These two competing demands are the sticking points at the latest flare-up between Israel and The Palestinians living in Gaza.

Israel’s Western backers feeds us the idea that all Israelis want is to live in peace. They argue that Hamas, and by extension the Palestinians are violent Terrorists who blow up innocent Israelis on buses and in shopping Malls or wherever they get a chance to unleash their brand of Terror.

Now much of what the Palestinians have done over the years have not fitted into the conventional protocols of warfare. Whether we agree with Hamas or Fatah’s tactics is neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is this is war between two competing interests. Israel is armed with Nuclear weapons, It’s Military is one of the most sophisticated in the World. It’s Intelligence Service the  Mossad is one of the world’s best-known and most highly regarded intelligence agencies.

map showing loss of Palestinian land from 1946-2010. http://www ...

map showing loss of Palestinian land from 1946-2010. http://www …

Israel is backed by the United States, England and many other powers which has strategic interests paralleling that of Israel’s. Each year the United States alone pumps over 3 Billion Dollars of direct Aid into Israel.

The people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip lives under total and complete domination of Israel’s Occupation. At the center of the suffering of the Palestinian suffering is Israel’s continued annexation of their lands.

Israeli’s builds settlements on Palestinian lands, against International Law, the State then puts Police and other amenities in supposedly to protect the settlers. The State builds roads and erect check-points preventing Palestinians from even using the roads. That area is now part of the state of Israel.

Former President Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter

The type of policies being pursued by Israel in building settlements and road then preventing Palestinians from using those roads are a form of apart-ness or Apartheid worse than that which was practiced in South Africa


The peace process has been pretty well dormant for the past three years. Of course, in the past we played a key role in being the mediator and convener of meetings, but that’s not happening either. The first priority would be for the Israelis and Palestinians to take the initiative. But the Israelis have continued with their massive settlement program in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the Palestinians say they won’t negotiate as long as Israel is continuing to take over their territory, so there’s deadlock. The United States is looked upon by the rest of the international community as the primary interlocutor, so the European Union members don’t take action. As a result, there’s no intermediary who can move things forward and initiate peace talks.

Israel should come out and tell the World it does not want a  two State solution and live with the consequences.(President Bill Clinton).

The fact is that Israel does not want a Palestinian State side by side with Israel. There has been significant attempts at a two state solution between Israel and Palestine starting from the 1991 Madrid Conference. There followed the 1993 Oslo accords and the failed 2000 Camp David summit followed by the Taba negotiations in early 2001. In 2002, the Arab League proposed the Arab Peace Initiative. The latest initiative, which also failed, was the 2013-14 peace talks.

If Israel wanted a two state solution to the present problems there would have been two states. Netanyaha have stated repeatedly that he does not want a bi-national state. This is a remarkable statement that what Israel wants is a pure apartheid Jewish state. It is not even an issue of Jewish people. Black Jews are treated like dirt in Israel. Many African Jews are in confinement in the Negev Desert, Israel labels them Infiltrators.

What is happening to the Palestinian people is ethnic cleansing. In order for Israel to get away with it the west must demonize Palestinians as immoral ungodly terrorists. Every people have a right to self-defense and self-determination. Too many are afraid of Jewish money and power, so they remain silent. It cannot be that Israel steal the land , massacres the people and the world blames the victim.

When Israel says it wants the total demilitarization of Gaza , they know full well that Hamas or whoever is in charge at any given time, can never agree to those terms. That would be unconditional surrender and capitulation to occupation and domination. Israel makes those demands knowing that the Palestinians will not and cannot agree to them. This gives them the excuse they need to continue with their land grab and ethnic cleansing.

It is incomprehensible that anyone , irrespective of political or religious beliefs, would ever seek to justify this immoral campaign which has been waged against the Palestinian people.

Israel continues to build settlements essentially taking more land. Palestinians fight back, Israel kills them in numbers. Seem like a perfect plan to rid the land of Palestinians.