It really doesn’t matter who the chef is, or who is stirring the pot. If the ingredients in the stew are not the right ones the outcome cannot be good.

The essay I am about to write, whether condensed or expansive will be well represented and encapsulated in the above paragraph.
I will be rather brief nevertheless, as I once again try to lay out reasons why the path we are on as it relates to crime and insecurity in our country is the wrong path.
There are two calls which generally succeed a killing or set of killings in our country.
(1) What is the Commissioner of Police doing about it?
(2) What about a new crime Plan?

The fact of the matter is that even if we were to appoint the best person imaginable, and even if we were to co-opt the best possible crime plan anyone could devise for our unique situation, singularly or together, these initiatives would have a negligible, or no real positive measurable effect.
Here’s why!
The police can only arrest people for crimes which are on the books.
I hardly think there is anyone who would disagree with the idea that our laws have not kept pace with the sophistication of the country’s local criminals, much less those who are being deported back to the Island.

And so we recognize that good laws which are well-intentioned, constructed and codified, are an integral part of what ought to be in the mix in order to have optimum results.
We do not have laws which adequately and systematically targets those who plan, facilitate, finance, and execute criminal behavior. Subsequently, even if we have the best Commissioner of police in place, the absence of good laws makes it impossible for a meaningful dent to be made in crime.

The structural inadequacies and entrenched bulwarks which have been institutionalized and entrenched in the laws and public bodies make it virtually impossible for better outcomes on the crime front.
The entire governmental structure is a giant incubator for crime to hatch and flourish.
Unless we methodically tear down and rebuild the governmental structure which wittingly and in some cases unwittingly supports criminal conduct, all of the efforts supposedly geared at the elimination of crime will be for naught. In the meantime, lives continue to be lost needlessly.

In order to understand why violent crimes are so entrenched in our culture, we have to face our own shortcomings and proclivities.
We are a violent people which is negative. Secondly, we are a people highly tolerant of criminal conduct.
Thirdly we are a culture which reveres and is highly deferential to infamous criminals regardless of the depravity with which they went about committing the murders and other acts of criminality attributed to them.
For the most part, society has mortgaged away the future stability of the nation on what can be derived now.
This is probably most evident in the inner sanctums of the garrison communities in which murderous thugs are given deferential treatment for a few dollars.
Young girls and boys are surrendered to the lust of local thugs because they hand out a few scraps from the ill-gotten gains they have acquired, usually at the expense of someone’s life.

Yet the society sees nothing wrong with it, not the Media, not the Courts, not even the Government which has an obligation to create systems and practices which secures the population. (Government party-neutral)
In the decades following Independence, our nation has demonstrated that we are capable of competing with anyone. In the areas of science and technology, sports and whatever else we put our heads to.
Even our much berated and maligned police officers are beacons of light when placed in the right environment. Nevertheless, we have also demonstrated a fatal weakness for immorality and myopia on the devastating consequences crime is having on society.

We have a society in which the entire system is flawed, yet the blame is placed on the segment of the structure which has the least power, speaking of the police.
On the one hand, we have a Bench, Bar, and Prosecution which largely graduated from the Norman Manley Law School. This creates a situation which is almost a conflict of interest just not in the traditional sense.
It is bad enough that all of the people who populate the Judgeships, the Prosecutor’s office, and the Private Bar almost all come from the same school. But when the School is a leftist Institution like the University of the West Indies is, it becomes incredibly difficult to get professionals to staff the different areas of the justice system who have a clear understanding of the dangers crime poses to society.

To add insult to injury the political class pretty much all come from the same leftist institution, and so are the social workers, and other people who staff the justice system. So too are the legions who staff the various government agencies.
Essentially, but for a few cases, the entire workforce at the higher levels of government all came out of the gates of the UWI Mona Campus or the Cave Hill Campus in Trinidad to a lesser extent. Even so, it makes no difference, as the very same left-wing ideology is the hallmark of that institution in Trinidad as well.
It has always been so.
The straw which broke the proverbial Camel’s back has been the push to educate the leaders of the single police force which has the responsibility to protect the Island’s 2.8 million inhabitants.
And now the police department has become a lumbering behemoth of over 10’000, top heavy with leaders who graduated from …………. you guessed it. The University of the West Indies.

Prior to the influx of people with degrees into the JCF, the Agency was derided and ridiculed as a bunch of uneducated or at best poorly educated losers who couldn’t find work elsewhere.
Today the force is probably the most educated anywhere in the world with many serving members having graduate Degrees.
Unfortunately, for law-abiding Jamaicans, that amassing of knowledge has not translated into a better crime-fighting force.
In fact, there is a good argument to be made that the force is worse than 30 years ago when we hardly had anyone in the department with degrees.
In actuality, it is a net positive to have highly educated, highly motivated people serving in all areas of government, including law enforcement.
Nevertheless, they have to want to be police officers, not just wear the uniform and collect a paycheck.
The general consensus is that many of the people in leadership positions today really have no heart for policing but the small economy in the country does not offer many opportunities after graduating from—-the University.

Still, it would be a mistake to blame the hapless police department and its top-heavy cabal of leaders with Doctorates and Masters Degrees for the Nation’s woes.
The truth is that the nation is an anomaly. It is one of the few places anywhere where people genuinely bend over backward to accommodate criminals and to make excuses and rationalize away violent criminal acts as normal.
The entire Governing structure is built around the enhancement of crime.
Many argue and disagree with my assessment but cannot come up with a credible explanation for the reasons behind the country’s inability to investigate and put away know criminals like Christopher (Duddus)Coke or his father before him.
No one can explain why on the rare occasion that a murderer like Vybz Kartel is found guilty of Murder and appropriately sentenced to prison the Appellate Court is almost certain to release him on some inconsequential technicality.
Who is paying off these Judges?
Why is it that there is no one of prominence locked away at the Tower-street or the Horizon correctional facility/
The answer is clear, the system is corrupt and slanted to keep connected criminals out of prison.
Now the ghetto youths know it and they refuse to be treated differently than the light-skinned upper class people from upper Saint Andrew.

So how do you fix all this you ask?
I do not pretend to have all of the answers, but we need a completely different attitude on crime nationally.
The so-called Conservative Prime Minister now occupying Jamaica House is a product of the leftist UWI.
It is a contradiction in actual terms. There can be no Conservatism coming out of an institution which has, through its entire existence been a cauldron of leftist, communist dogma.
There is not a single institution of higher learning which is geared at preparing the workforce based on Conservative principles of God, Family, country.
None geared at teaching about smaller Government, rooting out corruption, and building a private sector in which the entrepreneurial spirit can thrive and achieve its full potential.
There is no Institution which teaches people not to depend on Government but to depend on themselves.

In so much as Socialism -or more specifically Democratic-Socialism has been an abject failure to Jamaica, so too must the UWI take responsibility.
As the Institution which had a virtual monopoly on higher learning, the University of the West Indies has failed the people and country through the misguided policies and people which came out of its doors.
To this day the corruption in the various Government agencies may be placed squarely at the feet of the graduates of that institution who seemingly are self-absorbed Autocrats, in it for themselves.
We cannot get meaningful laws because the people whose job it is to create those laws and to create an environment in which law-abiding people can have confidence came from a system in which the rule of law is just a passing thought.

In the meantime, America will have to continue to take away our transnational criminals whenever its interest is affected.
Murderers, Drug Dealers, Lotto-Scammers all. But it is not America’s job to punish Jamaica’s criminal scum.
It is for Jamaica to get its act together and stop playing games with this critical issue.
Failure by the two political parties legislatively and behaviorally. Failure by the Judiciary which likes to claim independence for itself.
Failure by the public sector and public bodies to demand accountability and action on crime have brought us to where we are today.
A country in an undeclared cold civil war. A small nation of 2.8 million and a crime rate in the top five most violent nations on the planet.
Yet that evokes no outrage, it elicits no sense of shock or alarm. The cry right now is to free (wurl boss) a convicted murderer whose claim to fame is to create demented, degenerative lyrics.
May God help us.