Just this week  Police in Westmoreland were left scrambling looking for two men charged with multiple homicides, brought before the court , and promptly released on bail by the liberal fools that pass for Judges in Jamaica. First off let me say to the police here and now “do not waste any energy looking for these two killers , if they turn up and say they want to be re-incarcerated lock them up, but don’t waste your time looking for them , their supporters on the bench will just turn them loose again.”

Nowhere else in the civilized world are suspects accused of murder released on bail , nowhere! Or maybe I am putting Jamaica where it does not belong, are we a civilized nation? What are the characteristics that prevents  Jamaican Judges from comprehending that criminal murderers must be behind bars. Is there a conspiracy between certain Judges and trails lawyers to return criminals to the streets?

The police in Westmoreland are seeking two murder suspects who have absconded bail.



 The men are 30-year-old Jermaine Roy Brown and 26-year-old Torneil Haughton. Both men are from Alma district in Grange Hill, Westmoreland. Brown is of dark complexion, stout build, sports a dreadlocked hair style, has a round face and is about 175 centimetres or five feet nine inches tall. Haughton is 168 centimetres or five feet six inches tall, of medium build, dark complexion and is blind in one eye. Both men have been charged with the murders of Rasheika Clair and Stacy-Ann Kelly, who were found dead on August 25, 2008. The girls were reported missing on August 18 of that year. Their bodies were found in a cave at Camp Savannah Mountain in Grange Hill. Brown and Haughton were to appear in the Westmoreland Circuit Court on February 15, 2011. However, they did not report for court. The men are considered armed and dangerous. The police are urging both men to turn themselves in to personnel at the Savanna-la-Mar police or the nearest police station immediately. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Jermaine Roy Brown or Torneil Haughton is being asked to contact the Savanna-la-Mar police, Crime Stop at 311, Kingfish at 811, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.Jamaica star

Where is the outcry from the Nation when murderers are returned to the streets as soon as  police lock them up? There are those who open their foul mouths to condemn police on everything they do , but are blind to what is really going on in our country. instead what they have done is create another useless Agency to snoop around behind police looking for mistakes in actions officers take largely in defense of their own lives , these tax wasting idiots are similar to dogs smelling the ass of  other dogs. The country is swimming in blood , criminals are emboldened to do as they please and what do they do they create a set of losers that will get no support from the police and shouldn’t ,let them go face the bullets if they want to be cops . I urge all police officers on the streets ,not to give any assistance , help, or support to INDECOM, if they want facts let them find it for themselves. furthermore I urge all smart officers to protect your lives , that of your families and leave the rest to INDECOM, let see these morons do some work for the money they are getting , they want to be investigators , let them face the music.! Rather than  strengthen the country’s crime fighting capabilities by continuing to modernize the force, paying officers a decent wage, removing dead-wood cops , removing corrupt cops they create a bunch of pretend cops, and create a public defender’ office. What the hell is a public defender? Isn’t that what the ministry of justice is supposed to do ? So all these morons come beating their chests , new Sheriff in town , demonizing cops as a way to remain in good standing with  the oversized criminal population. So what do we end up with , from Carolyn Gomes , to Earl Witter, to Delroy Chuck, to Terrence Williams, and the list goes on  and on , everyone is against the police. Who worries about the criminals  I wonder?


Crime has been trending steadily upwards of late, there are those who are apt to blame the police, does anyone stop to think that the reason crime is at that astronomical level and trending northwards is solely because there is very minimal likelihood that anyone will be held accountable when they commit crimes . Jamaica has  long surrendered to criminals. Politicians , lawyers , judges, business-people all, have long concluded that crime is here to stay and they are better of  leaving it alone , support it, or join in. The country is now a criminal paradise, removing Dudus will not end crime, the cancerous lesion is malignant, and will continue to eat away at the very fibre of the society, while the inhabitants eat curry goat and dagger,until it is each and every one’s turn to be slaughtered by the mindless demons that roam the streets unencumbered.

mike beckles.