Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu was on Television on Monday with charts and a powerpoint trying to convince the world that  Iran did in fact, have the intention to make nuclear weapons.
This, while the American President Donald  Trump is threatening to back out of the Iran nuclear deal even as he wants to strike an agreement for peace with the North Koreans.

Israeli soldiers photographed abusing protesters

The irony of all this is remarkable, considerating that while Israel is one of the smallest nations on earth with a population of  8.547 million as of  (2016), Israel is one of the most militaristic countries and is armed with nuclear weapons.
Netanyahu who has loads of nuclear weapons wants Iran punished even though Iran does not have nuclear weapons. This is the kind of mental Jiu Jitsu that those of us who actually are paying attention are forced to navigate in order to make sense of this Orwellian type logic.

Israeli army deletes tweet admitting killing Palestinian protesters …

At the same time, Netanyahu is trying to con-vince[sic] the world into believing that Iran which is under a rigid inspection regime is not sticking to the spirit of the agreement, Israeli army soldiers are slaughtering dozens and dozens of unarmed Palestinian protesters and seriously maiming hundreds of others and the world is eerily silent.

So essentially what Netanyahu wants the Americans to do is to wage war on Iran, using the resources of the American people to decimate Iran so he and Israel may have hegemony in the middle east.
The takeaway is that Benjamin Netanyahu wants the world to condemn Iran for lying about its intentions before it agreed to a deal struck between itself the United States and other nation states though from all the expert reporting there is no evidence that Iran has not adhered to the terms of the dealt it signed.

A picture is worth a thousand words

There has hardly been any reporting in the mainstream media about the slaughter of unarmed  Palestinians as we speak. It is as if some lives are more important than others. Or are they?
Ever since Netanyahu rose to power he has thumbed his nose at the concerns of the International community even as he and the Israeli defense force, the (IDF) commits what are clear and unequivocal instances of war crimes and the world has stood by mute.

Israeli border police detaing a Palestinian protester earlier this month

Rather than confine itself to observing international law Netanyahu has embarked on a systemic campaign to delegitimize the United Nations on the rare occasion that the world body decides to grow some balls and speak out against the Zionist apartheid state.