It seem we Jamaicans get high on being contrarian. Never mind that we have precious little to show for defying logic. How else can one explain Jamaica saying the economy was fine as the world’s economy took a nose-dive? Explain Jamaica’s economy doing badly when most of the worlds’ nations are experiencing economic recovery ? How do you explaining forcing a conservative party with the economic know-how to create prosperity and the track record to boot, replacing it with a pseudo-socialist party whose time has long past? How do you explain forcing out an Economist,replacing him with a total fly-by-night dingbat? How do you explain not understanding that crime destroys standard of living and makes everyone except the criminals poor? How do you explain allowing really committed smart police officers and detectives to leave the department because of nepotism, unfair practices and incompetence ? How could you not see that the Police would then be populated with criminals?


How can a nation allow it’s television and radio air-waves to be used to disrespect the rule of law, and  then wonder at the harvest of  anarchy? How do you chase away the middle-class and expect growth and development? How does government expect to be the biggest employer, where will the money come from to pay the salaries? How do you keep workers up at night with blaring, garish noises, disguised as music then expect them not to sleep on the job? How do you allow zinc and card-board shanties to encroach on every community and then wonder why crime is out of control? How can unions, government and other extortionist chase away companies, then lament the lack of jobs? How can some schools be designated top schools , and some dumping-grounds, then wonder why the dumping-ground turns out shottas?


Don’t talk about the athletes some are an inspiration, most Jamaicans including the government had nothing to do with neither their personal nor collective success. If you sow peas you do not reap corn. Jamaica chose to be a non-conformist country. Crime is allowed to grow, Good cops allowed to go. Leaders with vision voted out and kept out, We are enamored with everything others shun, we allow elitists to tell us that good is bad and bad is good. Many of us ran away, but even more of us will have to stay. Oh and by the way if you believe the consequences of giving the PNP 18 1/2 years in one unprecedented stretch, then put them back after just a 4 year break will be confined to just the destruction you can see, wise up. The Chinese are coming , Portia and her friends are selling out Goat Island to them without awaiting the outcome of the commissioned ecological study. Ask yourselves what’s the rush? The Chinese supposedly want Goat Island for what is characterized as a hub. Well just so you know, the Trinidadians you Jamaicans love to hate  told the Chinese where to go when they wanted to pay them off for their wharves. Simply put this hub will be nothing more than a rest-stop for cheap copied Chinese garbage to be dumped on the Caribbean and Latin America. If you believe it is bad now, just you wait. The Chinese will tell you all where to stand in your own country. That’s what Portia is doing for you. Welcome to Jamaica everything irie man.


  1. You are absolutely right..Politicians have sold out
    Jamaica to foreigners and then try to fool some
    of the people about the economy.It is a lose/lose
    situation for the Jamaican people. The PNP rhetoric
    is preying upon the ignorance of those who they can
    brain-wash to believe their lies and deception.They
    have nothing new to contribute in the rebuilding of
    Jamaica’s economy. They don’t want those who genuinely
    have the ideas and can implement them to be a part of
    the government..I have been away the past 36 years, and
    the Island has deteriorated since then because of those
    who run the government..Yes, there are many unanswered
    questions, but who is going to answer when the leadership
    is corrupt..

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