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It would be interesting to hear people who support the state of Israel views on what is happening in the so-called Holy land.  African Jews are finding their way back to the land of Israel only to be denied the basic dignity that Jews of lighter hues take for granted. One cannot turn on the Television and not find reminders of the Jewish holocaust before and during the second world war.

Ironically the very people who fled persecution and death are now visiting racial apartheid on Jews of African ancestry. I urge you watch this video and form your own opinion on what you have witnessed. Never mind that most of the people who live in Israel are people and their offspring who were exiled from Europe during Hitler’s Jewish cleansing of Germany. This is shocking what is happening in this place called Israel .

The state of Israel was established in 1947 at the mouth of the Suez Canal by the United States and Britain and armed  with nuclear weapons to protect America’s and Britain’s oil and other hegemonic interest. This Apartheid is ironic consideration that in America and other parts of the world, Jews and their supporters constantly blanket the airwaves begging for money for the so-called Jewish State. They do so even as they keep the flames of victim-hood burning, as a means of leveraging more and more material wealth and sympathy over the holocaust.

At this moment Israel is actively engaged in rounding up Africans and placing them in concentration camps, labeling them “Infiltrators”. From the Prime Minister on down the attack on African Jews is systematic. Benjamin Netanyahu the Likud right-wing Prime Minister is a proponent of cleansing Israel of African Jews , arguing that if the level of Africans in Israel exceeds 30% Israel will become a bi-national state which means losing its Jewish character. Never mind that the world’s largest bi-national state the United States contributes $3 billion of our tax dollars to prop up that racist apartheid system.  Currently over two thousand African Jews are being held in the Negev desert in what many say is the largest prison in the industrialized world. There is no data pointing to African Jews threatening the state with the bogey-man “Terrorism”, in fact there is evidence African Jews are largely pro-Israel.

Are the christian pastors aware of whats happening even as they preach to their flock about supporting Israel? Or is the Apartheid system in Israel par for the course , commensurate with slavery and Jim crow in America? If so, this leaves black pastors with a lot of explaining to do.  Here is a little bit of perspective for those who talk about the so-called Israel and the people who now claim it as some kind of ancestral homeland that they were forced from thousands of years ago.