There is a set of facts which is not being debated as it relates to the controversial issue of Joel Hamilton’s sojourn to becoming an Assistant Superintendent of Police.
From JDF staff Sergeant to District Constable in the JCF, then to civilian and now an Assitant Superintendent of Police.
Before we get to the hard facts of this matter we need to briefly take a look at the consequences of what occurred.
It is having a negative effect on the JCF, period.
Regardless of what the JCF spokesperson says, it is not just about the facts of the matter, the perception is far more consequential than they would have you believe.
Sufficing to say, that the explanation outlined by Dahlia Garrick, the head of the communication arm of the JCF, is as jumbled and incoherent, as it is nonsensical.

Before we get to the facts however, we need to remember that members of the JCF Rank and file are basically hostages in the job they undertake to protect and serve.
They are not allowed an opinion on Social Media critical of their bosses or their political overlords.
They are under penalty of serious prison time, just for daring to leave without first advising their masters, 6-months in advance of their intended departure.
After a shooting in which they are injured or otherwise traumatized, they are forced to give affidavits which could decide whether the actions they took in service to others could land them in prison for life.
No other Jamaican has that burden placed on them, in fact, no other Jamaican can be forced to give a statement accounting for their action.
No other Police Department does this to its officers.
Though not a Military force, the JCF is the only Agency of Government which has these stipulations forced on them.
Not to mention that those stipulations have been added after the vast majority of the people serving today had already started serving.
These policies are intended to snuff out dissent.
Essentially they should die in service to their country but should not have an opinion.

Dahlia Garrick

Deputy Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, pushed back at the criticisms, saying the former JDF staff sergeant was never
promoted to the rank of assistant superintendent.
Instead, she said that Hamilton, who has nearly two decades of security experience, resigned as district constable before he was appointed through the normal channels.
Okay, wait just a f*****g minute there.
So an [appointment] is not the same as a promotion? You know if this statement wasn’t so inherently retarded it would actually be funny.
What normal channel?
Did he go to the Police College to be trained, graduated and evaluated before being given such a senior Rank?
The answer is a resounding “No”. So how is the process of his elevation assumed to be through the normal channels?
This is exactly what Comedians mean when they say someone is (brain-fucking you).[sic]
Whoever sent her out to say that, has no respect for her, neither do they have respect for the Jamaican people.
Notice I did not say anything about respect for the serving members who are distressed by this?
That is a foregone conclusion!
The idea that an appointment of that kind is routine is in a word, “Bullshit.”
The idea that the Assistant Superintendent Rank was left open for exactly that purpose is false in this case, Joel Hamilton brings(a) absolutely nothing to the JCF which is not already there and (b) even if he did, he should have been sent to the Academy to do basic training as a police officer before elevated to that Rank.
His elevation is a [ fuck-you ]to the hard-working men and women of the JCF.
As I said before, they know it but they do not give a shit, who cares about these low-level cops anyway?
The Jamaican economy is not nearly large enough to absorb all the degrees being handed out by the colleges.
Somehow political favors have to be repaid, friends have to be positioned, people have to eat- a-food, what better place to put them than in the JCF.
A place where the poorest people in the country could, through service and risk-taking, acquire some degree of power.
They cannot have that anymore, and so they demonized the force as inherently corrupt, incapable of reform.
They starved it of resources and refused to pay cops a livable wage.
Through high attrition, they managed to put their friends and cronies in place, all the time disrespecting the Agency and making the case for replacing the people in it with better people more qualified people.
Only they are not.
These people from Utopia will ride in on golden Unicorns of Education, or in this case superior experience in security.[sic]
What total and unadulterated bullshit?
A soldier who was basically a bodyguard has superior training and experience in security which the JCF, the Nation’s pre-eminent security Agency does not have?
While you contemplate that blatant (brain-fuck ), or if you want to be politically correct, while you contemplate that affront to your intellect, imagine that the JCF has never had an instance in which a (VIP) in its charge has ever been lost. (
With the exception of Roy McGann and his special corporal bodyguard, Errol Whyte). Since they believe in the superiority and trustworthiness of the JDF everyone from the Prime Minister on down, and across both political parties should have their security detail come from the JDF. I say this with the greatest degree of sarcasm but I also say it with the greatest degree of hope.

What the men and women in the trenches are complaining about is not to be brushed aside.
They contend that Antony Anderson was brought in under the pretext that corruption was rife in the JCF.
So much so, that they had to bring in someone from the outside to be police commissioner.
Antony Anderson played into that narrative, promising that he would not engage in the Owen Ellington style of leadership in which friends and family were promoted to senior positions they were not prepared for.
As far as the rank and file are concerned, this appointment is exactly what Anderson promised he would not do.


One thought on “JCF’s Official Response On Former D/C’s Promotion Absolutely Laughable….

  1. DSP. Garrick is one of the boasie slaves whose conscience does not work and will lie to be in the excellent “book, ” of the elitists, politicians, and the corruptors in Jamaica. What happens with these usurpers coming from the Jamaican Defense Force to the Jamaican Constabulary Force is an insult to the police force, its culture, Espirit De Corp, and Jamaican people.

    They’re so many police officers in the Jamaican Constabulary Force who are highly educated than both usurpers but, they’re given ranks they never earned or worked for; they handed them because of nepotism, spies, and the most corrupt anti-choice government in Jamaica.

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