Yet another Police officer has been murdered in Jamaica this time in his home.
This latest attack was on 29-year-old constable Nicaldo Green who was assigned to the Stadium police station.


According to the Police, constable Green arrived at his home at about 10: 10 pm and opened the grill gate to his home when assailants opened fire on him.
Neighbors called the police who rushed their mortally wounded colleague to the hospital but it was too late.
His killers who had the audacity to attack him in his own home also took his service pistol.

PM Andrew Holness

This latest attack follows closely on the heels of the attack on a corporal of police again at his home in Stewart Town Trewlany.
The Stewart Town attack occurred around 2: pm as the officer arrived at his house he realized that someone had broken into his home.
He was pounced upon and during a struggle with his masked assailants he was shot in the leg and stabbed in his arm.


In neither of these incidents have the Government issued a single statement of condemnation to those responsible.
Needless to say, the blood sucking leeches who pretend to care about human rights, [never human lives] are also silent.
It comes as no surprise that they are silent when the protectors of the society pay with their lives, it is exactly because of the murdered officers that the fakes, frauds, and charlatans can continue to demagogue law enforcement officers.

Peter Phillips opposition leader

I admittedly do not know whether there are back stories to the attacks on these two officers who are the latest to be attacked.
Nevertheless, what I do know, is that in less than a week two members of the police force have been attacked in their own homes.
That is enough to cause me alarm and motivate me to speak out even if it doesn’t stir anyone else.

Jamaica is a violent criminal tolerant society.  There is precious little, to no regard, for the rule of law.
Subsequently, there is precious little, to no regard, for those who enforce the nation’s laws and that is true of those who occupy taxpayers housing at Vale Royal, to those in the gritty inner-city garrisons for free.
The disdain shown to law enforcement begins in Jamaica house and it spreads outward.

Terrence Williams

It is important to note that even though there is corruption within the police department, it has been the corruption coming out of Jamaica house for decades which have created the sense of anti-law enforcement disrespect which has been a staple on the Island throughout that time.
And I daresay which has inspired and characterized Jamaica’s lawlessness, beginning in the early 1970’s.

The larger Jamaican society is predominantly uneducated, the people form opinions on hearsay.
The better known the purveyor of false stories, the more credibility they attach to the story.
In this environment, lying, thieving politicians are glorified like deities.
Breaking through lifetimes of brainwashing to supplant it with truth and valid information can be an uphill battle, to next to being impossible.

Horace Levy

This writer will continue nevertheless to impress upon the Jamaican people that the very freedoms they cherish are being taken away from them as a result of the rampant murders and other serious crimes sweeping the entire Island.
No one is advocating a police state, no one is more averse to a police state than I am.

It is important to note however that you can have competent and highly responsive law enforcement but you have to want it and play your part each and every Jamaican.
You are not having freedom if you are dead, there is no freedom if you are afraid to leave your home, there is no freedom if you are being killed in your own home.

Arlene Harrison-Henry

I ask all of you to look at the silence of the agencies which say they are looking out for your human rights.
Ask yourselves why are the following agencies silent no matter how many innocent Jamaicans are raped mutilated and murdered but are predictably incensed and vociferous as soon as a criminal is killed by agents of the state?

People do not have to have degrees from renowned universities and colleges to be able to think for themselves.
Each and every Jamaican have the ability to think for him or herself.
Ask yourselves why is that their supposed focus is only on the rights of those who are killers rapists and thieves?
Then ask yourselves why is it that all of them are receiving funding from foreign donors?

Carolyn Gomes helped to create culture against police.



It is not too difficult to put two and two together to arrive at four.
Ask why are foreign donors funding INDECOM, JFJ, FAST, IACHR and the other leeches who have set up shop in Jamaica?
Why are foreign entities funding INDECOM?
Why is the Jamaican Government funding a Government agency (The Office Of the Public Defender) to harass and militate against the Police?
Then ask yourselves whether the nations who give these groups money allow anyone to tell them how to enforce their laws?