Old Jamaican Proverb (Tek time search an yu wi find ants gut). (Translation)Allow people to talk and they will basically give you a window into their soul, they will tell who they are. I was taught that little nugget by my great Aunt who raised me. May God rest her soul in peace. I took that proverb to heart and used it as a guiding principle in investigations. I found it a valuable tool in interviews. Simply allowing someone to relate a story to you un-interrupted . Once, he/she is finished, ask them to relate the same story again. You will be surprised to see the difference between the two versions of the story which was just related to you. This was a valuable tool for me as a young Detective, it helped me significantly in determining whether a suspect was involved in a particular crime, and if so to what extent.

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Today I am no longer in law-enforcement ,having walked away at the ripe old age of 31.  Yet I find that being able to assimilate what people put on social media tells a great deal about who they are.   I can’t say I am surprised at the fact that Jamaican people are so  supportive of others who are accused or even convicted of the most heinous and depraved crimes, because I’m not. I have had the opportunity to see the worst of the Jamaican people, yes I have also been blessed to see the very best of them as well. I have been to countless murder scenes, I’ve seen the bullet wounds, I’ve seen the machete wounds , I’ve seen the stab wounds. And when your job dictates that you watch corpses being cut open, the barbarism of these endless murders changes you forever.

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Yet despite the Thousands of our fellow-men and women who are slaughtered for no apparent good reason, Jamaicans still have not developed an aversion to the carnage. What will it take to sensitize them to the sanctity of life ? How dare anyone take the only life of another?  Who is not angered by that, and why? Are we an emotionless soulless sub-human people devoid of feeling , devoid of emotions, that we treat the killing of our neighbors, our brothers and sisters as par for the course? How can a people be so unmoved by such carnage yet conversely find it within them to rationalize and make supplication for the aggressors? It is sickening, it makes me sick to my stomach to read their comments, hear them speak about the accused murderers as victims being set upon by an evil system, with never a word for the innocent victims, most of whom never stood a chance.

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Then I stop thinking and it dawns on me, there are killers and those who support them. Then there are the rest of us. “It’s a dog eat dog world now ” my friend told me today……… it’s true, It’s a Serengeti. The Lionesses and the Tigers and other beast of prey feast at will on the hapless Wilder-beast, the Zebras and the Gazelles. Maybe it’s divinely ordained that the innocent and the helpless become prey for the strong and powerful . Maybe law-abiding Jamaicans have resigned themselves to being slaughtered and devoured like  prey on the Serengeti. There is only one distinction however, Predators on the Serengeti kill in order that they may eat. Killers in Jamaica kill for sport.  At this rate it won’t be long before the innocent becomes extinct.

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  1. Jamaicans on a whole throughout the years have become a society of mostly people with “heartless, soulless, unconscionable soul, lacking conscience, morals and ethics.”
    The mantra in Jamaica, and it have been for years “propagated, reproduce, multiply” is that “all informer (victims of crime) must be killed” once they report to the police that their rights are infringed on. Thus, giving rise to criminals to act and commit crimes at will! Whatever, you sow that’s what you’ll reap and Jamaica and Jamaicans are reaping this “madness, stupidity, indoctrination, brainwashing” on them by the entertainers who are from the same communities.
    In the ghettos, everyone is poor and we all know that. Yet, in the same ghettos, where everyone is poor, once your home has the latest “recreation gadget” the same people within the community, will come into your home with masks and robbed the family of this gadget.
    These people want to govern themselves, they are a mini-government to themselves, they are not elected, they appointed themselves as a member of a “monarch or successor” of the communities they lived. The people who lived in these communities, are slaves and don’t even know it; in the ghettos ignorance is blissful and the illiterate ones, cannot differentiate between wrong and right. Wrong is right and right is double right. They are never wrong!
    In these communities and it is a majority of Jamaicans who shared this view, they are loyal to the man who is providing “economic incentives” to them! They don’t care about “morals, ethics, conscience, blessedness or the sanctity” of life. The murderers are “worshipped, revered, adore, venerate, deify” by members of these communities because of being barbaric. Whenever these men are killed, they spoke of them as if they went to war to free the people of their community and lost their lives in doing so. If you live amongst them, you’ll hear them talk of these men as if they are the best thing since “sky juice!”
    Jamaica and the world are in serious debt of “morality, truthfulness, honesty” the people have been fed the lies every day from the little man on the street to those who are elected to lead. We’re living in a world where “lies are the truth, and the truth is a lie!” Speaking the truth, is a serious offense, in which they are those who are in media “Te-LIE-vision” who are “waiting, willing and preparing” to destroy the “Merchant of Truth” life by using “Economic Terrorism.”
    Slavery doesn’t necessary having a “chain or shackle” on someone’s feet or hands. The oppressors comes in various color and stripes and they’re enslaved the same people in a different way and it is controlling their brain and thinking. The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressors, is the mind of the oppressed, because once you cannot think for yourself, then you’re “doomed for damnation!”
    As a people we must thank our “Boasie Slaves” because they’re ones, who started to plant this monster, and now the monster is on the loose and they can’t domesticate it. The only way to bring back the nation, is through “education, socialization” and I don’t see any future in bringing back “morality, honesty, truthfulness” to Jamaica or the world. It is the best liars, who win, and they always played the victims and they’ve “publicists” who know to spin the lies in the media and smear others. This world is a messed up place, only a Moses can save the world. The last person all of us thought would save the world is destroying the world, by telling lies and the people are sucking the lies, because they’re afraid of the “Economic terrorism” that will reach them for standing up for what’s right! It is slavery all over, in a different way and era! Criminals learn from what government do, and they “mimic, ape, caricature, parody” the lies.
    Whether, or not we want to believe it, “money” is power and to some people at this point in life “it’s God!” Nothing else matters to them, it doesn’t take anything for a person to knowingly sell their soul for money. It is in the media, every day we keep see where people we thought were good, moral and decent people are “first class liars and corruptors.” It takes nothing for them to turn away from the truth, by embracing what’s wrong and condemn the truth. The rare species of decent people in the world are “afraid, reluctant, hesistant, fearful and terrified” of speaking the truth, because they hate to be in the “minority” that’s what it is all about, messaging!

  2. Mike , the status quo is indeed worrisome . The troubling factors that fuels violence which facilitates the heinous crimes being perpetrated, have caused many Jamaicans to be living in sheltered environments , thus the evolution of the the gated community . It sure cannot be equated to the “Serengeti” scenario, as you have pointed out , the animals kills for survival our animals kills for …hold that thought ..perhaps no reason…how else can a man kill a woman walking with her two infant children ….here is where my radical views finds relevance . If the Police finds them take them out …period.

    1. Quote : It sure cannot be equated to the “Serengeti” scenario, as you have pointed out , the animals kills for survival our animals kills for …hold that thought ..
      You are saying then that Jamaica is worse than the Serengeti !!!

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