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About 5 Months ago retired Superintendent Of Police Anthony Hewitt was unceremoniously gunned down as he embarked from his motor car reportedly to visit his son somewhere in the White Hall avenue area.

To date no one has been held responsible for the killing of Hewitt,a man who has given yeoman’s service to his country.

Yesterday Retired Deputy Superintendent of Police Denzil Boyd was gunned down as he returned to his home with his wife from church.

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Jamaica is run by a Government that is largely made up of selfish ignorant half criminals, as blood continue to run the leadership of the country continues to look for IMF  money to solve the country’s fiscal problems.

There is no plan to grow the economy by lowering, if not eliminating crime. The present Administration, led by Portia Simpson Miller is literally incapable of even comprehending what is required to pull Jamaica out of the decaying morass.PortiaA20100415NG_2














Listen, there are many capable female leaders who have great vision for their people. History is filled with them, Ben Gurion the famous Israeli leader famously said Gold a Meir was the only soldier he had. Golda Meir went on to become Prime Minister of Israel and a damn good one at that.

No one forgets Margaret Thatcher the iron lady of Britain, Presently the people’s republic of Germany is in the capable hands of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

So the issue is not gender, it is not of female competence, the issue is one of competence period, Portia Simpson Miller is incompetent.

As a result, Jamaica is mired in a downward spiral ,even as other carribean Island nations pull themselves from the tentacles of  this protracted world recession and are  moving their people to first world status.

Miller is stuck. intractably stuck, in the politics of confrontation. Rather than seeking to find common ground, she would rather create confrontation where there is no need for rancor, her bellicose approach to every issue is a throw-back to another time in our history.

Many argue that her confrontational style is a cover that masks her lack of intellect and command of issues.

Essentially, it is the same type of parochial 3 miles, Spanish Town Road politics which we were used to in the 7o’s that now forms the heart of our national discourse.

As more Jamaicans run for other shores, those determined to stick it out do so at the peril of their lives.

Sadly, the incompetents who run the clown-show have police protection, until they are touched the blood letting continues.