Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has steadfastly refused to answer questions from the Press on any of her policy decisions. The Prime Minister who has called for removing the Queen of England as head of State has been chided with having monarchist desires of her own. As the chief servant of the people the Prime Minster is duty bound to answer questions posed by the Press . The people have a right to acquiesce or disagree with her policy decisions and directions, after all Jamaica is supposed to be a Democracy,……right?


Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

Refusing to answer questions smacks of the actions of a Monarch who Rules by decree. It is not the first time that Miller has demonstrated her disdain for the people by refusing to answer questions even regarding the most serious issues of National import. Trafigura, Cuban Ligh-bulb, Richard Azan are just a few of the crucial issues which any world leader would be forced to respond to, or step aside if they chose not to. In one case Mrs Miller told reporters to go ask the PNP in reference to her party which she heads. Who better to ask than the Party’s Head and Prime Minister? Mrs Miller gives ammunition to critics who argue she is incapable of articulating a policy position and as such she shuns the cameras. Additionally she stated that she will not talk her way out of office. Ironically Portia in Oppposition was never at a loss for words. There never was a shortage of inartful crass coarse language coming from her.

Under no circumstance is it acceptable for a servant of the people ,who acts on behalf of the people to refuse to explain to them, actions she/he takes on their behalf. In the case of Mrs Miller it is even more imperative that she makes herself available to the Press, that the people may have a feel for her policy directions. The fact is Portia Simpson Miller has limited or questionable skills,  as such the people have a right to say “yes or no ” to the decisions she makes supposedly on their behalf.

The question then becomes, “why does she show such disregard for the Press and  by extension the people, knowing full well that the office comes with the annoying Press asking questions on behalf of the peasants, I mean the  people? I believe the answer is simply because she can!! The Jamaican people have been immensely generous to Mrs Miller, they have rewarded her with the highest political office in the country, an office many including myself believe she is grossly ill-equipped for . Let me hasten to say my belief in her unsuitability has nothing to do with the fact that she does not have a Masters or a Doctorate. There are more than enough fools holding those Degrees. I look at the constituency she has represented for decades and I fundamentally believe that she did not deserve a promotion. I listen to her and she has no concept of policy. I watch her and she has no direction for the country.

Because she has been so lucky, she owes it to the people who unwittingly empowered her, to show them some regard. Or does she believe she will be elevated to Monarch as she was to PM merely by kissing babies and telling the masses she cares? One thing is certain, with Jamaicans you never know , she may know something I don’t. It is time the Jamaican people take their future into their own hands and stop cheering the Empress in her no-existent new clothes.

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  1. I am glad that the body guard offended a member of the press and that she disregards them totally under the other party the press was most instrumental in getting them out of power claiming that Warmington disrespected them and nothing came of it. Portia Simpson miller said in as much word it could not happen in her party and all well thinking Jamaicans should shun the JLP. Well, well, well, here is the Big Bad Tiger. No one can ask her anything, she is neither for the people or by the people she is Portia Simpson miller, the one who defends her members astutely whether they are wrong or right, the same one who cuts salaries while buying expensive SUVs to tour constituencies. The same one who is going to stand by and watch the police force and teaching fraternity falls to pieces. Have any one get a chance to read the draft for the teaching council that will be set up to govern the teachers, try and get a copy it makes for good reading I suggest that good and bad teachers better start seeking other employment before that bill of right is passed.

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