became one of Regime change. Those outright lies and distortions has cost America countless billions in treasure, thousands of service men and women killed and maimed and nothing to show for it, make no mention of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were killed for no other reason other than they were living in their own country. The narrative is now that the Iraqi people were liberated and are better now that Saddam Hussein their president who was hanged, is gone. Never mind that the Iraqi people never asked for help in removing their supposed despotic leader.Dick Cheney in his book lampooned both Powell and Rice with a kind of disrespect that one would expect to hear  leveled at a Democrat, in his book Dick Cheney forgot all about Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment , “never speak ill of another republican” other so-called black republicans have been treated hardly any better Michael Steele was booted as head of the Republican National committee immediately his party won back the House from democrats in 2010.


But I am not here to talk about black republicans and their follies today, what I really want to talk about are the republican candidates. I must say that even though I am repulsed by Republicans, and I have no stomach for Democrats , I do admire Ron Paul for his libertarian philosophy. I too believe in small government, and less or no military interventions in foreign lands,I am not sure of some of the people who support Doctor Paul who seem to believe in segregation, in fairness Dr. Paul stood up at the debate saturday night January 7th and declared Dr. King and Rosa Parks to be his heroes for standing  up to segregation, none of the other jokers standing on the stage offered a single word in support of Paul’s full-throated declaration of love for Dr. King, and Rosa Parks. Whether Dr. Paul’s statements reflected an epiphany or reflected a departure from views he originally held is immaterial in my view. The fact that he had the conviction of character to make that statement in that forum I thought was a courageous act.


Of course Ron Paul’s comments came while the newest darling of republican primary voters Rick Sontorumhas determined that he would get noticed that he would disrespect African-Americans as much as possible if that is what it takes to get noticed by the nut jobs on the right. Santorum clearly said in relation to welfare at a lily-white event in Iowa “I don’t to make  black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money , I wanna give them the opportunity to go out  and make their own  money”. Never mind that 84% of welfare recipients in the state of Iowa are white, and Santorum wasn’t even asked about black people.


Quite the opposite to Ron Paul’s bravery , Santorumlied outright about being caught between two sentences, two thoughts, two words,he said quote I have watched the tape and I am quite sure I never said black ,no one in the room heard me say black people ,end quote. As a former detective I tell my wife all the time that the best way to get real truthful information from criminals is to let the perp speak with as little interruption as possible from the interviewer, criminals will tell on themselves given a chance. Even if we allow lying Santorum to convince us that he was caught between thoughts , why would black be in his thoughts at the time the issue of welfare come up? The truth is that is their narrative, they found out during the Clinton years and Newt Gingrich’s contract on America that the bulk of welfare recipients were actually white middle age women, despite this hate mongers like Santorum and others continue to wage this campaign of falsehood and lies.I have watched and listed to the tape over and over and over numerous times and the only thing I came away with is how could Santorum come away from watching this tape and claim that he did not say black people. He revealed himself to be  nothing more than a despicable racist liar. Maybe voters should take a closer look at this freak fringe candidate who wants to wage war on other countries, take away a womans right to choose , discriminate against gays and lesbians, and give away corporate welfare to the filthy rich and large corporations. This guy is not only dangerous but freakish.

Most of us have respect admiration and love for women , we cheer when women accomplish feats that were once thought to be only achievable by men, we love them , they are our wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers,aunts , teachers and our nurses, we love them because they comfort us, we have grown accustomed to her loving tender care , but we also make the grave mistake in believing that they would take that caring tender touch to leadership positions in politics or  business. Many have felt the hands of a female bosses and have no such misconception. Michelle Bachman it appeared, felt that she should launch a campaign of disrespect against President Obama from day one of the president’s term, her approach was to refer to the president as Barack Obama no mention of the title “President“Even the most ardent haters of former president Bush acknowledged him as president. This approach by Bachman served as a template for the rest of republican whack jobs when referring to the president not to refer to him as President Obama, but as simply Barack Obama. Make no mistake that disrespectful  approach is another in the series of acts aimed at de legitimizing the president which followed the failed brither debacle which revealed proponents as ignorant racist neanderthals.

It is common now even for members of the media, except when they are reporting the news to summarily refer to the president as simply Barack Obama, the commander-in-chief of the most powerful nation possibly in the history of this planet, gets no respect. yet any small town mayor is duly refered to as mayor followed by his or her name, even an alleged racist sheriff  from Arizona is given massive airtime and addressed by his title even though he is under federal investigations for all kinds of breech of conduct violations as it relates to detainees and how they are apprehended and incarcerated.



Willard  Romney the candidate that says anything what each crowd or interviewer wants to hear said recently , “We have been fighting over the last three years to make sure that this president does not get to enact his agenda”. This is in line with Mitch McConnell’s statement that his primary function is to ensure that president Obama is a one term president, the grand pooba of republican , wind-bag Rush Limbaugh said at the onset of president Obama’s term he hopes the president fails, never mind that if the president fails the country fails, how does republicans who pretend to have a monopoly on patriotism explain these diametrically opposing positions. The real problem with the comments of snake oil salesman Mit Romney is that he stated categorically that he and others have been fighting to ensure that the president’s agenda does not get enacted, referring to John Huntsman being in China carrying out the agenda of the Obama administration. I have just one question regarding this statement , wasn’t the president elected to exactly enact the agenda he put forward to the American people? If the answer is yes, whose interest does Mit Romney represent if he does not want the agenda of the vast majority of the American people who elected Barack Obama enacted?

With The first primary of the season coming up Tuesday January 10th  in the Granite State of New Hampshire and South Carolina fast approaching it seem there is hardly any competition left for Willard Mitt Romney. Romney has been running for President for the last 6 years, he has lots of money , and his super pacs are spending millions more without Romney having to declare where the money is coming from. In all fairness democrats president Obama also have super pacs that raises and spend money on his behalf.


Mitt Romney has been able to assail president Obama’s record without any pushback from the lily liveried democratic party that has steadfastly refused to stand with this President. The media for its part has been complicit in letting Romney get away with not taking questions from the press, and not asking questions of him that are meaningful on the rare occasions they have a chance to question him. He has been allowed to continue to recite the same tired old attack lines against the president , cliché after cliché without being forced to defend the myriad flip-flops he has done on literally every issue, one moment he is on record for a woman’s right to choose the next he is pro-choice, one moment he is for civil unions, the next moment he is not. For this guy it simply is a matter of where he is and to whom he speaks. He is like liquid , he takes the shape of whatever container he is poured into. Is that what America wants in her President?

It will be interesting  to see what the winner of this carnival will run on as the economy is rebounds, because as sure as night follows day they dare not open their mouths about foreign policy with this president. I am just not sure hatred of Barack Obama and obstructionist tactics will be enough to win for Republicans.