In these blogs I have consistently called for Jamaicans for Justice(JFJ) to make available the sources of it’s funding and as well as provide to relevant Authority and the Jamaican people a detailed break-down how those monies are being spent. Jamaican for Justice presents itself as a legitimate Human Rights Agency. It’s actions and utterances however has demonstrably indicated  that it has other motivations. The lobby group is headed by Carolyn Gomes a pediatric Doctor who argued not enough police officers are being killed. She has argued that police shooting are illegitimate ,because not enough police officers are killed commensurate with criminals killed by police. Not only is that comparison offensive, it is ignorant. Police Officers are trained to evade getting shot, criminals aren’t. During my time as a police officer, literally all front line cops were either

carolyn gomesCarolyn Gomes:

shot several times, Shot once, or have been lucky not to be killed from being shot at. That does not include the brave heroes who gave their lives in defense of others, including Gomes and her cronies. No sane person should be opposed to any person or group of people who dedicate themselves to the cause of Human Rights. However not everyone or every group which claim legitimacy is legitimate. By it’s actions JFJ has consistently delegitimized itself by it’s single minded campaign to persecute cops. Many of the officers persecuted by Gomes and her fraudulent lobby-group  are innocent, dedicated heroes of impeccable character Gomes could only hope for. I have called attention to Gomes offensive and incendiary rhetoric in these blogs. I have consistently shown she manufactures allegations, innuendos and falsehoods to feed to foreign Governments and Agency to keep the funding coming in.

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Raymond Pryce

Finally someone else is calling for JFJ to open its books to scrutiny. People’s National Party  Member of Parliament for North East St, Elizabeth Raymond Pryce , who is embroiled in a dispute with the lobby group has repeatedly called for scrutiny of JFJ’s books. I have no interest in the quarrel or the reason for the quarrel, what I am pleased to see is more calls for closer scrutiny of that group.

Last week, the Government accused the JFJ of using its online petition to damage Jamaica’s reputation and submitted the document to the Attorney General to see if any sanctions were applicable. We are thrilled to see that the Jamaican Government has finally realized that this group is the real enemy of the state and not the political opposition. I applaud Raymond Pryce and the Government for finally opening their eyes to what we have said for a long time.

How about Treason, sedition, ………?