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The not guilty verdict in the  murder of  17 year-old Trayvon Martin ,ignited a spark in the nation . I hope it will burn into a flame which will light a brush-fire of consciousness in the way African-Americans see themselves in America.

The parents of Trayvon have vowed to ensure their son’s life will be a catalyst of change for the African-American community.  Many point to the class and grace with which Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton has handled themselves having lost their son in that manner. This couple is better than me, given similar circumstances those would not be the adjectives used to describe me.

The death of Martin has sparked a debate about “stand your ground laws” in Florida and other states, in some states they are actually called “make my day laws” obviously referencing the old Clint Eastwood movie line. Black leadership has latched onto “stand your ground” laws, as the reason George Zimmerman saw fit to profile and eventually kill Young Trayvon Martin.

Even as they argue among themselves, there are other cases  which are just as egregious as the Trayvon Martin case, which are not garnering similar national attention.

images (8)Jordan Davis:

Jordan Davis, an unarmed black teen the same age as Trayvon Martin. Davis, 17, was shot to death by Michael Dunn.Dunn told police that he asked Davis and three other teens, who were parked next to him at a gas station, to turn down their music. Dunn claims he heard threats from the teens and saw a gun in their car. He says he feared for his own safety, and that’s why he grabbed his gun and fired into the vehicle. Police say they found no guns inside the teens’ vehicle and that Dunn fired his gun eight or nine times.

A Port St. Joe, Florida man arrested for shooting his neighbor in the face allegedly admitted his crime to police, with a strange excuse.
Walter Henry Butler, 59, was arrested by Gulf County Sheriffs deputies after shooting Everett Gant, who is black. Gant was shot in the face after he confronted Butler about using racial slurs to address children living in the apartment complex where the two men reside.Deputies said Butler admitted to shooting the victim, and even called 911 himself to report it, after which he reportedly went back to cooking his dinner. According to reports, officers on the scene said Butler seemed annoyed by the arrest and told officers, “I only shot a ni—r.Butler was charged with attempted murder and a hate crime. He is being held at the Gulf County Jail. Gant is said to be in stable condition and is expected to survive.

These are just two other cases in the state of Florida, where deadly force has been used against African-Americans, by non-blacks. Where is the evidence that these shootings and the accompanying narrative has anything to do with stand your ground laws? The African-American community as always, is chasing after the pennies while the dollars flutter away.

There were no stand your ground laws during the civil rights wars of the sixties, it wasn’t stand your ground laws which killed Emit Till, It wasn’t stand your ground laws which killed Doctor King, or Malcolm X.


There is palpable and overt  hate coming out of the Political Right toward African-Americans, this is nothing new. It became more amplified after Barack Obama was elected President. The expressed and implied hatred they have for Barack Obama has been transferred to people of color in America, and more so to African-Americans. The Republican right has decided that it will not embrace a policy of inclusion. They have employed a scorched earth policy toward people whom they characterize as “other”.

Pundits and talking heads argue that includes all non whites, I disagree. The Republican hate machine has gone after every demographic which formed Barack Obama;s coalition. They went after women who voted overwhelmingly for Obama with restrictive laws at the state levels, limiting a woman’s ability to chose or decide how she handles her reproductive rights.

They went after African-Americans with laws designed to suppress and nullify their vote, with the help of the United States Supreme Court, which savaged the voting rights act for absolutely no reason. This is not all they also have passed laws designed to lock-up and keep black men in prison. They have attacked blacks with food stamps, housing, and in other ways.

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They have gone after Immigrants by erecting a costly and previously Un-American fence on the Nation’s southern border, belying everything America once stood for. They followed that up with refusing to help Obama pass a Comprehensive Immigration Bill which would allow the estimated 15 million people living in the shadows, unable to fully participate in the American economy.

Immigrants made America great, fresh ideas, energy, and idealism is what made America. They went after young people by refusing to lower interests on student loans. Many of the damage done by Republicans at the state level are done because Democrats refuse to go out and vote in off-year elections as well as gerrymandered congressional districts which wiped out Democratic districts and heavily padded others with white Republicans.

Republican strategy for dealing with their shrinking white-male base is to suppress the black vote, toss out Immigrants put women back in the kitchen and lock up everyone else. They fundamentally believe they do not have to compete for everyone’s vote, if they can pull of the aforementioned.

They do not want a multi-cultural country. Ever since Obama was elected President they have been on a crusade to quote:” take their country back“.

They believe they do not need to reach out to racial minorities. They fundamentally believe in building and maintaining a homogeneous white society. If you have any doubt, watch FOX television or listen to to right-wing talk radio.

What black America is experiencing is hate, not just Barack Obama the man, but for Barack Obama the black-man who occupy the most sacred place they believed impregnable, the last bastion of white exclusivity, the epitome of white accomplishment and supremacy, this is the back-lash.

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The killing of African-Americans occur daily. Police do it using laws and policies that are inherently slanted against blacks. The courts do not convict them, in may cases they are not even prosecuted. School districts do it.

African-American kids are locked up when in similar situations white children are sent to the principal. Blacks are arrested and prosecuted disproportionately more than whites for similar offences.

When convicted for a crime blacks receive much more severe prison sentences than whites who commit similar offences. Police officers are much more likely to employ force, to include deadly force against blacks when they interact with them. In fact they approach black men afraid , tense and prepared to use force. In many cases they escalate simple situations that never warranted force , just so they may employ force with African-American men.

In many instance police departments are more dangerous to black men than the Klan ever was. How do you defend yourself against someone who come in the name of the law? The killing of Trayvon Martin did not happen because of stand your ground laws, it happened because of hatred.

The Black community has failed dismally it has fed into every stereotypical box they have been placed in.

(1 Refusing to get educated, going to school , making sure their kids are being educated properly.(2 Refusing to read , not staying conversant with the issues.
(3 Not voting in their numbers, and with the frequency they should.
(4 Not saving and investing in their children’s future.
(5 Not supporting businesses that have owners who look like them.
(6 Not building and maintaining community Organizations to service their needs.
(7 Not supporting each other.
(8 Spending their hard earned cash on companies with owners openly hostile to them.
(9 Allowing themselves to be divided and used against their own, in the furtherance of the agenda of others.
(10 Committing crimes and then blaming others for putting them in jail.

Over fifty years after  the struggles of the 60’s and the death of Dr. King and other stalwarts, blacks have squandered the gains made on the blood of our heroes. Many are so stupid they allow their enemies to tell they who their leaders should be, they allow others to use them to tear down those dedicated to their up-liftment.

After awhile we will have no one to blame , that time is here.