Jamaican Government Support Murderers At The Expense Of Law Enforcement:

I hate to say I told you so. I am referring to the PNP government, Yea, yea, I know I sound partisan, that’s the simplistic way to think. I probably will not be able to change the minds of those of you who think that way.  If your minds are already made up, a mind made up will learn nothing new.  I urge you to put that aside and be objective for a minute. Study my positions a little closer, I criticize both political parties, the PNP more than the JLP because I feel that the PNP at its core is a far more destructive party for our country. On every occasion that I have criticized the PNP I have presented documented verifiable factual basis for doing so. My positions have nothing to do with political affiliation , the truth is I care about neither political party in Jamaica, I care about Jamaica. It matters not who is in charge, as long as they make decisions that are in the best interest of Jamaica.

There is a debate raging in Jamaica as we speak at the heart of this debate is this image below:

(Jamaica Gleaner photo)

This is a picture of Livity Coke , brother of Christopher Coke ,displaying what has been ruled superficial wounds received at the hands of members of the military who are in charge of security at the Horizon Remand center In Kingston.

Livity Coke is in jail awaiting trial on charges of shooting at police officers stemming from the incursion into Tivoli Gardens by members of the security forces to arrest his brother Christoper (dudus) Coke on gun running and narcotics charges to which he has subsequently pled guilty in the United States.  This charge would have been a very serious charge in any other country which respects the rule of law. let me point out, this is not so in Jamaica, even if he is convicted, which is a 7% possibility, he may very well get a suspended sentence, if that much.  Such is the state of criminal justice in Jamaica. At the center of this nonsense is a group of gang leaders who want soldiers removed from enforcing discipline at Horizon, so they may return to the care of inept largely corrupt, intiminated correction officers(prison warders ) where they know they will be able to continue  running their gangs that are on the outside.

Coke and others now have high-profile lawyers filing brief in Jamaica’s Supreme Court on their behalf, arguing that they are being abused. The Government is falling all over itself to have INDECOM the Jamaican FBI (sic), Criminal rights activists, Earl Witter the so-called public defender and every force they can possibly  Marshall to fight the soldiers on behalf of these filthy scum bags.

 I could wander off and actually tell the world that INDECOM was created to investigate the police while crime surges. Which is really a smoke screen while politicians involve themselves in all kinds of criminal actions. But I won’t.The difference is that the FBI can actually investigate, and does investigate criminals. INDECOM’S mandate is to investigate police officers , they have no mandate to investigate serious crimes, not so in Jamaica.

 But I won’t talk about that, that’s a different conversation.

According to prison officials the men at the center of this disruption are criminals already convicted of very serious crimes, most are infamous, and some even though not yet convicted , are known to have committed multiple murders. Prison Officials are contending some of these violent acts have been captured on security cameras that were recently installed at Security Post 11 where some of the most high-risk inmates are housed.

That list includes Tesha Miller, Christopher Linton, Joel Andem, Kevin Tyndale and Michael McLean – “very dangerous individuals”, Prendergast charged that “many of them violently oppose” prison rules.

 You think?

Christopher \'Dog Paw\' Linton  (portrait for Tyndale and Mclean not available)

These are some of the most dangerous criminals in the entire world. They have no compunction about gunning down anyone ,anywhere, at anytime, and if they are unable to do so themselves, have their operatives do so on their behalf.

Yet after law enforcement have safely and effectively removed these filthy scumbags from the streets, without hurting them , the Government of the country in league with the criminal rights fraternity are falling over themselves to defend these degenerates. They complain about extra-judicial killings, if these low lives are killed in the process of apprehending them. When they are apprehended and locked up, and they continue to misbehave the government persecute those tasked with the dangerous job of keeping them locked up. It is clear that the Government wants these men on the streets where they may continue with their genocidal rampage.

Here’s how Officials of the Prisons explain what these men have been up to in the facility.

The  JDF, in dismissing the allegations, suggested that it was a ploy by the inmates to force prison officials to transfer them back to the general prison population where they can continue their criminal activities.As we continue to frustrate their attempts to influence their gangs, inmates have resorted to doing everything in their power to have themselves removed from JDF custody and incorporated into the general prison population,” said Captain Basil Jarrett, JDF civil/military co-operation officer.Jamaicagleaner.com

Captain Basil Jarrett, singularly, by this statement alone, has demonstrated that he is heads and shoulder above anyone in the Administration of Portia Simpson Miller.

My only criticism with the process as articulated by members of the JDF is that these degenerates must be isolated from each other. My criticism however is not made with any knowledge of the  geographical layout or capabilities of the facility. As such I am not sure that my critique is even a fair one,  in light of the aforementioned admission. Knowing the inadequacies of the justice system in Jamaica I would hazard a guess that facility does not have common sense capabilities that would argue for the safety of officers or the security and effective containment of accused criminals.

 Here we have criminals who are known serial murderers who understand the system.

They have money to hire the most celebrated high-profile (vultures) called defense lawyers to push their agendas.

Gaming the system.

And whipping up reliable, dependable support from the political left which supports them in the country.

This Government is a disgrace, a shameful example of how Governments in small developing countries like Jamaica are themselves victims when they acquiesce to the far left dictates from Agencies like the Inter American commission on Human Rights, The United Nations commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International and the plethora of other so-called Human Rights Organizations around the world.

These far left Agencies along with proxies like Jamaicans for Justice, have pressured small countries into abandoning capital punishment, even though public opinion overwhelmingly supports these measures in their fight against demonic criminals who are hell-bent on mayhem and murder. These far left Elitist operate in countries like the United States, Canada among other developed countries. In each of the countries from which they operate they do not get to dictate to neither State nor Federal Officials how national security, or crime is handled. They take their scare tactics to the United Nations where they tie loan and aid guarantees to acquiescence of their radical far left agenda.  It is a vicious form of cohersion that literally guarantees that smaller dependent states will continue to be inundated with crime. No investor wants to do business in a crime ridden country, countries like Jamaica, Mexico, or Colombia with high crime rates are targeted. Mexico has oil, Columbia has Cocaine, Jamaica has……

 So they stay poor and dependent on the satellite states. Check mate.

One would reasonably assume that politicians running for office, or having being elected to office, would realize that their primary duty is to protect citizens. Not so in Jamaica, politicians in Jamaica are largely criminals, Judges are so liberal with sentencing and the latitude they give defense attorneys , it raises eyebrows as to whether most of them are not tainted with blood money. And that does not even begin to address the criminal defense attorneys who represent the most despicable serial murders. Oh by the way most of the defense attorneys double as Legislators. The country has been caught in this vicious cycle for decades. The country’s entire national security policy may be summed up in a single sentence” Spend whatever it takes to protect the most murderous criminals” Jamaica has never seen a charter it doesn’t want to sign, they have never seen a piece of paper being floated in International circles that they take a pass on.

This is a country that is run by those schooled at what the late Wilmott )Mutty) Perkins called the “intellectual ghetto” The University of the West indies. They are a cadre of pretenders, first and second generation of blacks who have finally clawed their way out of abject poverty . They have gained education and they want to be associated with the ways of their former masters whom have long retreated to Europe. they are the new bourgeoise’ and they are damn sure going to let everyone know it.

Only problem with this, is they pretend that Jamaica is Switzerland,or Denmark, so they live in some distant place in their minds, as the killings surround them. They barricade themselves in their homes, having to breach layers and layers of iron grille fortification which separate room from room. And as they survive day-to-day they are lulled into believing that this is the way to live, they tell themselves Jamaica is not bad, there is crime everywhere.

They convince themselves that the problem is with the police and soldiers who in their minds are spoiling the narrative in their mind,disrupting their fantastic utopia,causing international consternation of their Island paradise. The paradise they rule………

Then they awake from their dream and separate themselves from their prison room by room, and they watch their newly crowned Empress naked in ignorance and they marvel at her new clothes.








2 thoughts on “Jamaican Government Support Murderers At The Expense Of Law Enforcement:

  1. Mike Beckles ,
    I admire the passion you have articulated in your pieces, particularly when it comes to our birth place Jamaica, the rule of law and the agents of enforcement of those laws, the Police.

    Some of the views expressed, obviously lack an understanding of the facts and the inner workings of the law in Jamaica. That is understandable, particularly because you are speaking from the perspective of a layman, lacking the understanding of how judges dispense justice in our courts.

    I urge you to be responsible in your pronouncements. In case you are not aware of this , allow me to remind you, that you wield a pen with immense influence which is potentially dangerous , as your readers might be lead to arrive at negative conclusions by your informed or misinformed position .

    I will not be addressing every issue Highlighted in your piece, this would be an exercise that might bore your readers and besides, for the most part, I agree, essentially, with most of what you had articulated. Indeed, it was worthwhile reading.

    However what I will say is, I have confidence in the judges that oversee the cases presented to them. They, like many other profession, are guided by rules and sentencing protocols that’s globally utilized in sentencing procedures and the sentencing guidelines.

    You expressed the view that even if Livity Coke is convicted he would get a slap on the wrist, quite the contrary. In fact , the charges against him are very serious , he is charged with shooting at the Police , illegal possession of Firearm and ammunition which carries heavy sentences , in his case and reputation which will be considered at the sentence hearing , will get a stiff sentence , I can assure on that .

    On the point of the lawyers of Coke and the other criminals, they have an obligation to represent their clients interest, that’s their duty and they will tell you they are merely upholding the tenets of the profession. What it boils down to is the lawyer’s personal moral position as far as representation for these thugs. Can they sleep well at nights knowing these men are murderers yet defend them? I wouldn’t if I were a defense lawyer, but they obviously can sleep so it doesn’t affect their moral and ethical position, as far as I am concern these criminals should not be breathing the same air that I have been breathing , but that’s a discussion for another time .

    INDECOM, cannot be equated to the U.S’ FBI, that’s erroneous, they are similar to internal affairs with core duties to investigate fatal shootings of the Police and the army in some instances . The FBI, in the U.S, is a National Police Force with specific duties to investigate issues such as kid knapping bank robberies etc. I guess you were probably writing in a cynical tone and it got lost somewhere.

    I never once got the impression that you are speaking or writing from a political platform. The tone of your writing does not suggest that.

    Keep writing my friend, your views are stimulating and engaging. We do not all agree with your pronouncements but that’s what makes thoughts interesting.

    Errol Mc Leish

  2. If you conclude that the Judges are guided by the rules, then you fundamentally agree that the shit-stem has failed the people allowing the revolving door which passes for a criminal justice system there.

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