Welcome to justice Jamaica style.
In all of the talk about crime in Jamaica and the regular anti-police gibberish coming from the faces of the self-styled elites in the country like Cliff Huges of Nationwide radio, we intend to show you why crime is so stubborn in Jamaica.

Anti-police troll Cliff Hughes of Nationwide radio.


Paul Raphael,  49 years old fined $1 million or 12 months in prison for trafficking cocaine and $500,000 or 12 months in prison for dealing in cocaine.
Most importantly he was admonished and discharged for the offense of possession of cocaine by Parish Court Judge Sancia Burrell.

Parish Court Judge Sancia Burrell.

It is incredibly difficult for crime to trend downward when the very agencies of justice work assiduously and dutifully to make the country much more attractive to those who are predisposed to commit crimes. And furthermore to help to recruit others who may otherwise have been deterred had the country made it clear it will not tolerate criminal behavior.

Miller’s face sarcastically emblazoned on a Jamaican note.

Ironically this is the very same judge who paid lip service by mocking the ridiculous law which constrained her from issuing a fine above J$100 on gangster Tesha Miller after he pleaded guilty to making a false declaration to Jamaican immigration officials.

Given a chance to show that she wasn’t just chatting because she had a mouth she wilted like a four leaf clover.
At the time even some of the lame politicians were stunned that these laws are still in effect.
Unfortunately what the nation gets is a bunch of losers who bang on desks and shout insults at each other on the public’s dime.


Thirty-seven ( 37)-year-old Michael Abrahams of Caribbean Estate, St. Catherine was sentenced for: Possession of Cocaine – $500,000 or 6 months in prison and Dealing in Cocaine – 9 months hard labor, suspended for two years when he appeared before the St. Catherine Parish Court.
Abrahams was arrested at his home on Friday, July 7, after detectives from the Narcotics Division conducted a raid at his premises and found Cocaine weighing approximately 70 kilograms and valued at $92.8 million.

How long are the Jamaican people going to be idiotic sheep lulled and indoctrinated into believing that these judges are not being paid to deliver these kinds of justice?

What we do not hear from the frauds like Hughes is a demand for accounting from his friends who are making decisions or better yet are not making the right decisions.
This is why we must eschew these charlatans when they try to turn us against the police in the line of fire who are really doing all they can with precious little to no support from the system as you have seen in these ridiculous sentences.

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