Far from accomplishing the desired result of fewer murders and violent crimes ,the measures adopted by the Government to date has demonstrably only accomplished a thin veneer of safety to a few Jamaicans.
My comments are never designed or intended to castigate, rather, they are intended to guide policy-makers toward a different way of accomplishing their goals.


I know this is gets boring and repetitive, I understand how many Jamaicans both at home and in the diaspora feel like simply throwing up their hands,accepting the current state of affairs as the new normal, the way things have to be.
Only, that is not true.


Over the years we have watched helplessly, mouths agape, as violence and aggressive behavior have been normalized in our society. Violence and the acceptance of it as an effective conflict-resolution tool, are now a thing.
The popular culture has not only normalized it through music and theater, it has become a way of demonstrating the bona-fides of impressionable young men across the Island.
The media not to be outdone, has aided in the malignancy by inculcating into its own day-to-day reporting, praise and adoration for the culture, co-opting the street’s vernacular into its presentations.


The political class on both sides of the divide, not interested in strong effective leadership, have simply cosigned and adapted to the norms created by the youths and as a consequence continue to preside over the rapid and inevitable disintegration of the Jamaican society.
Instead of leading, policymakers continue to co-opt and pursue paths which makes enforcing the laws more difficult and breaking them less consequential.


The Institutions of law continue to deteriorate, though not for a lack of willingness to uphold their oaths, by most in those agencies, but out of a lack of legislative leadership.
The Police, the office of DPP and others all struggle with carrying out their mandates, despite an incredible shortage of resources and Legislative support.
One can easily understand how a poor developing country could have difficulty providing adequate salaries and equipment to these critical arms of the Government.
What is not readily understood is the continued addition of more government agencies which militate against the effective administration of justice.


(INDECOM), The Independent Commission of Investigations and the Public Defender’s Office, both have hostile agendas which are antithetical to the nation’s law enforcement.
In addition to that, there are unprecedented levels of human rights meddling in Jamaica’s legislative process which are having disastrous consequences for the rule of law, and peace and tranquility on the Island.
As a consequence, despite the well know ills of other nations including right there in the CARICOM region, the vast majority of Jamaicans would emigrate if only they could. Those who say they want to stay may be construed to be those with political power and others who have the rest of the population living under the terror of their bootheels.

We do not own the rights to this video.
The above video gives an indication of what is happening as entire families are massacred whenever these hoodlums feel like it, sometimes up to seven lives extinguished in one fell swoop.
Groups of police officers, though well armed themselves finding themselves engaged in gunfights which lasts for hours.


There are some who argue that there are killings everywhere. There is no denying that in the United States, for example, a country with more guns than people, the regular massacre of large groups of people are rather common. There may even be legitimacy to the arguments that successive Administration in the United States  [Republicans]have refused, [Democrats]unable to get support to effect meaningful change to the nation’s gun laws
What is undeniable is that despite the self-serving way Conservatives in the United States interpret the 2nd amendment to the constitution,  violent offenders have no hiding place when they commit crimes.

Our country has long transitioned from one with a high murder rate to one in which heavily armed thugs exact their will on entire communities with precious little push-back from the government.
The stark reality is that despite the show of force, by way of the use of the bodies of police officers and soldiers, there is really a systematic hacking away at the firewall which is supposed to protect innocent people from these marauding thugs.


On the one hand the Police are hamstrung through the lack of resources and remunerations but on the other hand, the same government which employs the police employs, pays and empowers others to throw up critical barriers to the police ability to do their work.
On the rare occasion that the Police and prosecutor’s office are able to put away a murderer, the appellate court always seems to find some technicality on which to overturn those convictions.
On that basis, popular murderers are generally guaranteed a get out of jail card. It may not be free but get out they do.


All told, the efforts of Government may be construed to look like they are working for the safety and security of the common man but a closer look reveals that they are enhancing and empowering murderers.
The pretentious nature of the average Jamaican who graduated from high school to those indoctrinated at the intellectual ghetto is a perfect storm which has existential consequences for our country.


Before we show our smiles to the rest of the world under the stupid and inane mantra “Jamaica no problem” we may want to clean the garbage from our house and put out the trash.
The murderers have enough people working hard on their side, it is time that good and decent Jamaicans have someone on theirs.