A third person is now being sought in the double murder of  Neville and Norma Lyn-Hall of Discovery Bay Saint Anne. Steve Sylvester Stewart,20 year-old otherwise called ‘High Top’ of Fortland Road, Discovery Bay, St Ann, is wanted for questioning in connection with the murders  of senior lecturer Norma Lyn-Hall of the Brown’s Town Community College and her husband, businessman Neville Hall, were discovered, two persons were detained. We are still not aware what kind of information St Ann Detectives have regarding this suspect. We would however venture to say that they have gleaned valuable intelligence from the other suspects in their custody. Here is something I would like readers to note, this suspect Steve Sylvester Hall was out on bail, after he was arrested and charged with shop-breaking and larceny. There are those who berate us when we talk about the liberalism that obtains in the joke of a justice system in Jamaica. We are not arguing that a judge could possible know that this suspect would have gone out and joined with others in killing this unfortunate couple. We are not arguing that a judge should keep all persons who break into shops locked away.  images (40)What we are saying is that the pervasive liberal agenda of Jamaica  judges literally give criminals carte -blanche to continue, and even  graduate to more serious crimes, because of the lack of punitive component in the penalty for crimes.Criminals know they will be back on the streets in no time. It was common fare for suspects arrested to tell me they would be back on the streets in no time, true to form their high-priced lawyers would have them out in a matter of hours.We will be watching this case, and we will as always continue to shine the spotlight on this case , problem is the police may not be able to keep them locked up as at their first entrance into a court room they will be released back onto the streets.