You ever feel exasperated and just ready to throw up your hands in defeat at some of the things which happen in Jamaica?
I mean insofar as the responses from the authorities are concerned?
Okay, so it is not just me ranting and raving.

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about.
How on God’s green earth can people be pilfering oil from Petrojam without someone in authority knowing and is held accountable?
How is the public bus company for years able to lose money through pilfering and no one is ever held responsible?
How are politicians able to steal taxpayers money feather their nest and no one is held accountable?
Seriously, how can a gang of common punks terrorize a neighborhood without the authorities unleashing the security forces to exterminate them?
How come when they eventually pass a law to remedy a problem the problem-creators are already well ahead of the new law?
Why would a piece of legislation intended to fix a problem be stopped to get input from the perpetrators the law is initially intended to address?  

(Jamaica’s cockpit flyover country)

The sad reality is that Jamaica, like anywhere else in the world have interest groups with deep pockets and licky-licky politicians willing to do their bidding.
In many cases, the politicians are deeply conflicted as they are operating in dual roles as legislators and criminals.
And so regardless of what laws are passed, they end up being window dressing. They never quite seem to address the pressing issues they were intended to address.
The fact is that there are powerful interests which are quite comfortable with the status quo.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, the consequences are dire. What’s more shocking is that people have placed themselves in blocks from which they expend their energies defending the wrongs their party bosses do.
The strange irony is that though they defend these crocks in their party of choice they receive none of the benefits of the ill-gotten spoils.

Parts of the cockpit country

Jamaica is a mere 4’411 square miles and a population equal to that of Chicago Illinois.
Chicago is one of America’s most populous cities. Jamaica, on the other hand, has most of its population crammed into the Kingston and Saint Andrew area, Saint Catherine and in and around Montego Bay and the other metropolitian centers.
Jamaica’s mountainous terrain renders large swaths of the tiny country largely uninhabited or at best sparsely populated. (See the Island’s cockpit country)

It is a wonder these weapons do not explode when the punks attempt to fire them.

So let us do a little deductive reasoning.
But for the little band of criminals who would run into the Wareika Hills in the ’80s and early ’90s before we eliminated them, the average punk murdering people are lazy little bitches who do not want to get their hands dirty.
They are so lazy they don’t even bother to clean the expensive high powered weapons they have.
Many of you have seen the images of the weapons filled with rust recovered from these pitiful little punks.
Those doing the killings are not living in the mountains of Wareika Hills, they aren’t even willing to stay in the bushes like the Joel Andem gang once did.
So that means one thing, they are living among you.
How then can it be so difficult to find these bloodthirsty creatures and eradicate them from the equation?
Oh wait, I forgot about a fundamental fact, the security forces must never ever trample on the human rights of these demons.

Killed a security guard in broad daylight in Portmore, still not in custody.

As Jamaicans, we expend much energy on (whataboutism). “Whataboutism” is a phrase I coined to respond to the constant nonsensical attitude of many of our people.
“People get killed everyweh“.
“A nuh ungle jumeka people a ded“.
These statements are week attempts at demonstrating patriotism.
I never quite understood how deflecting from the gruesome murders and the shedding of innocent blood equates with patriotism.
The silly notion that people who talk about the killings are not patriotic is beyond inane. Any talk about killings in America when the killings in Jamaica is broached makes it appear that the average person in America is cool with the mass killings in their country.
So by that metric if the rest of the world walks off a cliff it is perfectly fine for Jamaica to walk off the cliff as well.
How absolutely asinine.

The fundamental essence of my argument is that Government can and must do a better job of dealing with these issues in this tiny country which is no more than the size and population of an American city.
Politicians cannot dip their grubby little sticky fingers into public funds and get away with agreeing to pay it back on the rare occasion that they are caught.
No one is above the laws, I do not give a rat’s ass whether you have a Dr. Ph.D.  PM. or MP before your stupid name, if you break the laws you must be treated the same way as everyone else.
Agreeing to pay back what was misappropriated is not enough if you take what is not yours or misappropriate resources under your control it is a crime.
If you participate in enjoying the proceeds of an improper use of public resources at best you are incompetent and should be shown the door.

“Whataboutism,” is the sorry simplistic capitulation to thievery and murder.
The other party did it, so its okay if our people do it.
How ridiculous is it to take that position, to surrender to graft and corruption because someone else did it.
It is the very same concept of accepting the over 1600 gruesome murders each year because of course “people gets killed everywhere.”[sic]