On July 14th of this year this website was born, contrary to conventional wisdom I launched without an appreciable volume of content  as would have been the prudent thing to do, the reason I couldn’t wait for content was an issue that enraged a lot of people,  the killing of Young Khajeel Mais. I wrote my first blog then and titled it


 Khajeel Mais
Khajeel Mais

Readers may go back and read that virgin blog , but I would like to tell you about this young man whom I never met ,but whose death unearthed something inside of me.

17 years old school-boy Khajeel Mais was killed  in an apparent case of road rage gone terribly wrong .
Young Mais, an innocent victim  riding in the back of a Cab to a fete at a high School, became the victim of a terrible case of road rage, when the cab in which he was a passenger allegedly ran into the back of a BMW-x6 sport utility vehicle.
Its is alleged that the driver of the sport utility vehicle emerged from the vehicle firing at the cab, the cab driver it is reported turned his cab around and headed in the opposite direction ,with the x6 driver still firing. The cab driver later discovered  that young Khajeel was killed shot through the head.

Without rehashing the story, the killer was later identified as Patrick Powell a business-man with a lot of influence,Mister Powell had taken off to the United States after the shooting, Police, desperate for his return to the Island arrested his son on an outstanding warrant for what we were told was a felony wounding ,  the victim is reportedly now a  cripple after the assault by the junior Powell. The reason he was not arrested before is open to your speculation and as such I will not belabor that point here. Patrick Powell returned to Jamaica after a series of consultations with Jamaican powerhouse lawyer, Patrick Atkinson who represents him.

Fast forward to November 10th 2011:

Patrick Powell was offered bail by Supreme Court Justice Carole Beswick. Beswick  is a part of the Jamaican Judges hall of shame  two days ago we featured another of the criminal coddling judges that are called his/her lordship. Powell remains in custody as the prosecutor has the right to object to bail under the bail act. Beswick has granted Powell bail in the sum of 10 million dollars ,he is to surrender his travel documents and report to the police three times weekly. As a former police officerI was enthralled by this nonsense, report to the police?  All one needs is to get out of jail , if a suspect wants to run the police can wait for that first visit all they want , a suspect  could be anywhere with a new identity.

Patrick Powell
Patrick Powell

This is not a stretch of the imagination, he ran before. Beswick tried to insulate herself from the howls of condemnation that she knew was sure to emanate from her actions, brought to bear by vigilant citizens like yours truly and others, here’s what she had to say. Quote ” I am fortified by the law and cases from the judicial committee of the United Kingdom Privy Council that bail was not to be withheld as a form of punishment

Ok I am not a lawyer , but where is the punishment? The kid is dead Khajeel Mais will not get a chance to enjoy the life God gave him,what part of this does these morons that pass for judges do not get. One of the primary reason for the denial of bail is that the subject is a flight risk (will run) unlikely to turn up for trial.Patrick Powell is demonstrably a flight risk , he already ran and had to be lured back to the country. The other is that the subject may interfere,with or be a threat to potential witnesses slated to testify at trial. From all appearance Beswick has no evidence that he won’t , so why not err on the side of caution? What is it that drives Jamaican Judges to love criminals so much? We are posting a current listing of all of the Judges in Jamaica who are making these egregious decisions,decisions which  are resulting in the destruction of our country,not all of them are criminal coddlers ,you decide , everything is a matter of public record, this list was pulled from the Supreme  court website. Every Jamaican must avail themselves to these facts, these are the people who are releasing criminals back onto the streets ,as I have said some of the Judges are serious Jurists,but not enough of them ,when the Magistrates are thrown into the mix we get a picture of why crime is at those levels. Judges simply refuse to lock criminals away. We will continue to shine a light on the atrocious behavior of these malignant tumors eating away at the Jamaican nation.

Current Judges


The Hon. Miss Justice Gloria Smith         (Senior Puisne Judge)

The Hon. Miss Justice Kay Beckford

The Hon. Mr. Justice Horace Marsh

The Hon. Mr. Justice Donald McIntosh

The Hon. Mr. Justice B. Andrew Rattray

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Carol Lawrence-Beswick

The Hon. Mr. Justice Lennox Campbell

The Hon. Mr. Justice Patrick Brooks

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Marjorie Cole-Smith

The Hon. Miss Justice Paulette Williams

The Hon. Mr. Justice Courtney Daye

The Hon. Miss Justice Ingrid Mangatal

The Hon. Mr. Justice Raymund King

The Hon. Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes

The Hon. Miss Justice Jennifer Straw

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Almarie Sinclair-Haynes

The Hon. Mr. Justice Leighton Pusey

The Hon. Miss Justice Christine McDonald

The Hon. Mr. Justice Martin Gayle

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Marva McDonald-Bishop

The Hon. Mr. Justice Bertram Morrison

The Hon. Mr. Justice Glen Brown

The Hon. Mrs. Justice Sarah Thompson-James

The Hon. Mr. Justice David Fraser

The Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Williams

The Hon. Miss Justice Carol Edwards

The Hon. Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson

Acting Judges

The Hon. Mr. Justice Evan Brown

The Hon. Miss Justice Nicole Simmons

The Hon. Miss Justice Sharon George


Mrs Audre Lindo

Mrs Sonia Bertram-Linton