Carolyn Gomes single-handedly influenced the way the nation was policed the result is thousands dead and dying.
Carolyn Gomes single-handedly influenced the way the nation was policed the result is thousands dead and dying.


Unless you have walked a mile in my shoes then you cannot know how I feel. I criticize the Jamaican Police Commissioner’s use of force policy, not because it is wholesale abhorrent, but because it was formulated without any input from the principal players, police officers facing the criminals.

It is not unusual that the Commissioner of police or his predecessors before him would formulate working documents without any input from the cops on the beat or their representatives in the federation. It bears saying also, that I was never a fan of cops in the Federation, they curry favor,and look for their own interest. Essentially the police in Jamaica are without anyone lobbying on their behalf. The Commissioner of Police and members of the gazetted Ranks are Civil Servants,they serve at the discretion of the political directorate. Rank and file, from the rank of Inspector to Constable are subsequently reliant on the Federation to look out for their interest, yet members voted into the Federation, has traditionally been puppets of one or the other political party, they sit and wait to be promoted out of there, sometimes after negotiating horrific deals for their members.

There is heavy human rights element to the commissioner’s new policy with a less than adequate counter-balance for officer safety. In fact this document seem to have originated from the Fagan Avenue Office of Criminal Rights lobby (JFJ). Owen Ellington is a product of the University of the West Indies,he  holds two degrees including a Masters in business Administration from that hot-bed of left-wing ideology. In short I applaud Ellington for getting an education, but he is not a cop , never was one, it is no wonder then that he presented this laughable document as a working document on which officers lives are hinged.

Terrence Willaiams
Terrence Willaiams

Jamaican criminals are demonic and heartless, they rape and murder as a matter of course, police departments in the developed world has found out first-hand the depravity and callous disregard they have for human life.

During the 1980’s when Jamaican cops became serious with criminals, many ran to other shores, there they demonstrated their scant regard for human life, including those of law-enforcement officers. Legislators and law-enforcement professionals in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK and others, hastily drafted serious and sweeping legislation that made it clear that they were not going to tolerate that kind of criminality on their shores and that they were absolutely not going to have their law-enforcement officers left unprotected.

Federal laws like the Rico statute and on the state level, many states including New York and California, passed the there strikes and you are out and the Rockefeller laws which gave law-enforcement the tools they needed to do their jobs. I have spoken to many members of the NYPD who have related to me how serious they were forced to take the Jamaican criminals, the callousness of these criminals ,these cops had previously never seen.

If a cop has to fire a warning shot mister commissioner he does not need to pull his weapon. I do not expect you to understand this you never had the need to pull a weapon to defend yourself and neither has your close ally Carolyn Gomes.

Several years ago I was a member of the Rangers Squad based at the Mobile Reserve. Early one sunny afternoon four of us were on routine patrol in a Toyota Land Cruiser in the Jacques road area of Mountain View Avenue, I cannot recall all the member of that patrol team that day but I remember the driver Acting Corporal Berry, a jovial guy who spoke with a stutter.

We were heading up Jacques road, for those of you old enough to recall, those land cruisers announced themselves a half a mile away,

Owen Ellington
Owen Ellington

the engine had a certain familiar sound. As we rounded a corner  there were a group of about six men sitting on a wall, on seeing the vehicle they all rolled off the wall  like trained professionals. In a flash we were out, I was the youngest member of that team, we raced into the yard after them, M16 at the ready. They rounded the corner of the house and we stopped abruptly, not intending to run into a hail of gunfire. Berry being the driver was the last person out, he raced to where we were and was about to run around the corner when I grabbed him by the back of his belt and pulled him down.

On my stomach I peered around the corner and there was the muzzle of a gun pointed to where my colleague Berry would have been. Thank God we did not lose anyone that day. The biggest take-away from that event was that these men were not content to just escape from the police with their illegal guns, they wanted to kill us.

On ever occasion that I pulled my weapon as a front line cop for the decade I served, I believed it was necessary to preserve my life and the life of others. When a pediatric doctor who has a vendetta against law-enforcement officers gets to make policy, Police Officers die.

Lets be clear, Carolyn Gomes, Terrence Williams, Susan Goffe,and Earl Witter does not care how many Police officers die, in fact they contend that instances of police killings are not commensurate with the number of dead cops,  as such they are not credible.

Let me tell you what that means , not enough cops are getting killed.

Ellington has not stood with front line cops, police officers are operating with prison hanging over their heads for doing what they are sworn to do.

This must stop and I will not stop trying until I am able to effect change, I will not sit by while this lying charlatan, excite, encourage, support, and empower criminals to kill police officers.