Joint Select Committee Of Parliament Looks At Jamaica’s Buggery Law

Prime Minister  Portia Simpson Miller

Prime Minister
Portia Simpson Miller

A Joint Select committee of the Jamaican Parliament is presently looking at the Nation’s Buggery Law . Jamaica maintains criminal penalty for men who engage in male to male sexual Intercourse.

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding was hounded out of Office after telling a British Journalist in 2008 that there would be no Gays serving in his Cabinet. The statement drew strong condemnation from Homosexual groups around the World. One Canadian group  Egale Canada threatened that if the  Bruce Golding-led administration did not announce plans to abolish the country’s laws on homosexuality , it would launch a campaign to ban Jamaican goods in the international marketplace as well as a boycott of tourism”. In essence they threatened Economic Terrorism of the Jamaica Economy if the Jamaican people did not bow to Homosexuality. Not to be outdone David Cameron the British Prime Minister announced Britain would begin withholding aid from governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality;. Yes, Economic Blackmail if Jamaica and some Aftican Nations refused to surrender their principles on the demonic Alatr of Homosexuality.

August 27th 2009 Jamaica’s Foreign Affairs Minister Kenneth Baugh confirmed that the US Government had formally requested the extradition of influential Tivoli Gardens don and businessman, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke. Conspiracy or coincidence? You decide. Regardless of your decision , Bruce Golding was done as Jamaica’s Prime Minister. Done in, not by the Coke issue, but Homosexual power and money.

Elections were Constitutionally due by the end of December 2011. During a Televised Debate with Prime Minister Andrew Holness Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller affirmed that a Miller Administration would revisit the Country’s Bugger Laws. Money and much more poured into Jamaica for the jaded People’s National Party and it’s Leader Simpson Miller.

December 29th 2011 the PNP was returned to power by a land-slide.

The PNP which was out of office a mere 4 years after an unprecedented 18 1/2 years ,jaded and out of ideas, was back in office much to even their surprise.

TIME MAGAZINE declared Jamaica’s  Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller”one of the 100 most influential people in the World”. Don’t look at me, it’s a really small World.

We have now come full circle . Simpson Miller for the first time finds herself upside down in the Polls. The much popular, modestly talented Simpson Miller have always enjoyed a tremendous degree of goodwill from the Jamaican public. In part because of her Party’s successes at the polls, in part because of her gender, and part because of her persona as a daughter of the soil . Miller did not come from the Mulatto upper caste.

The Jamaican people are now disgusted with her leadership, if the latest GLEANER commissioned Bill Johnson’s Polls are to be believed,. For the first time in her Career, her unfavorables outweigh her favorables.  This is very serious for the Ruling PNP ,which has ruled Jamaica for 28 of the last 40 years. Simpson Miller’s popularity is the only Horse to which they can hitch their Wagon.

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness enjoys 43 per cent support, while Simpson Miller’s support stands at 35 percent. A 8 percentage point lead can be be a wipe out if Elections were held today. Elections are not Constitutionally due until September 2015,but the Prime Minister can call an Election if she feels it is in her Party’s interest to do so. In light of her standings in the polls ,we do not expect an election anytime soon.


The PNP are master strategists, they have beaten the JLP at the Election game because they take nothing for granted. They take full advantage of every possible opening. Could this Committee hearing, at this time, be a cynical ploy to muster support and resources from the Homosexual community ? The PNP know full well the vast majority of Jamaicans oppose changing the Buggery Laws. Why would they be holding hearings when they know how the public feel on the issue?

Jamaica is a Sovereign Nation . Our Country has a right to determine that it does not want Homosexual Marriage. We reserve the Right not to accept that it is normal for two men or two women to be married. We reserve the right to maintain our Christian  principles enshrined in the holy Gospel of Jesus Christ, that Marriage is between a man and a woman. We reserve the right to maintain those rights and principles without coercion, threats and intimidation.  Without sabotage or subterfuge. th (41)

We reserve the right to maintain what the majority of Jamaicans believe. That we want to maintain criminal sanction for homosexual sex. We do not hate people who practice homosexuality. We simply believe it is wrong , we believe it is un-Godly. We do not surrender the rights to our beliefs, so that homosexual unrighteous and  lascivious desires may be accomplished. The Jamaican people do not assume to dictate to other Nations how they may live. As Jamaicans we expect the very same respect.

I support our people on this principled stand . I support the Church as it keep a watchful eye to ensure that elected officials do not abrogate or circumvent the direct wishes of the Jamaican people. The Jamaican people will not go looking into people’s bedrooms to see what they do in the privacy of their homes. They just do not want  to repeal the Buggery Law. We do not believe we should open the door of Homosexual immorality on our Nation.  The homosexual community has powerful monied and influential practitioners and supporters in high places . They will be marshaling their forces with a view to forcing Jamaica to surrender to their dictates .  They threatened us before.

It is a long fight, we should expect to fight, in the interest of our principles.