The Jamaican Police up to the time of this post still has not released the name of the shooter in their custody accused of killing 17 years old schoolboy Khajeel Mais in an apparent case of road rage gone terribly wrong .
Young Mais, an innocent victim, riding in the back of a Cab to a fete at a high School, became the victim of a terrible case of road rage when the cab in which he was a passenger allegedly ran into the back of a BMW-x6 sport utility vehicle.
Its is alleged that the driver of the sport utility vehicle emerged from the vehicle firing at the cab, the cab driver it is reported turned his cab around and headed in the opposite direction ,with the x6 driver still firing.
It is the tragic tale of how a promising young life was snuffed out in a senseless act of total madness.
The Police for their part has steadfastly refused to name the shooter, even though it is reported he fled the Island for the United States, has since returned to the Country ,and from their own account, is in custody.
This case has generated widespread outcry, and correctly so, there are also accusations of cover up and corruption leveled at the Police in the way they have handled this case, in a manner that is inconsistent with their (modus operandi )mode of operation, simply put ,the police have a duty to inform the public of the progress, of the case, they work for the public, and the reasons given by several persons within the Department including the Commissioner simply does not add up.
We are well aware that there are circumstances that prevent the Police from divulging everything they know ,we are also aware there are ways to keep the Public apprised without jeopardizing the case.
The Police has by their actions, shifted some of the public’s anger from the suspect onto themselves, something the Department can ill afford to do.
How say you.?


  1. This is such a sad story and it must be one of them why they do not want to release the name.

    Congratulations, Michael

  2. It is well known that the individual name is Patrick Powell. The problem is very few people know who this low key individual is. It is reported that he is a Contractor/Developer, a US Citizen, in his thirties, owns a “Jet, involve in the Entertainment Industry, etc., etc. I wonder what other activities is he involved in and why is it very little information about him is readily available.

    1. Jeff, thanks to you for your visit , do encourage your friends to visit this new meeting place , let us use this medium to see if we can share ideas and make a change, keep writing, and always leave a comment,speak your mind.

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