AUGUST 191It behooves the American people to stop and figure out what is behind the massive campaign to demonize, de-fund and do way with Obama Care? Why have the Koch brothers invested millions in Ad campaigns to get young people not to sign up? Why have their tools in the Republican caucus been so dead set on destroying the country just to repeal a law which has been certified constitutional? Why do Republicans want to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? What’s behind their campaign to move mountains to make sure that the Keystone Pipeline is approved, who stand to benefit? Why have Republicans denied scientific evidence that man has done significant damage to our environment? Why do they pretend not to see notable changes in temperatures around the world and huge depletion of the Polar ice caps?

Have people stopped to wonder who is behind this relentless campaign to keep Immigrants out? Who wins when Black and Latino  Americans are prevented from voting? Does Nullification benefit citizens in states which doesn’t obey Federal law? Who benefits when lunatics on the right talk about secession? A whole is no more than the sum of its partsSo how does America benefit when some talk about loving their country while simultaneously talking about diminishing it with secession and nullification?

There is a kind of brain-dead stupidity which runs the gamut of the Republican right fueled by hatred of President Obama. This removes common sense from every conversation. This begs the question, is this blanket obstruction based on policy differences, or is it a clear attempt to nullify Obama’s Presidency? There is a clear feeling among the right that Obama is attempting to redistribute wealth to his people. Mitt Romney’s 47% comment behind closed-door was an indication of that. The demonizing of Food-stamp recipients. Not passing a new Farm Bill . Opposition to the affordable Care Act. Opposition to Immigration Reform, are more than enough evidence to convince anyone not sure of Republican motives.

How do you nullify 8 years of American history? You can’t. You cannot un-kill Osama Bin Laden. You cannot un-end the Iraq war. You cannot un-end the war in Afghanistan. You cannot undo the miracle which has happened to the 3 big car companies. You cannot undo the resurgence of the stock market. You cannot undo what Obama did to save the American economy. You cannot undo the decimation of Al-Qaeda. You cannot undo the things which Obama has done so far.  What you can do is to gum-up the works which in their estimation will reduce him  to a failure.  How can they reduce someone already a phenomenal success, by any standard to failure? They can’t . Such is the lunacy of racial bigotry, it is rooted in absolute ignorance. That is exactly what they are doing, it’s more than politics.