For years after leaving law enforcement I have asked the question of my country’ s leaders, “what kind of country do we want to have”?
Are we trying to achieve a narco-state, a country divided into enclaves like sub-Saharan Africa or Lebanon and other failed states?
Or do we want to make Jamaica the glorious state it can be considering what our country has to offer?
Are we content to continue feeding the stereotypical perceptions that Blacks are incapable of self-governance? Since Independence, we have certainly demonstrated that we are incapable, or at best unwilling to make good governing decisions.

Why have political leaders of both political parties made such horrible decisions, decisions which are antithetical to the oaths they took to protect the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic?
Each and every Government have as their primary responsibility, the charge to protect their citizens using all of the tools at their disposal.
Administrations of both political parties have been quick to adopt and support a foreign imposed moratorium on capital punishment but have been negligent in upholding the foundational pillars of the Bail Act.

Jamaican Judges A Large Part Of The Murder Problem/ Ask Dexter Pottinger

The courts are supposedly independent arbiters outside the control of the [people’s representatives, such is what many legal scholars and many wannabes will have you believe.
The truth of the matter is the courts are there to interpret the laws passed by the Parliament, the people’s representatives. Therefore if a law is not working it is up to the Nation’s Parliament to take action to ensure that the laws are up to date.
So when the Prime Minister tells a crowd of cheering supporters that the INDECOM act has been problematic,(something I have argued for years),
then rather than propose a repeal and replace, (a logical remedy), the PM promises to make more money available to police for their defense.
In essence that is politicians blowing smoke up people’s collective asses rather than doing what they were elected to do, lead.

When the Minister of National Security finally admits that there is a problem because people are being granted bail and they are returning to kill over and over again, it’s starting to sound a little tone deaf when they could have fixed that problem a long time ago.
Revealing that 143 Jamaicans have been murdered by men who are on bail for other charges just this year alone Robert Montague said he will be proposing legislation that will ensure that people who commit gun crimes or are held with guns do nor receive bail).

That has been my suggestion for years, why would an alleged murderer be allowed out on bail, yet in the Jamaican courts alleged murderers are granted bail up to six times after been charged with capital murder and killed again and again and again.
That kind of brain-dead madness only happens in Jamaica, nowhere else, so much so that Jamaica has become a laughing stock around the CARICOM region and sits atop the murder states on the planet.

Despite the fact that the present Bail act is grossly outdated and insufficient to deal with the exigencies of the time, there are strong stipulations within the act which gives Judges the backing they need should they choose to be good stewards in the dispensation of their mandates.
Insofar as that is concerned Jamaica’s judges have come up woefully short in honoring their oaths, they have effectively turned the criminal justice system into a revolving door, making a mockery of the system of justice.

Sure, Bail is not supposed to be used as punishment for an offender but the Bail act despite all its frailties, gives judges cover to keep alleged criminals in jail where they belong.
There are three specific points in the act which makes it clear that even way back when the act was first conceived serious crimes were taken rather seriously.
Bail may be refused if…
(1) the offender is unlikely to show up for trial.
(2) the offender may interfere/kill with witnesses.
(3) The seriousness of the crimes the offender is accused of committing.


There are no logical arguments to be made for what Jamaican judges have done, no justification for the harm they have caused by turning loose serious offenders to kill after they have been arrested on homicide charges.
It is a serious breach of the public’s trust, the harm perpetrated on the nation by these bureaucrats, unelected by anyone but who wield immense power and influence.
The nation must now begin the serious process of taking the necessary steps to bring sanity back to our streets and our communities.
Much of which must be done legislatively. Jamaican cannot continue to act outside international norms without consequence.
We must say to these thugs once and for all “no more” and mean it.

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