Last year alone Jamaican Police reported that they investigated the death of 1616 of their fellow countrymen and women. This number represented an increase of about 20% in the homicide numbers reported to them the previous year.
The astronomical number of deaths which are largely firearm related tells only a fraction of the carnage happening as it relates to crime and violence, as the number of those shot and injured are exponentially higher than those killed.

As the Government struggles to appear to be doing something through a series of haphazard measures, average law-abiding Jamaicans are at their wit’s end and are demanding drastic remedial actions.
None of the actions, (ie) ZOSO zones of special operations law, the state of emergency in the parish of Saint James or any other stop-gap measure has had any meaningful impact on crime reduction.

The intractable crime conditions plaguing the Island had it’s Genesis in the 60’s and was nurtured and enhanced by the two political parties since then.
We have gotten to the point now where violent crime is literally choking the lifeblood out of the country contrary to what the political leaders tell you, and they refuse to take the steps to stop it.
It is remarkable that in a tiny country of 2.8 million people over 1600 could be murdered in a single year without a real sense of urgency anywhere.

With that said, there are structural carve-outs which if instituted could have a significant positive effect yet political considerations have hampered the implementation of commonsense approaches.
Some of those common sense approaches include but are not confined to passing laws which puts dangerous criminals in prison and keep them there.
Making the commitment to providing the support (legislatively and otherwise), equipment, and remunerations and of course proper training which are necessary for the police to do their jobs effectively.
The Government cannot continue to refuse to support the efforts of law enforcement while pretending to do just that publicly.
Governmental support for the police cannot be only to their parachuted friends that they place above the men and women of the department.

Terrence Williams
Commissioner of INDECOM

More than anything else the Government can repeal the INDECOM Act! It must be clear to all except the willfully blind, that Terrence Williams is not an independent Investigator but a cheap media whore of a rabble-rouser.
Commissioner Terrence Williams please see Independent Investigator(Robert Muller).

The overworked underpaid, under-equipped poorly supported police have been doing their best to deal with the onerous crime monster which is strangling the country with not much support for their efforts.
Even as they do so Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell sits on the sidelines and actively take actions to divert the attention of the country from the task at hand with a view to slime the police.

In addressing media entities the anti-police, foreign-funded government agency chose to slime the police through its commissioner and interloping assistant commissioner Hamish Campbell.
Hamish Campbell outlined that 168 of the 264 shooting incidents reported against the security forces last year involved persons who were fatally shot. This, he said, represented an increase from 2016 when 111 of the 180 gun-related reports were for fatal shootings. In 2015, there were 169 shooting incidents.

“One measure of assessing police use of force and whether it may or may not be excessive is a distinction between those who are shot and injured and those who are killed,” Campbell said. “In Jamaica’s security forces, there are always significantly more people shot and killed than there are shot and injured; and it is for the JCF to reflect on those patterns.

The job of INDECOM was sold to the nation as that of an independent agency which would “independently” investigate all incidents of police shootings as well as all allegations of abuse by the police, Military, and corrections departments.
Since the JCF is the Agency in the public’s eye and is the very first agency tasked with dealing with those opposed to the rule of law it follows that the overwhelming bulk of the complaints would be against the Police.

Nevertheless, from its Genesis, the Commissioner of INDECOM has shown himself to be an attention seeking media whore who seems to go into withdrawal as a crack or opium addict does when he does not see his name in the news.
Terrence Williams’  job is to find bad shootings and recommend charges. If his Agency cannot find anything wrong with the shootings, (shootings in which I might add police officers are shot and killed and injured) , why is Terrence Williams and Hamish Campbell allowed to slime the police with distorted data?

I once again call for the repeal of the INDECOM Act, we simply cannot have an agency partially funded by taxpayers money which is actively bent on subverting the role of the police, and enhancing anarchy in our country.
INDECOM is an enemy of the people and by extension an enemy of our country.
I call on the Jamaican people who care about crime, its time to demand an end to this farce.  Demand a full repeal of the INDECOM act and the resources dedicated to training equipping and supporting the police in their fight for the soul of our country.

It’s time that this despicable modern-day Joe McCarthy be shown the door