Jamaica Becoming Worse Than Haiti Fast:

♦The headlines blare the stories, day in day out.

Gunmen invade community, fire-bomb five houses.

Gunman kills hotel worker trying to rescue neighbor.

Massive MoBay Raid – Drugs, Cash Seized In 11-Hour Operation; Canadian Held

The country’s national security Minister indicated unwittingly that the government was out of ideas, in a speech he said the country needed divine intervention to solve the crime problem.  I contended then to much opposition, that though I believe in God, I do not believe God is going to intervene to stop criminals and terrorists from killing , maiming and raping in Jamaica, Jamaicans will have to do it with his help.

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Throughout the Bible Jesus and the Prophets showed that if you needed a miracle you better get up and help in securing it. Go show yourself to the Priest! Go wash in the river! Pick up thy bed and walk ! Go home thy servant is alive! Go thy way and sin no more lest a greater thing befall they! Fill the jars with water! On and on we saw that we had to do for ourselves the things we must and those things we cannot do, the lord will handle.

buntinI say once again the problems facing Jamaica are not insurmountable, they require bold leadership. The first order of business is that Jamaicans must stop seeing everything within the narrow lens of PNP, JLP. Once we are able to extricate ourselves from the shackles of that parochialism, we will have a better appreciation for liberated views aimed at building our country. I for one have no compunction about speaking my mind. Jamaica belongs to me  as much as it does the other guy, so don’t believe for one moment I will be scared of saying my piece and doing my part. The second order of business is that we stop being pretentious. That means lets face facts, Jamaica is not a developed country, as such, lets stop acting as if we live in the Colorado Rockies, or the Swiss Alps with beautiful pristine mountains and we can leave our doors open if we chose to.We have a country that is undaunted with crime and it’s getting worse by the day.

We simply have to stop pretending and if it means telling Carolyn Gomes and all outsiders to shut the fuck up, then that’s what needs to be done. The Blind, incompetent political leadership is not going to change whats happening, they exist because of it. The Commissioner of Police is clueless as a crime fighter, Ellington has no clue strategically how to fight crime, he was an office clerk, the people he surround himself with are lackeys, and ass-kissers, they do not know what they are doing. Ellington and others before him has forced good officers to leave the police department even as they use the police department to provide jobs for their friends and family. It is a shame what Jamaica has become under these people’s leadership.Where else would a Police Chief be able to keep his job with a 7% clear-up of major crimes, even when crimes are committed in view of the police they are unable to secure convictions based on ineptitude and incompetence. So the department is clearing up 7% of major crimes and the conviction rate is even more abysmal, it is closer to 1%. This is not just the fault of Ellington, but he is the Police Chief.

The PNP while in Government during the decade of the 90’s  did not train a single detective, when you factor deportees returning to the Island with advanced methods of criminality, it’s no wonder crime is at such alarming  levels. Ellington makes the Force Orders public for no reason, this is atrocious, he makes Detectives wear vests announcing that they are police officers and drive in marked squad cars. Ellington’s leadership does not serve the interest of the people of Jamaica , he serves the criminals and the powerful bourgeois who lives in upper Saint Andrew.

Everyday we read the horror stories where bands of heavily armed men murder rape and commit arson at will. Young women forced into prostitution because a brother lost a gun.  The only thing the inept Police can do is stay out of their way. As if what happened in 2010 was not warning enough the Prime Minister is mute, she has no idea what the hell she is supposed to do and as such she remains silent. Arguably hoping things will change if she keeps quiet. Our country needs action, we need dedicated leadership that is unafraid to bring justice to these murdering scums. Miller Bunting and Ellington is not that leadership, they are carrying out the dictates of elitist Carolyn Gomes.

We will be asking the Inter American Commission on Human Rights and other agencies which are dedicated to human rights, to tell us in the diaspora, how much money they give to JFJ, and explain to what end those monies are being used. The fact is, even as Police continue to abuse and kill people in state after state in the most brutal ways possible in the United State these agencies are silent, yet they provide funding for the persecution of Jamaican Police Officers.