Adapted: cartoon caricature of American reporting on Palestinian Israeli conflict

Adapted: cartoon caricature of American reporting on Palestinian Israeli conflict

As the Palestinian Israeli conflict rages on, the World goes about it’s business as usual as if nothing is happening. After all we have all been down this road before. It will die

Palestinian women mourn their dead

Palestinian women mourn their dead

down sooner if not later to an uneasy lull. In the end there will be a couple of dead Israelis and a couple thousand dead Palestinians. Supporters of Israel sleep at night by telling themselves it’s a war waged between Barbaric terrorist Muslims and the God fearing Israeli people who just want to be left in peace to live their lives.

Objective observers see it quite differently. This issue is far deeper than the narrative fed us through Jewish American owned and controlled media entities.

Not only are westerners fed this utter bile by CNN, BBC and other Media houses, there is no framed historical context for the conflict. What we are fed is a constant stream of pro Israel propaganda usually from the safe confines of ….. you guessed it Israel.

No one bothers to mention that 1.8 million Palestinians were routed from their homes and forced into squatter settlements on a tiny strip of land in 1948. Effectively making Gaza the World’s largest prison.

Since then Palestinians in the Gaza strip have been subjected to constant humiliation, bombardment and occupation by the Zionist state of Israel, thanks to the most sophisticated weaponry and military technology known to mankind.

 Dr. Mosheer Amer – PalestineChronicle quote :

Thus, Palestinian suffering and victims become invisible and unworthy to be reported, and reporting on Palestinian casualties is sanitized and abstracted, and a detached, mitigated language predominates the reportage when Palestinian victims arrive to hospitals with charred bodies and torn limbs. Such reporting that only scratches the shallow surface of reality shields Israel from the same moral scrutiny it applies to the Palestinians. What is worse, it provides a self-serving moral universe unburdened by the inconvenience over the suffering and pain of the unworthy “other”.

Decades of this unjust reporting has created a mythical imagery of the Apartheid Israel. Deceiving even those who profess to love God and preach his ways, into accepting the callous slaughter of innocent men, women, and children, as just punishment for those who would fight against his people Israel.

The reality is that true Jewish people , African people, are not welcome in the Apartheid state of Israel. The Israeli Government refers to Africans coming into the ancient land as infiltrators. We have written on this, right here in these blogs. Many African Jews are sitting in concentration camps in the middle of the Negev desert today.

The majority of Israelis in Israel are the descendants of white Europeans who fled Hitler during the second world war. They have no lineage or



historical connection to the land they occupy. They can offer no historical linkage to Palestine beyond allegations that God promised them the land. If God promised Palestinian lands to Jews, it certainly could not have been the Caucasians who now live there.

It would be to the peaceful African Jews who can trace their Jewish bloodline back to Biblical times.  These African Jews are treated like garbage in the  Apartheid state of Israel.

One cannot take onto himself a religion and claim divine promise. Being Jewish is genetic. Can a Caucasian adopt Islam then march in and claim Saudi Arabia the birth place of Islam as his? How then can one claim to be  Jewish and take Palestine from it’s rightful owners?

th (6)We have allowed ourselves to become passive observers at best and willing participants at worse. We have become disinterested pawns in this villainous and deceitful manipulation of truth and Justice. We have twisted our God-given sensitivities of truth and justice to match that which we are fed, even though we know they are lies.

We have come to accept death to mean the death of Israelis. Dead Palestinians are summarily discarded, and ignored. The people with no bomb shelters, and crude home-made rockets are aggressors. Those who have advanced weapons which rain death from the skies onto defenseless and unsuspecting civilians are victims.


Israel and it’s surrogates berates and ridicule the United Nations , effectively creating the excuse it does not have to abide by UN’s Resolutions, even as the rest of the world is obligated to respect UN resolutions and charters. This creates the space the Zionist state needs to continue its unconscionable oppression and massacre of the Palestinian people.

It is Apartheid . Israel’s aggression against Palestinian is , yet we refuse to call it what it is. We are nothing, if we remain silent in our own perceived comforts as others are manhandled, mutilated and murdered. Where is our humanity?