Some members of the hierarchy of the Jamaica Constabulary force has intimated that they are worried about some recent trends. This relates to the number of Ballistic Vests (bullet proof vests) binoculars and other paraphernalia they recovered over a period of several months.

The National Intelligence Bureau revealed that police were shot at on 331 occasions by gunmen between January 1 and June 1 this year — an average of 66 attacks per month.

Five police personnel were reportedly killed and close to 40 shot and injured during these deadly attacks, the police said.  In a series of raids across the island over several months, police have recovered over 20 bulletproof vests from members of the criminal underworld.


Public Defender Earl Witter:

At the rate of 66 encounters per month it translates to over two attempts (2) per day, these are indeed frightening statistics in a country as small as Jamaica. They are particularly galling when they are paradoxically considered with statements from Jamaicans for justice head Carolyn Gomes , and public defender Earl Witter’s statements suggesting that cases of criminals killed by cops are not justified because not enough cops are getting killed.

carolyn gomes                                                                                 Jamaicans For Justice head Carolyn Gomes:

For the record and for the benefit of my readers whom are not Jamaicans, The Public Defender in Jamaica is paid from taxpayers funds, the office is an arm of the Jamaican Government, and answerable to the Portia Simpson Miller Administration.

But even as the police high command engage in their woe-is-me hand-wringing,  I suggest they suck it up and put their big-boy pants on.  In free societies we cannot be in the business  of stopping business from selling what they chose to as long as the product is legal.

If people are determined to kill they will use rocks to do so. Even as the gun debate rages in America, Democratic President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are having a difficult climb up the mountain of the second Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees Americans the right to bear arms.

The United States of America will not lawfully be able to take people’s guns, so congress will have to find other ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. The only problem with that is, a squeaky-clean person may purchase a gun then commits an illegal act. Now he/she is a criminal, what do you do about that?

The fact is we will never be able to get rid of crime, people commit crimes, what will have to be done is to focus on the perpetrators of crime and less on the methodology. A killer may use a piece of cord to kill if he is so inclined.

Jamaican cops will have to find ways to combat the scourge of criminality in the face of an intransigent and complicit government.

Even as I support the police’s call for stiffer penalties and new legislation for possession of certain items, the commissioner of Police Owen Ellington could indicate that he at least understand the seriousness of this issue and walk back making public the Police weekly Force Orders to the Public.

As I have said repeatedly in these posts, the public has no expectation of right of  access to this document, which is an internal department communication medium. This would be a good first step in the right direction, as I have said time and again criminals have no right to know where police officers are stationed , where they will be moved to , station strength, or any other critical information which affects the life of officers.

The commissioner of Police Owen Ellington must forthwith cease and desist from putting the lives of the men and women under his command at risk to suit and curry favor with Jamaica’s elite and enemies of the state, some of whom are located at the Fagan Avenue offices of Jamaicans for Justice.

The police cannot do anything about the elected Government of Portia Simpson Miller, it cannot make her competent, it cannot make the government more focused on eradicating crime, no more than it could make Bruce Golding see the folly of his ways. What the police can do is be more effective, more assertive, more intelligent, more focused. Jamaica is far too small for the hand wringing and the complaining, Police must be police and dictate to criminals that they will not be allowed to have their way, even if the criminal lives at Vale Royal.