American missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel, could have died anywhere in America under any circumstances and this writer most probably would not be writing about their deaths at all.
Nichols and Hentzel lives does not matter any more than anyone else’s lives in the greater scheme of things . What makes their demise different than most other deaths is that (1) they died doing good and (2) they died in Jamaica.
It’s like the pin-prick which results in death, a mere prick but there was so many other pricks that the trauma becomes way too much for the body to bear and it gives out.
It’s like placing one more shirt on the rack in your closet and the whole thing come tumbling down…..
You are left standing there , like but it was only a light dress shirt !!!
That was all it took … The rack was long overloaded a mere wind would have brought it down.

Harold Nichols,53 (L) and Randy Hentzel, 48 (R) missionaries with the Pennsylvania-based TEAMS for Medical Missions were brutally murdered on the Caribbean island of Jamaica on April 30, 2016.
Harold Nichols,53 (L) and Randy Hentzel, 48 (R) missionaries with the Pennsylvania-based TEAMS for Medical Missions were brutally murdered on April 30, 2016.

So too it seem with the killing of American missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel, who were in Jamaica helping to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to others and building homes for people in need.
Both men were senselessly murdered as so many others have on the tiny Island of 2.7 million people with one of the world’s highest homicide rate and other serious felonies.

According to the website ChristianPost.com   Nichols’ wife, Teri, who has been living on the island with her husband, told RJR News that he left to visit the work site for a house he planned to build for a woman in a week. Hentzel tagged along, she said, to check on a woman in his Bible college. “He’s building a house for a woman in a week. And he went to check to see if the foundation was finished and to check on the woman it was being built for,” said the grieving widow. “I believe Randy wanted to take care of somebody that was in his Bible college who was in dire need of a house. They were gonna go look at her situation yesterday (Saturday) morning. They went and they just never came back.”

Once upon a time foreigners, children and certainly foreign missionaries were safe in Jamaica, not anymore. The killings are no longer crimes they are intended to terrorize the population and they don’t care who they offend.
A recent media report alleged  that some of the killings are linked to the occult. Jamaicans have always had an affinity for and a relationship with the occult. That affinity may be tied to ignorance and illiteracy .
What we may be witnessing is Jamaicans engaging in ritualistic Obeah practices and Haitians dabbling in voodoo now that our country has become a home for many Haitians.
That is not to suggest that these killings are in any way tied to the occult,or are attributable to anyone else but Jamaica’s blood thirsty killers.

It is fair to assume these men were killed possibly for what they had on their persons pending a possible and miraculous breakthrough by my old friend Assistant Commissioner Elan Powell and his team of detectives.
Gone are the days when a potential robber would cover their faces and stick a gun in someone’s side and take their valuables. Taking the victim’s life is probably more important to their assailant than whatever valuables they may possess.
The insane and demonic practice of(“making duppy“) now forms part of the killer’s game-plan as it is to relieve the victim of their valuables. The victim’s life is like a scalp to be hung on the brave’s saddle, another notch on the gunfighter’s gun .

The continued killings in Jamaica are no longer acts which may be looked at in the narrow context of crime. Jamaica’s homicide numbers long surpassed that which could be characterized as just crime.
The killings are designed to strike fear and terror into the citizenry. To a certain degree Jamaicans have no one to blame but themselves for the present crisis they face. The tragedy is for those who unwittingly enter the Island under the misguided notion that Jamaicans are loving kind people who would do them no harm. Or blindsided by  rum and song, which tells them its “one love , one heart , lets get together and feel alright”.

These killings are particularly poignant as it was just weeks ago my brother returned home to Jamaica to do missionary work and stayed in Trewlany with friends.
As we spoke before he left I could not help going over a litany of do’s and don’ts with him. My brother a PhD has precious little street smarts . Despite the fact we were born raised and lived in our homeland for decades I found it necessary to remind him of the inherent dangers in going about doing what he set out to do in the land of our birth.

Mother’s covering for their sons who rob and murder for a living. Girlfriends who actively coerce and cajole their men to murder and steal so they can be decked out in fake hair and loads of stolen jewelry as they unconscionably spend the blood money. No one is guiltless.
As a young cop girls would openly tell me (“missa Beckles mi like yu , but yu nu have nu moni , yu a police , fi  mi man hafi gu teef an gi mi nuff moni”).
Decked out in the latest fashion and jewelry befitting the queen of Sheba they would make faces as they tell it, in that characteristic Kingston drawl known to us Jamaicans.

CNN Anchor Ashley Banfield
CNN Anchor Ashley Banfield

Responding to the killing of the two missionaries CNN’s Ashley Banfield said quote …”It’s astounding to think that a lot of people think that Jamaica is a paradise but it is an extraordinarily violent country with a remarkable murder rate,” said Banfield on her program ‘Legal View’.
It did not take long for the fake-ass Jamaicans to emerge with condemnations against Banfield with some claiming the anchor has a “shaky grasp” of the country’s crime reality and for sensationalizing the problem.
Wait just a minute , a shaky grasp ?
What is there to understand , Jamaica is a country of 2.7 million people some years the country record 1600 murders and those are just what are reported to police.
What is there to grasp?
So let me risk the verbal assault from the fake nationalistic patriots, let them tell me I have a shaky grasp of the Island’s crime reality.


I Mike Beckles believes It’s astounding to think that a lot of people think that Jamaica is a paradise but it is an extraordinarily violent country with a remarkable murder rate.
There ….
Bunch of pretenders you……The place is a damn kill-zone. What murder reality are you nuancing ?