At the time Andrew Holness was running around talking about what ZOSO was going to do as it regards crime I countered that given any scenario in which a flood or military and police bodies are thrown into a small geographical area crime would inexorably decline.
The downside to that strategy I argued is that that strategy was vastly unsustainable as that process would have to be a nationwide strategy for it to have the desired effect.

If You Believe The ZOSO Will Have An Impact On Murders You Deserve To Be Conned ….

Since Jamaica does not have hundreds of thousands of soldiers and police officers that strategy was, therefore, a stop-gap measure which could only placate and pacify the area in which the strategy is applied.

The stop-gap strategy was nevertheless applied and to the delight and crowing of the political class, the area in which the ZOSO was instituted has predictably been pacified to the chagrin and detriment of other areas. The criminals operating in that area of St James simply packed up and moved their trade to other areas and continued plying their nefarious and dastardly trade.

It is on this particular point which I want to focus my readers. Some of who were a little bit offended as they chided me for not waiting to see whether the thing would work. As I respectfully said to many of you over the period before and since it’s creation, ZOSO could not have the desired results we all craved because it does nothing to remove from the equation the chief producers of violence.

The process of lowering crime and removing the threat of vicious violence and death from the equation requires a strategy which first and foremost recognizes that the country is in a state of undeclared civil war.
I have tried to make this point ad nauseam over the years, our country must attend to the state of undeclared civil war she is in. I have written several articles pointing to that very fact.

Yesterday I talked about the phenomenal amounts of money the Nation waste each year through an act created in 2010 by the Parliament under the leadership of Bruce Golding the then Prime Minister.
In the 2016/2017 budget, the Government allocated to INDECOM M$366.492, for the period 2017/2018, M$353.35.
After a 22 year neglect of the police department by the previous PNP Administration, and a growing murder problem Bruce Golding had an opportunity to take steps to recreate the police department by infusing the necessary resources in retraining and equipping the police department.

Instead of recognizing the built-in political and legislative failings which resulted in the failings of the police, Golding in collusion with the PNP, created INDECOM not just to appease the  huge anti-police growth industry which had developed in the country but also their foreign handlers who dole out huge sums of money in support of INDECOM as opposed to assisting the principal law enforcement agency.
In fact, for the same reporting periods, 2016/2017 M$230.616 and 2017/2018 M$202.476 of INDECOM’s budget came from overseas donors.

The new JLP Administration in Kingston has demonstrated the very same disdain for law enforcement that the previous JLP administration of Golding did, this time on steroids.
Hundreds of millions of dollars allocated to the 3’000 man defense force which is not likely to engage in a war anytime soon except in support of the police.
The Defense force was given a lead role in the So-called ZOSO currently in effect in St James Parish. Selling the false sense of calm in that particular sector as an example of success when the Military is given the lead and that narrative being adopted and proffered by none other than INDECOM the JLP’s brainchild. If you are not willfully blind the circle of disrespect is pretty hard to miss.

The JCF with all of its shortcomings has been bookended by the two political parties the PNP which decidedly starved it of resources over a 22-year -period and the JLP which demonstrably have decided that its intent is to invest in the demise of policing on the Island.



Just in case you missed it, Speaking at a St James interfaith prayer breakfast a JDF Colonel Daniel George Pryce an intelligence officer told the congregation that demonic forces are influencing crime in St James, where a state of public emergency was imposed in January, and the authorities are not equipped to deal with it.
If this wasn’t so retarded it would be laughable, this is the same JDF which has the lead over the ZOSO in the parish.This officer is an intelligence officer[sic]

Colonel Pryce…

We wrestle not against flesh and blood. This war is not physical, and therefore it takes a spiritual response to this,” stated Colonel Pryce.
Pryce, who said he was giving the address in two parts — as a soldier and as a Christian — noted that “me in a my uniform, the police in their uniform can’t take on the spiritual warfare”.

Pryce spoke to the number of Gangs operating in the community of Cambridge 29 to be exact, numbers supplied by the police of course.  The Colonel mentioned demonic practices, such as Illuminati and Baphomet, engaged in by gangs. Most notably the gathering was by a supposed Church group which calls itself the Supernatural Encounter Jamaica (SEJ) .

Pryce pointed out that the gun was responsible for 253 of the 335 murders committed in the parish last year, and noted that the murder toll was the highest recorded in the country’s history for a police division. The figure equates to 67 more murders than were reported in 2016. Thank God for ZOSO Colonel Pryce said. There is that representation to ZOSO again.

At this rate, we are almost at a civil war”. No Colonel Pryce, we are not almost in a civil war, we are in a state of civil war!
That war will not be won by indulging in nonsensical belief in the occult. It will not be won by prayer and fasting. It will be won when the Jamaican Government gives the security forces the tools they need and get out of the way so that they may go after murderers rapists and other dangerous felons.

With illogical rantings of this kind, our country is not only destined to be the laughing stock of the Caribbean region we will be the laughing stock of the world, in addition to our high murder designation.
The only supernatural force affecting crime is the ignorant and unexplained idiotic approach being applied to the Islands crime epidemic.
It is intellectual rot, not Illuminati. 
If only the leaders would pull their heads from their own asses that much would be clear.