new rough terrain vehicles
new rough terrain vehicles

In the age of technology, Youtube is a gold mine where police excesses, as well as citizens misbehavior is evident. My colleague was shot in Olympic Gardens as an old woman grabbed him so that her grand son could shoot him. Legitimate though concerns of questionable shootings are, the question of (supposed citizens) injecting themselves into the scene whenever police arrive are real. They  create shields for their criminal men, warning them with loud noises, and yes putting themselves and their children in front of police guns  as a means of protecting the men who operate in these communities, even when the shooting starts. There are those who sit around gathering numbers and statistic about criminals whom are killed, with a motive of indicting the narrative or explanations of police. The Police has no such luxury,they have responsibilities, that of protecting life and property. Sad though instances of accidental shootings are Jamaica, will have to stop the pretence , it is a country at war and in war there are casualties, and yes collateral damage is a part of the equation. Their stories never get told, Cops whom are shot and injured and killed, or who end up with life altering injuries are forced onto the sidelines to live in poverty and squalor who tells their story? Who grieve for them and their families? As blood continue to run in Jamaica political leaders are clueless as to how to stop it, our country needs leadership, and solutions. The criminal justice system must change , legislators must enact laws that looks out for the country , not for party supporters, laws that puts criminals in prison and lets them stay there. There must be truth in sentencing. There must be consequence for hindering governmental administration, real penalty. There must be complete and unequivocal removal of politics from the operations of police. There must be a complete and comprehensive re-orientation of the public to respect the rule of law and those who enforce them. There must be social intervention and jobs created that will disincentivise people from engaging in criminal behavior. I am willing to submit to Government , irrespective of who forms that government , a blue print on how to proceed to a better Jamaica, one that is not a panacea , but one that will lay the foundation toward a more manageable, livable country.






Gleaner photo: Taken March 5th 2012

Today March 23rd Jamaicans are going back to the polls to elect those they want to represent them at the local Government level. While they do so ,the Prime Minister still walks around in orange clothing, completely oblivious that the General elections are over and now it’s time to govern. As crime escalate various groups have come out against the amount of people who have been killed by police bullets since the start of the year. This is a legitimate concern for anyone who is reasonable and fair. I cannot imagine losing a child , mother or any member of my family ,or even a friend to bullets fired by police officers.

Why is this though?

We hold our police officers to a different standard they are the ones who are supposed to protect us , as such when we become victims of police abuse or error it is particularly harder to understand or process. As such it is totally understandable that people are up in arms when  police bullets kill their loved ones whom the police are unable to say are threatening their lives or the lives of others. As such I hope the police will  learn from protests planned by civic groups, and do not necessarily see this as opposition to them , but as an opportunity for each individual officer to take as much care as possible in preserving the life of the innocent as is placed in officer safety.


Director of public Prosecutions Paula Llewelyn has prevailed against Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey in the Judicial Review Court.

THE Judicial Review Court today ruled that Director of Public Prosecutions Paula  Llewellyn, should not give evidence in the stalled Cuban Light Bulb trial. The court ordered that a subpoena for DPP to be witness be quashed and also ordered that the Llewellyn must not be barred from court during evidence. Two justices Raymond King and Evon Brown were in favour of the DPP and Justice Almarie Sinclair-Hayles was the dissenting judge. Lord Anthony Gifford QC was the attorney representing Llewellyn.Read more: http://jamaicaobserver.com

Kudos to the DPP for standing up for the people of Jamaica, we wish to celebrate this victory with her, as we stood with the Director against what we saw as an over-reach by this Magistrate Judith Pusey. We feel she is an activist  Magistrate who has time and time again legislated from the bench, and in this instance has vastly prejudiced the case of the Jamaican people. As a no lawyer observer I was appaled to see the level of latitude given the defense in the Kern Spencer Light bulb trial, we feel that now that the high court has ruled it is time that this case proceed without any more artificial hurdles. It is time that Kern Spencer and other accused  have their day in court, it is full time that the interest of the Jamaican people  be served.