There is a large group of men and women who served honorably and left the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) on their own volition.
I am counted among them. Many served a full term and retired voluntarily others were forced out under a plan the government hatched called early retirement.
That plan was hatched to clear out certain effective cops who were making a difference, paving the way for their cohorts and friends who were graduating from the University of the West Indies and other colleges to find work in the JCF.
The shortage of work in the general economy made the JCF with it’s accelerated promotions program which favored people with degrees an attractive option.
Applicants with degrees faced minimal risks and were promoted rapidly to senior management ranks, however, there was one little problem with this mass influx of University graduates.They were never cops and they never became cops, they merely wore the uniforms of senior cops.
They were imposters and charlatans and they remain so. As a consequence, the JCF became an ineffectual top heavy paper tiger heavy on speeches and light on accomplishments.

Many of the people who opted for early retirement after serving decades in the force had to wait several years to receive their severance payments.
Despite having mortgages, families to feed and other financial obligations those officers were left on their own without any source of income while they waited on the Government to pay them what they were owed.

Which brings up the little problem of attrition.
The JCF has been bleeding cops for decades having served less than 10 years I made my exit voluntarily.
That decision was an easy one despite my love for the job I found it impossible to continue doing police work in a criminal’s paradise which has precious little respect for the rule of law.
I also did my own analysis which indicated to me as far back as 1991 that conditions in the JCF were not getting better and in fact would get exponentially worse.
My immediate supervisor at the time told me he was sorry to see me go but he would have made the same decision if he was my age.

The JCF loses over 600 officers each year to attrition. Do the math it’s not that difficult to see that an agency of close to 10’000 people losing 50 people to attrition alone each month, is doing something radically wrong.

That does not include officer deaths, retirements and other means through which officers leave the department.
In an anti-police country like Jamaica, it makes it rather difficult to continue to find suitable candidates to become police officers.
Sure some people sign up each year but once they start placing their lives on the line they begin recognizing that it’s a bad idea to keep making those sacrifices in such a toxic anti-police environment with no real support from administrations of either political party.
So they leave!

Well, you must know that the Government would come up with methods to curtail the mass exodus.
The above amendment to sections of the JCF Act is what they came up with.
I am really sorry to be this mad about the Government’s stupidity, I have to go against my friend’s advice that I  sometimes get too colorful with my language. Are these people retarded or what?

Let’s set aside better pay, better working conditions, better governmental support through legislation which puts criminals in jail and keeps them there.
Lets just for a minute cast aside removing INDECOM and the state sponsored office of the Public defender, both of which actively assist and enable cajole and comfort criminals on the Island.
Let’s just set aside a culture of conformity to the rule of law. Let’s also ignore working to shore up support for our institutions which help in the equitable dispensation of justice.

What we have left is a mafia style strong arm tactic which has been the modus operandi of the JCF in conjunction with the regressive Neandertals who make policy.
There is nothing like forcing people who want to leave to stay against their will. Never mind that the JCF is not a military force but a civilian entity.
If they think they have a problem with people leaving through the back door wait until this policy settles and there will be no one entering through the front door.

Quite unsurprisingly this is classic Jamaica’s way of addressing serious issues in knee-jerk fashion. Do what seems most obvious without thinking it through.
This will be another colossal failure, mark my words which will inexorably lead to the further destruction of the JCF.
This latest move leads me to conclude that there are powerful forces on the Island which are systematically working to dismantle the Jamaica Constabulary Force.



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  1. I’ve seen some brainless response to situations in the past. ..I dare say this is the mother/father of them all..just so sad.

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