Jamaica Should Exercise Caution. Whoa…..really?

Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs

Jamaica should exercise caution in considering more appointments to the constabulary from the United Kingdom. This comment was made by Chris Hobbs. Hobbs said that there is widespread lack of confidence in cops in the chief officer rank in Britain. At the same time, Hobbs, who said he spent 18 months, between 2002 and 2010, collaborating with the Jamaican police, voiced strong endorsement of outgoing Police Commissioner Owen Ellington and Deputy Commissioner Glenmore Hinds. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/-Be-cautious-_17132971

Yesterday we came out against the call from the usual quarters in Jamaica. Those who feel  the next Police Commissioner should come from a pool which includes foreign Nationals. Some of these quarters are the regular Elites who shape and misinform in our Country . They include the Editorial page of the GLEANER and the  so called big-men in society, you know them .

I wanted to know which Country sources it’s  Security Heads from non citizens. I have not seen one response , neither in these Blogs nor from Social Media. So I assume that issue is settled.


We live in a Global marketplace where the sharing of ideas and talents are integral to growth and development.


Yes, but there must be limits on what we outsource. That is why it was not a bad idea to bring in new ideas to help upgrade our Investigative capabilities. That is why it was not a bad idea to bring people in to help with tackling corruption. It just is a colossal retrograde step to outsource the head of National Security.

For the media Elites at the Gleaner and in civil society who are pushing this angle, Let’s not stop there, let’s get rid of Portia and bring in a foreigner, let’s start at the very top .

It is time that Jamaicans wake up remove their heads from wherever  they have their heads , and recognize their future is theirs. Why allow a few people from uptown to dictate what you should do. Frankly I couldn’t care less about either of the candidates in waiting . What I care about is giving up sensitive posts to people who have no interest , or loyalty to our country.  I mean think about it, it is absolute madness!

Hobbs was effusive with his praise of the Jamaican Officers, Quote. The British police, could do with senior officers of the calibre of both Ellington and Hinds. British police morale has never been lower and indeed we could do with senior officers of the calibre of Mr Ellington and Mr Hinds in the UK. Take care if considering further appointments from the UK,”.

It has been a long time since Slavery was abolished. It has been decades since we supposedly gained Independence from England. I prefer to think of it as when we were unceremoniously dumped by a disintegrating power.

The notion that things foreign are better is still a shackle, not on our feet but in our minds. Jamaica cannot progress when it’s leaders are still shackled to regressive ideas about the abilities of it’s own people. No one will build Jamaica but Jamaicans. There is nothing wrong with looking at what others do to see if we can use some things. We cannot give our country away to foreigners and expect to still have it.

Enough harm has already been done. Learn more about Chris Hobbs here.  http://www.vigilance-securitymagazine.com/industry-news/viewpoints/5180-theresa-may-brave-and-courageous-you-must-be-joking