Eternal Father, Bless our Land,

Guard us with thy mighty hand,

Keep us free from evil powers,

Be our light through countless hours,

To our leaders, great defender,

Grant true wisdom from above,

Justice, truth be ours forever,

Jamaica, land we love, Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.


Teach us true respect for all,

Stir response to duty’s call,

Strengthen us the weak to cherish,

Give us vision lest we perish,

Knowledge send us Heavenly Father,

Grant true wisdom from above,

Justice, truth be ours forever,

Jamaica, land we love, Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.


To Portia Simpson Miller

To the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Lucretia Simpson Miller, please note, above are two things I would like to introduce to you.

(1) The Jamaican flag:

 The most recognizable symbol of our nation, it is the symbol that we hold dear, irrespective of party or other affiliations, it is the symbol of our nation-hood. It evokes pride in us wherever we are domiciled, it is the single most common thing that ties all of us together and correctly so.

Madam Prime Minister our flag is  not  JLP , it is not PNP . It does not belong to you or anyone else, it belongs to us, all of us.

(2) The national anthem:

The national anthem I would like you to acquaint /re acquaint yourself with it, we the Jamaican people want our country to be for all Jamaicans, not for JLP, and certainly not for PNP. Our country Mrs Miller does not belong to you, it damn sure isn’t PNP country. We are tired of you and your minions dividing our country into political enclaves, inorder that you and your cronies may fatten your pockets. Have you no shame?

A PNP hack defaces the Jamaican flag , a Councillor lies impugning the character of a hard-working business man and all you have to say is this.

However, speaking at a ground breaking ceremony in Hellshire, Portmore, St. Catherine this morning, she said her party has already addressed the issue and she has nothing further to add.
She pointed out that she gave instructions for a statement to be issued by the party and that was done.
Simpson-Miller said as a leader (

Madam prime Minister I am sorry to disabuse you of your view that the PNP speaks for the Jamaican people. Yes you won the elections and it matters not that you won with the lowest voter turn out in the  history of our country. It matters not that most people are so fed up with the political parties in the country that they stayed home. None of that matters, what matters is that you are the elected leader of Jamaica, for better or worse. You need to understand that the desecration of the Jamaican flag is a serious issue  no one wants to hear from your damn  moronic party , you were elected to lead. Don’t you think that you should………. lead? You have a propensity in the face of major foul ups to insolently tell people to talk to the PNP. You have a lot of mouth when you are seeking power, now when there are issues which requires leadership you are conveniently silent. As was the case with Trafigura, your enormous cabinet, and now this disgraceful display by your cult followers, you have the gall and temerity to suggest that you gave the party instructions to address the matter and you have nothing to add. Who the hell do you think you are? Just a few months ago you were running around begging for votes but now you are above addressing a matter of importance to our people and our country. We know you are not very smart, actually we know you are not smart at all, but you damn sure owe the nation some respect , you owe the nation an explanation why your followers think it is okay to deface and disgrace our flag and another minion lie on a member of the public to cover his ass.

Your party,and all of you are nothing but a colossal disgrace, 100 days since you took office and what piece of legislation have your government passed? Nothing!!! Ask yourself this question, “Have I earned the salary I took since I have been in this office I am not qualified to hold“?