On the 13th of July 2011 The Daily Gleaner Editorial Titled, SSP BAILEY’S MOUTHFUL OF MADNESS AND MISCHIEF.
On July 18th 2011 the Gleaner Editorial was Titled,JCF IN SHADOW OF SSP BAILEY.
The common thread tying these two Editorials together ,was the unadulterated support for  Gays in Jamaica, their lifestyle, and their Right to commit crimes without being held to account.
One thing was obvious ,was the desire of the Editor to see SSP Bailey disciplined for his free speech, which from threads allowed on the Gleaner’s own website, indicate that SSP Bailey made a more than adequate explanation of, and supplied the context in which he made the assertions.

Last time we checked the Editor of the Gleaner was not a Police Senior Officer, not privy to sensitive Police Data, and as such is speaking from a position of bigotry toward SSP Bailey or, is him or herself  a closeted member of the Gay community.

Lets deal with the vitriolic Bile spewed out of the mouth of this Editor :

Jamaica’s rigid caste system has always dictated that darker skinned people not from upper Saint Andrew , who make up the middle class, should be seen but not heard, that group includes Teachers ,Firemen ,Nurses, Police . it has always been obvious they were more bothered by the Police ,than they were of the other category of workers aforementioned.

While I served in the  JCF we often joked  that the rancor was as a result of the power of arrest vested in us,  other workers posed no threat to them.The Colonial picture  of the Night Watchman, dressed in short pants , walking around with a heavy spiked helmet, symbols of a time some in Jamaica are yearning for , is far divorced from the realties of Police Officers with Masters in Busssiness Administration  and other disciplines, the transformation has not yet transformed from the Caterpillar to the Butterfly in the heads or psyche of Jamaica’s Elite, to include the Gleaner Editor.

How else could anyone view this rancid corrosive bile of an attack on a dedicated Public Servant, this cowardly attack using space usually reserved for important Editorial musings, has now being reduced to a tool of heterosexual bashing.

This brings us to the second possible conclusion:

Is the Gleaner Editor a closet Homosexual ? This writer has no judgement call to make regarding those of my brothers and sisters who practice this lifestyle,I will not say I have gay friends, I don’t have gay people coming to my house , not because I try not to have them , but because I do not apply a litmus test on people with whom I associate , the truth is what someone does in the privacy of his or her home is their business, as a small business owner I deal with people daily ,gay and straight , they are equal to me , as a Christian God charged us to love the sinner, but hate the sin,I am  a sinner, who come short of the glory of God daily, this disqualifies me to determine who is going to Heaven or Hell.

What SSP Bailey did was not to determine who goes to hell or heaven , he was speaking to the question of  people whom are known homosexual that are disproportionately involved in a certain kind of criminality.There is a false argument being made about profiling, as a Police Officer it is your duty to profile,determining in an effective and surgical way who is doing what.

Most of the Village Lawyers (some trained) in Jamaica who would open their mouths about Policing have no clue what they are talking about, and these Editorials fall within that category.

So let me say Yes SSP Bailey you are indeed a Police Officer worthy of your pay , you do understand the value of profiling., it is an effective tool in the tool box that shows that you know whom you are targeting , rather than be feeling around in the dark.When Police use large dragnet to coral large groups of people ,then sift out the people of interest and those wanted to answer to criminal charges , those now talking out of the side of their mouths are the first to cry foul, they are th first to argue for a more intelligence based type of Policing, now they get that type of Policing they have a problem.

I would argue that what they want is a Criminal Empire, a safe haven for criminals, this seem to be the desire of these talking head hypocrites, damned if you do , damned if you don’t .I suggest the Police enforce the existing laws, archaic and useless as they are,criminals break them wilfully , knowing obeying the laws are more often than not more detrimental to them than breaking them.(see the alleged shooter of khajeel Mais refusing to turn over his weapon to the police,and the potential penalty.



If SSP Bailey has data to back up his claim, which I am sure he does have, since he is the person on the ground, trained , and charged with those responsibilities, and not the Elitist Editor, then he should not be detered by cheap ,cowardly attacks from those who are too chicken to face him , but rather throw stones and hides behind an Editorial.

Commissioner Ellington on this issue is as wrong as wrong can be, there comes a time when one has to draw a line  in the sand , stand up and say I will back up no further. Lions, Tigers, and countless other species do this, they find a tree urinate on it, and define their territory, interlopers beware.

On his ascension to the Office of Chief Constable I wrote a letter ,which the Gleaner was gracious enough to publish.

In the letter I charged Ellington to be wary of those on the cocktail circuit who would invite him to their functions,I reminded him that they merely tolerated him .(see comments on Jamaica’s caste system)

As a police Officer I was acutely aware of the fact that some people were happy to be around me because of my value to them , no more,no less, this is true of an officer, irrespective of Rank,the Chief Constable being no exception.

The Chief Constable by stepping in to give an explanation of what SSP Bailey meant, was as gasoline to fire to this Bigoted Editor, rather than serving as water. The truth is, no amount of truth in what SSP Bailey said will be allowed to get in the way, if this Editor has his/her way, as I have indicated Gays do not seek parity or equalityy, what they seek is to forcibly shove their way of life down our throats ,making us criminals for daring to speak out against homosexuality.

In the united States they realized they would not be able to get to marry, or receive benefits that are accorded to married heterosexual people in one fell swoop , what they did was splinter and attacked State legislatures , targeting individual legislators who cowardly capitulated , going against their moral beliefs, sacrificing their morals on the altar of job security.The result? more and more States are rolling over to the Gay lobby , thereby enacting the Gay Agenda.

Jamaica is no different, there are Gays in positions of power , and as can be seen from these two piles of garbage of July 13th and 18th on the Gleaner’s Editorial pages they have immense power.

What they want is for SSP Bailey to be put in his place , anyone who dare speak out against them, wrong or right, they adopt a scorched earth policy of destruction.

What the Gay Lobby in Jamaica is saying we are above scrutiny, we are are the new untouchables, so far they seem to be getting away with it.

If the writer(s) of the two Articles is/are homosexuals the Gleaner, and Editorial board, owes  the Jamaican people an explanation , not because they are gay and should undergo a litmus test, but the Nation needs to know that the garbage being spewed from that Editorial page is not an objective assessment of facts, but rather a blatant unmitigated attempt at Gay Rights Advocacy.

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